Series 6

Series 6

Documentary series following the highs and lows of young people, providing an insight into the lives of different children across the UK, each with a unique story to tell

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I Am Leo

1. My Life: Series 6, I Am Leo

Documentary following 13-year-old Leo on his journey to be accepted as a boy.

We Live in a Zoo

2. My Life: Series 6, We Live in a Zoo

Brother and sister Milo and Ella reveal what it is like to live in their very own zoo.

Mr Alzheimer's and Me

3. My Life: Series 6, Mr Alzheimer's and Me

Josh, Ella and Hope help their grandparents cope with dementia.

Reaching for the Top

4. My Life: Series 6, Reaching for the Top

Two young people make sacrifices in order to keep reaching for the top of their sport.

The Kids from Kibera

5. My Life: Series 6, The Kids from Kibera

A gang of Kenyan children who live in a slum form their own acrobatics troupe.

The Penguin Post Office

8. My Life: Series 6, The Penguin Post Office

Amy and Daisy join their dad, a wildlife cameraman, as he makes a film in Antarctica.

It Takes Two

9. My Life: Series 6, It Takes Two

Twins Imogen and Amelia prepare to dance in the prestigious Blackpool Tower Ballroom.