Series 5

Series 5

Neil Oliver and the team take a fascinating journey around the British Isles and beyond, uncovering different stories.

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Heart of the British Isles: A Grand Tour

1. Coast: Series 5, Heart of the British Isles: A Grand Tour

A circular tour of the Irish Sea visiting every country of the British Isles.

Swanage to Land's End

2. Coast: Series 5, Swanage to Land's End

Mark Horton has privileged access to the historic dockyards at Devonport.


3. Coast: Series 5, Brittany

Britain's bonds with its Celtic cousins across the Channel in Brittany are explored.

Gower to Anglesey

4. Coast: Series 5, Gower to Anglesey

Visiting the island of Skomer, Harlech Castle, Porth Oer and Gower Peninsula.

Galway to Arranmore Island

5. Coast: Series 5, Galway to Arranmore Island

Coast visits Ireland's northwest coast, exploring Galway, Clifden and Clew Bay.

Glasgow to Edinburgh via Caledonian Canal

6. Coast: Series 5, Glasgow to Edinburgh via Caledonian Canal

Coast takes a shore-to-shore route through the heart of Scotland on the Caledonian Canal.


7. Coast: Series 5, Denmark

Exploring the strong bonds Britain has with its neighbour across the North Sea, Denmark.

Hull to London

8. Coast: Series 5, Hull to London

Neil Oliver explores the Norfolk shoreline that inspired the young Lord Nelson.