Wild China

Wild China

Documentary featuring pioneering images that capture the dazzling array of mysterious and wonderful creatures that live in China's most beautiful landscapes

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Episodes List

Heart of the Dragon

1. Wild China: Heart of the Dragon

A look at the fairytale landscapes, strange creatures and people of south China.


2. Wild China: Shangri-La

The rich jungles that nestle within China's rugged south west reaches are revealed.


3. Wild China: Tibet

The remote Tibetan plateau is home to chiru antelopes, wild yaks, foxes and bears.

Beyond the Great Wall

4. Wild China: Beyond the Great Wall

Examining the extreme landscapes in northern China, where life is always on the edge.

Land of the Panda

5. Wild China: Land of the Panda

A look at China's heartland, home to the giant panda and the golden snub-nosed monkey.

Tides of Change

6. Wild China: Tides of Change

How nature and people jostle along China's east coast in a battle for resources.