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so they could not be traced. `` the sun. All the defendants have pleaded


not guilty to all the charges. `` sun. Now it is time for click. What


is the time, Steve Wozniak? Look right here. This is the coolest


watch in the world. This week, we are off to see Steve Wozniak. He is


the co`founder of Apple Mac. We will talk about his predictions for this


future. `` Apple. We will test drive and at that could get you in a spin.


`` an app. Welcome to the programme. Welcome to Earls Court in London


where the Apps World event is in progress. One of the special guests


hit to date thinks that apps are an enormous thing. He is Steve


Wozniak, the co`founder of Apple. They kickstarted the whole app


madness in the first place. Back in the 1970s, Steve jobs met Steve


Wozniak. The rest is history. The two became firm friends. Steve jobs


gets the credit, but it is Steve Wozniak who was the brains behind


the silicone. The first Apple computer was his baby. So was the


Apple II, the groundbreaking computer that went on to sell


millions. Together, the two Steve 's took Apple from Steve jobs garish to


the forefront of the personal computing revolution. At times


changed? Or with the return of app are we back to the early days where


anybody can build anything? There are boards that young people can


live and learn about technology and controlled motors. But it's not as


easy as back then. But they created desires come out of your brain.


Creative desires are coming out in other ways. Look at the app store. I


am glad Apple are allowing anyone to produce apps. Steve jobs was afraid


of the app stall. He was moreover closed mentality. You mentioned


raspy pie. Are you a fan of getting basic engineering coming to schools


as early as possible. From our very early age, you don't need high level


maths. Any young child can understand enough to learn to


programme. With the pie, you can hook wires to little motors and


build devices. What an incredible learning experience. Those are


really fun projects for young people. They are growing step in


developing their great technologies of the future. What do you make of


the current crop of smart watches? I am a big fan. A lot of meat wants


it. I don't know if the masses of the world want it. But I want smart


phone capability on my wrist. But the more I think about it, I don't


want the small size. 30 companies are putting out small once the size


of an eye pod manner. But I want a bigger size. For three years I have


been talking about organic LED displays that could be painted on


plastic and wrapped and folded. We are at the verge of having projects


that can be folded and are flexible. It could wrap around your wrist. The


display could go all around your arm. But think outside the box. It


could be on the inside of your arm and then when you flip your arm up


it goes into your palm. It could have spring materials that flatten


it out. Then it could be just like holding a phone. We are on the verge


of computers understanding human gestures and speech. It is not there


yet. It's well on the way to starting. I can say things to you


that you would understand, but the computer would not understand.


Sometimes I say, go to Joe 's diner, and it does not know where Joe 's


diner is. And usually the Android does. Android is based on the Google


search engine, which takes the databases of all the world and has


search engines searching for what people are using. That is the future


of intelligence, probably, for computers getting artificial


intelligence. I wish Apple and Google were partners in the future.


Unlikely. I don't know. If I were there, it would be likely. I am


probably wrong. There is a lot I don't know about the distance


concerns. You always have to make money. You are huge fan of openness


and sharing methods and information. But over the last few years there


have been all these patent wars, companies wanting to lock down


knowledge. Something so simple. Some of them are very clever. It is hard


to say where should patterns draw the line between obvious and having


value. Should we stop other people from using them? I think we should


have a world where things are licensed at a fair price. There are


good things in Samsun phones that I wish were in my iPhone. I wish Apple


could use them. With Samsung stop us? I wish there would be more


crosslicensing. All our products would be better. I do wish they were


more compatible. Turned film critic for a second. Just reviewed, not the


movie, but the performance of this guy when playing you. I was happy


when they hired Josh, because he came from a live performance


background. He did a top rod wait play. I have a lot of performing


arts experience on stage myself. So I understand the art that goes into


a person like that. I knew he would study me well and represent me well.


He did well is set for the facts. What about pirates of silicon value?


Did they do you justice? Yes, but they did not look like me. They had


bids. I was quite skinny back then. Jelly became a friend of mine. I


admired the fact that the scriptwriters captured the essence


of me being a good, caring person about the company and the people.


Paul Garcia. Have you seen it. Steve Wozniak, thank you for your time.


The ever lovely Steve Wozniak. More app action in a couple of minutes.


Adobe has confirmed a recent cyber attack compromised millions of its


customer accounts. Around 13 million usernames and passwords were stolen.


Just under 3 million of those accounts also had credit card data


coprolites. The cyber attackers stole part of the source code to


photo shop to. This allowed people to work out technical details about


the programme. Adobe has reset the password is on its site. It


recommends that anybody affected should change their passwords on


other sites that have the same user name. Motorised hard `` motor roller


are developing a modular mobile phone, allowing users to replace


parts of the device, customising their handset. They teamed up with


the Dutch designer who came up with a similar idea, encouraging users to


update their phone rather than buying a new model. The new ATM that


uses Palm scam has opened. It can convert CyberCash into real cash.


The ATMs unveiling comes in a week that a new `` Norwegian man


discovered that some big coins he bought his cigar and now worth many


times that of. Latitude uses have complained their laptops smell of


cat urine. Dell engineers say the smell is not our health hazard. But


the manufacturing process has now changed. Users can send their laptop


that for replacement parts. Before we look at the attempts to


look at the next big app, I hope you want to see and other smartphone


app, which you pay `` play on your mobile device and in the real world.


It may take you back to your childhood.


We met up with one of the founders, Mark Palatucci, who took him through


the basics. I am going to choose this one. Each


car, the objective is to shoot the other player off the track. Each car


comes with different abilities. They all have a weapon. I can play this


against you or against an AI vehicle. Or both? Yes. Let's get


racing. There we go. It has a mind of its own. So this is acting as a


remote control as well as the brains of the car. Yes. Using my thumb, I


can accelerate. And confusingly, using big Celeron at in the actual


phone itself, I can change direction. `` the accelerometer. You


can change your position laterally. There is a virtual bumper. So they


do not drive off the plane. These cars look very similar to the


Scalextric slot racing cars of the 1980s. I am presuming there is


something a bit more advanced. Each car has a bit of advanced


electronics inside. There is a camera sensor, there is a


microcontroller that is 100 times more powerful than the first IBM


PC. There is a wireless chip so the cars can communicate with the


phones. It is through Bluetooth, low energy. How long does the battery


last? 20 minutes of active playtime. That is not a huge amount of time.


If I am having a great time, I have to recharge it. It only takes about


seven minutes to recharge the cars. That was fun, no doubt about it. I


was wondering whether it has the staying power to convince people to


fork out $200 for what looks like a simple, single game. Because of so


much of what we do is software, the initial thing is catching the


surface. Their role as a different type of games that we can release,


different software at least `` apps, you make one hardware


investment, but we can continue to introduce new things to keep it fun


and engaging. I spoke to Steve Wozniak early about


encouraging people to be innovators and to get into coding. One event is


getting just that. A two`day hackathon has just finished. It is


filled with teams who are competing to come up with the best new idea.


The prize`giving is just about to take place. If you have ever


wondered what these are all about, we sent LJ Rich to Bridge `` produce


the survival guide. Those apps putting up your smart


phone do not make themselves. Even the most basic ones take F air and


Mount of coffee, coding and creativity. Enter the hackathon. A


place where there is no such thing as a bad idea. Really. They are well


known in the technology industry. Giants like Facebook and Google have


been at it for years, and for good reason. It is the source of some of


them are successful ideas, such as the Facebook like button. It is not


just about business ideas. Recently, the charity Cancer Research UK held


a hack day. It resulted in programmes like this, that spot


faults in jeans. You do not have to have hard`core coding skills. You


need a bit of enthusiasm, one or two good ideas, and 18. Of the 200


people here, some teams Compleat assembled, but it is completely OK


to rock up on the day with the right attitude. If you have a good idea,


that is all you need. You need a good idea and we can take that,


formed that, and create something exciting. OK, time to get to work.


When you have only got a day to make things happen, every second counts.


Even if coding is not your forte, you can still contribute. Designers


and ideas people are just as essential. If you do fancy getting


stuck into coding, it is not as daunting as it may seem on first


glance. A simple explanation, translating what you want to happen


to a list of instructions that a computer can understand. The apps


being built are using something called an API. In this case, it can


be thought of as a specially opens gateway between someone's data and


the outside world. For example, the people who run the transport network


offer up their data, such as live arrival times for buses, and journey


planning, in their API. This will date is available to anyone with


permission, but a load of numbers is not a recipe for success. That is


where developers come in. They repackage this State into a much


tastier app, by combining the data with other things. You can mix it


with your smart phone location and you have got an app that tells you


the best way home. They have been given access to a different source.


They are using data from other industries, such as cars and


television. Amid the desolation that is day two of the hackathon, those


ideas have matured into working demonstrations. One team has


combined TV subtitled Dato, with a translator. It is a live,


multilingual, subtitled translator. Team also came up with an app that


combines tweeds and TV schedules, to generate a live, play as you watch


quiz. Team members who are still conscious, pitch their ideas in the


hope of winning prizes. Even if team awesome do not win the contest, they


have won a place in my heart. Some useful tips on how to survive


the hackathon. I am one `` here with one of the winners, the all Mozilla.


It lets data on cars so that car owners can lie about how they


treated the car. In a nutshell, your tips on how to survive and do well


at a hackathon? Come expecting to meet new people and learn new


things, and had that attitude and you will do really well.


Congratulations. We are handing back to Kate Russell, with some more


useful apps, in Webscape. A research paper out this week


claims it is possible to tell who you are dating by looking at your


Facebook connections. Somewhat chillingly, to predict when you will


break up. I do not know about insight into your love life, but I


have some data visualisation tools which may help you understand your


social networks a little better. Mentionmapp connects to Twitter, and


lets you explore how users are linked to each other by the hash


tags that they use. A hash tag, in case you are wondering, is a word or


phrase which is prefixed by the hash symbol. It turns it into a


searchable tag, so it can be found easily by others looking for


information on the same subject. Despite being associated with


Twitter, which has only existed since 2006, hash tags actually


originated in one of the first online chattels IRC. It was a way to


index channels across the entire network. It was since 1988. Facebook


fans can drive friend wheel, an interesting visualisation which


shows all the connections between your friends. You may be surprised


to know who knows who. For all you linked in lovers, a visualisation


tool that lays bare a colour`coded map of your contacts, to show how


they are interlinked on this enormous business network. As well


as being a social space, the Web is great if you enjoy creating. Sketch


Tory serves up a fun platform for any FreeHand artists to try out


making something lovely in a wibbly wobbly touring style, that is kind


of hit knocked it. `` hypnotic. Even if you are not creative yourself,


the touring tour actually records the act of creation, so you can


browse other people's works of art and see how they came together.


There are some truly stunning pieces featured in the gallery. You may


pick up some artistic tips as well. Change the brush size, add a little


colour, altered the vibration level for the desired effect, and then


post on Facebook and Twitter to share your creative vibrations with


the world. Another interesting sharing app available free on Apple


and Ann Lloyd `` Android is Chirp.io. It uses a burst of sound,


a bit like birdsong, to transmit an image to any phones within hearing


range, that are using the app. It instantly appears on the other


phone. As well as being a cool trick to show your friends, the sound


transmission method means that you can share an image with multiple


phones, from any device capable of playing the sound. Even a PA system,


which has interesting poll at `` possibilities for marketing events.


You can use it to share the latest updates from your camera roll, with


a group of people at once. Make sure they are expecting your transfer


first. Music fans have a first. You Tube,


the site that may Justin Bieber famous, is launching its own music


awards. I know, don't let Justin Bieber put to off, as the event will


be headlined by Lady GaGa and streamed live on the 3rd of


November. Kate Russell's Webscape. The links


are available on our website. Also your daily dose of technology news.


If you would like to get in touch about anything you have seen today,


you can email us. That is it. Thank you very much for


watching. We will see you next time. There is more wet and windy weather


on the way for the weekend. It looks set to coincide with some of the


bonfire and firework displays. We have also got, before that, some fog


issues. They will be around in central and southern areas. Hillfort


and mild weather in the south, compared to some pretty... Away from


the stubborn fog areas, the next band of rain is rushing in. It is


pushing through Northern Ireland on the strengthening winds. It will


become slow moving through Scotland. Some very significant snow. Sunshine


in between the heavy showers. The wind is really whip up through the


afternoon and evening,


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