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acquitted. Now on BBC News, it is time for


Click. This week on Click, we will look at


a great way of downloading data, piece by piece, BitTorrent. But


famous for its association with piracy, we will ask its creator


whether it can prepare `` repair its image. As videogames grow up, we


will visit a festival that celebrates them as art. We will also


have this week's tech news and the best of the Web in Webscape.


Welcome to Click. This is an amazing figure. Of all


the data that flows across the internet every day, nearly a quarter


of it is the same thing. Something called BitTorrent. It is a method of


sharing large files between computer users. Files such as movies,


software and TV programmes. Although it does have legitimate uses, guess


what, nearly all of the files that are swapped RE legal.


Never mind the fact that large organisations such as Facebook,


Twitter and the team before the Large Hadron Collider and the Human


Genome Project user to shift enormous amounts of data, the name


BitTorrent has become synonymous with internet piracy. It is the most


you `` used technology for distributing copyrighted material


online. Want to know how Breaking Bad finished? 3 million people found


out by downloading illegal copies. The most downloaded series of all


time is the widely successful HBO fantasy drama, game of drones.


According to TorrentFreak, they had 5.2 million illegal downloads


between March and June this year. It is something that the entertainment


industry has found difficult to fight, because it does not work in


the same way as traditional services, which store all their


downloadable content in one place. BitTorrent is a really clever way of


moving large files around. Instead of downloading things from a central


server, hundreds or even thousands of individual users each pull


different parts of the final are many others who already have it.


Their reserve central server, which means there is no bottleneck in the


traffic to slow things down, and it also means that if these files


happen to be illegal copies, there is no`one place for the authorities


to go to shut them down. There are targets. Websites which point to the


illegal files. Even though the sites do not store the pirated content


themselves, the entertainment industry has successfully managed to


shut down site such as Pirate Bay, and most recently, ISOHunt. Who is


doing what and where? This is a visual representation of any legal


filesharing that goes around the world, using BitTorrent. Pirates


cinema, an art installation created by a French artist, makes the hidden


activity and geography filesharing visible. It shows a sample of


illegal videos being shared in real`time user BitTorrent. We found


that the amount of content being transferred over BitTorrent has


increased dramatically. In January 2013, we saw 7 billion petabyte is


being transferred over BitTorrent, all of that infringing material.


There is no sign whatsoever that the number of people using BitTorrent


and the amount of data being transferred over BitTorrent has any


sign of slowing. This amount was illegal sharing does anger a lot of


content producers. Not everyone involved has such a simpleminded


opinion. I see that there are two sides. If I am being honest. I see


that the illegal downloading went to a lot of people watching the


series, becoming aware of the series, who otherwise would not have


been. So I see in some ways the illegal downloading has helped us.


Certainly in terms of brand awareness. It is the most pyrite did


show in the world? You are obviously happy. `` pirated. There is a part


of you where you go, yes, we are the most pirated. People who do


subscribe to it through illegitimate channels, they feel part of a team


effort because of it. My money has gone towards making the ground that


he has caught on. It feels like an inclusive thing. It is the rise of


these legitimate, easy to use channels, that is thought to have


led to a decline. In North America, the amount of peaktime internet


traffic generated by BitTorrent has dropped by two thirds in the last


five years. From 31% in 2008, to only 9% today. We are seeing a


decline in BitTorrent traffic and America as a precaution, because of


the rise of some very successful legitimate alternatives, and the


main driver of that is Netflix. It takes up 30% of all downstream


big`time North America traffic, which is a huge amount, and on top


of that, legitimate services such as Hulu and Amazon Instant, which are


also taking up the bandwidth. The sharers of BitTorrent traffic is


actually declining. But printing does remain popular in other parts


of the world. As ISOHunt and the Pirate Bay are taking down, they are


replaced by others. Still, BitTorrent is trying to repair its


reputation. To this end, the company ran a billboard campaign in your ``


in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles. The creator of BitTorrent,


Bram Cohen, sat down with us to talk about his attempt to distance itself


from piracy, and where he understands the pirates prefer


torrents to Netflix. Using BitTorrent it is possible to


give customers a much better experience, with much less cost. It


is not being utilised properly and it is unfortunate. It is not


necessarily about a better experience, but it provides a lot of


anonymity for users to be able to share copyrighted material. I


disagree. Occasionally I watch things Netflix. I do watch things


Netflix. I find it very frustrating because the video quality is really


terrible. I really go out of my way not to give the slightest hint of


pirating anything ever, but if I was a nobody who did not know about


copyright, my guess is that I would probably Pirate some of the stuff


that I can watch Netflix, that I have repaid to be able to watch,


because I want to watch it in high resolution. BitTorrent is making a


concerted effort to make sure that artists are rewarded. The idea


behind BitTorrent bumbles, creators really share some content, but


include other content which fans can only unlock by actively engaging, by


entering an email address, which can be used for marketing. Some people


would say if you had done this a long time ago, you would not have


gained a reputation for being the site or the technology that


facilitates piracy. Could you have coded something like this into the


technology many years ago? We have tried a number of different ways


with working with people, Hollywood deals. I guess you have a brand


problem with Hollywood. Yes. We are treated as hostile actors,


frequently, when we are trying to work with people. Although we have


never been sued, so that is good. Why is that? Because we are a


technology vendor. You are just the plumbing. A sickly. `` basically.


When I created BitTorrent, I was literally a guy sitting in his


living room in his underwear. One of the biggest problem is that he is


trying to solve today concerns proceed `` privacy. With America's


and is a reeling after the will revelations, he has his sights on an


NSA`proof missions in service to keep out conversations away from


prising eyes. People issue when they communicate with others that what


they are doing is private. There has been a lot of implicit trust in


third parties. Which we now know has been violated. That is the issue.


There is the fabulous technology that makes possible, to make it


impossible for someone else to snoop on what you are doing. Is this a


libertarian philosophy? It gets to be a complicated issue in personal


communications. Sometimes law enforcement needs to do things. They


need to come in and spy on people. So it is suitable for regulation?


For law enforcement. Those infringement of copyright for into


that category? Copyright infringement is not a crime in the


way that beating someone up is a crime, or stealing something is a


crime. Stealing a physical thing from a stall. It is something else.


Finally, what would you like your legacy to be? Do you want to go down


as a guy who created a hugely disruptive world changing


technology? I would like to do something in a space that fills more


important than entertainment. I would like to do something such as


power generation or industry, manufacturing. I am interested in


3`D printing and things like that. I do not think my work is done.


This is always a hot topic. We would love to get your thoughts on it.


Next up, a look at this week's tech news. Apple has revealed how many


times governments around the world have requested information about its


users. Topping the list was the US government, which requested


information up to 3000 Apple account in the six months to June. The


company released data in response. In up to 1000 of the cases, the


government restricts it from disclosing more information. India


has successfully launched its first unmanned mission to Mars. There were


cheers as a rocket blasted off from a launch facility in the Bay of


Bengal, carrying a scientific probe. If all goes to plan, it will reach


its destination in September of next year, and will orbit the red planet


looking for signs that it can support life. You have heard of


outsourcing, crowd funding, and crowd working, and that is just the


tip of the iceberg. Researchers studying the effects of climate


change are using people to watch the Web cams around the clock. They


hoping the increased eyeball count will hope `` will flag interesting


events. The entertainment industry loves its festivals. Film fans flock


to Cannes in the south of France and Sunday at in the United States.


Music and art fans have thousands of festivals to choose from, and now


the videogame industry has a festival of its own. It celebrates


games as more than just an adolescent diversion. It also... It


is home in Nottingham. A fireworks display with a


difference. These fireworks are entirely digital and controlled by


their audience. They can trigger a motion sensor, which launches


different pyrotechnics, culminating in a giant game of space invaders


and the launch of the eight annual GameCity. The GameCity festival in


Nottingham is unusual for a video games event, most of which look and


sound like this. This festival, on the other hand, is


far more concerned with the cultural impacts and potential of video games


beyond commercial concerns. Evidence by this game behind me, which


involves people shouting as loudly as they can. This game, where


players make as much racket as possible at key moments to defeat


their opponent, is typical of the innovative approach that developers


have `` used, approaching games as more than artform than a commodity.


The festival itself is organised with the help of Trent University.


Games are made by people. It's the biggest cultural industry in the


world and one of the fastest`growing media industries. But unlike other


creative industries, the videogames make it great that you know the fee


he `` humans who made them. The key thing is about exposing the fact


that games are made by people. Or the duration of the festival,


developers and design students rub shoulders with industry legends and


discuss and play games in interactive experiences which


challenge the videogames. When somebody says to me, old maps,


exciting interactive experience isn't the first thing that pops into


my mind. But that's exactly the gauntlet that's been laid down by


the British library to several different groups of young


developers, as they engage in the off the map competition. The British


library provided the maps from its archive of four million and games


developer Crytek provided students with the tools to create virtual


worlds by its software. Students combined the cartography and the


game engine to bring the sometimes ancient maps to light. Games are


virtual worlds and virtual worlds are maps in their own right. Have


many maps in the British library. What we are interested to see is how


this gaming engine transformed a 2`dimensional flat piece of paper,


with an image on it, into a 3D world. Six teams competed against


one another, with the winning entry courtesy of the Montford University


in Leicester. They allow the player to explore and early version of


putting lane. The story is rich with history and different elements and


dynamics. Actual size of it, of course, was a real challenge. At


that also getting across all of that history and characters and the


streets. This story that London has to tell. We wanted to get that


across visually. Other stories are being told at GameCity which aren't


so visual. There is a way back for you to the world of the living. As


well as up and coming students, established developers take part in


the festival, often presenting unusual games and very unusual or


unexpected environments. I am underneath Nottingham in the


dungeons and Galleries of Justice. Not because I have been naughty but


caused cost I am here to play a new smartphone game. It's a game that


forces the player not to rely on their eyes but to rely on the years.


That's because it's a title driven entirely by sound. What was that?


The game makes use of actor Sean Bean's vocal talents to spin a yarn


that sees the play a journey through window in an attempt to return to


the land of the living. Brace yourself... It is spooky and


atmospheric. The graphics exist purely for rudimentary navigation


and movement. Everything else unfolds entirely through the


narration of the actor. Not if you can hear me. `` nod. Your mind has


the best graphics and what you don't have allows you to fill in the gaps


and, particularly it works well with horror and adventure. Above ground,


an entirely different take on the shooting genre, courtesy of one of


the minds behind Golden eye. The way it works is to cameras moved over


the Market Square. Each controlled by one player. Each player is


supposed to choose somebody in the Market Square to make a couple or a


friendship to bring to people together who were formerly strangers


and create any relationship. Then those selected people come back,


play the game, control the cameras. It is my impression that there's


enough military shooters or manned shooters, a big burly guy with a


vast array of military equipment, and a series of interaction is to go


up to people and killed them repeatedly, I appreciate there are a


wide range of people who enjoy that. I am creatively inspired to make new


attractions and new kinds of entertainment.


Whether it's using games technology in education or for entertainment,


this festival is an excellent example of the growing maturity of


the games industry. Games as art. A refreshing take on


an industry which is often discussed in terms of its negative social


impacts, with claims that games desensitise us to violence and


promote criminal activity. In fact, Kate Russell has another


take on the power of gaming for good next in Web Scape.


The debate about green issues rages on but one thing is for sure, if the


world does run out of natural resources, it's going to change


everything and not in a good way. That's the message behind a Facebook


game, Recharge, set in the not too distant future and aims to teach


players about the of sustainable energy. `` the importance of. The


driving creative force behind the gain is Linkin Park. They have been


involved in the clean energy movement since 2005, when they


sounded music for relief, a charity which helps those affected by


natural disasters and promotes the use of clean energy. A top`down


partner and shooter, Recharge is fun, whatever your view on


sustainable energy. Combining the view `` appeal of gaming with Linkin


Park's fan base, it's an initiative that seems bound to capture the


imagination of younger generation. And if today's rising energy prices


give you sleepless nights, how about trying a slick tracking app `` sleep


tracking app? Sleep Time is free on iOS and Android and will monitor


your movements you can build up a picture of how well are sleeping.


There is a soothing soundscape to help his `` drift off and plenty of


tips about how to get a better night's rest.


You need to sleep with your phone resting on your bed, so the app can


pick up any movement, that's how it knows when you are in deep and light


sleep cycles. But the alarm will lead to a gently when you are not in


deep sleep, rather than just ripping you out of your dreams at a set


time. Another interesting that is sleep, free on android. It does all


the slick tracking and smart alum stuff but will also kick into audio


record mode if you get restless, it could reveal if you are snoring or


talking in your sleep. `` SleepBot. Photography fans will love this next


site. Fotor has a huge range of filters and other editing tools for


you to snap up your snaps. Using the browser or download the apps for


iOS, android or Windows phones are also the Windows desktop and Mac.


You can get creative editing your snaps and creating the `` beautiful


collages to share with your friends. One of the features I love is the


ability to create HDR images, or high dynamic range. It's a striking


visual effect that photographers, like Trey Ratcliff, has perfect.


It's where they take several different shots of the same frame at


different exposures for combining them to get the maximum detail out


of all of `` then light and shaded parts of the shots. You need a


camera that can take the range of shots. Then just load them up into


the site and it will process them automatically.


The tilt shift filter is another great look if you want to make a


striking image. Google's new marketplace for experts


launched this week and connects users through video chat with


experts in the subjects, ranging from yoga to guitar.


Tutors are all battered and they get to set their own fees, with Google


taking a 20% cut. The service is available online through Google


hangout and on and android app, with an IOS version in the pipeline.


That was Web Scape. If you missed those links, they are all at our


website. There are also clips of previous


programmes and the latest tech news. You can get in touch with us if you


like. E`mail us or find us on Twitter, Google and Facebook. That's


it for now. See you next time. Good morning. Typhoon Haiyan is


leaving the Philippines


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