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wants us to know it will be a long haul. More information on our


website. Now, it is time for Click. Taxi! Taxi! Taxi!


Welcome to Click. And welcome back to Japan, a country where everyone


always seems to be in a rush. Well, nearly everyone. Coming up, I will


explain why I was so keen to catch that taxi and I will take a ride


around Tokyo that terminates underground. We will also have a


first look at the Sony PlayStation four. And if you thought technology


was a young person 's game, we will meet the robot assisted pensioners


who say otherwise. All that plus the latest technology news and top tips


for travellers in Webscape. Tokyo, the beating heart of Japan. 9


million souls, one destination. Tomorrow. City of light, city of


vision, city of future. Yes. The wise man takes Tokyo seriously. But


beware. Don't be overwhelmed as you arrive at your breast, weary


traveller, keep hold of those things that are most precious. If it slips


from your hand, it may slip from your mindful top and all will be


lost. Shame, really. That I was not travelling in a taxi like this. It


is running a prototype system which alerts the passenger if they have


left anything behind. The concept is really, really simple. There are


cameras in each of the two foot rolls. There is one back there and


there is one in the trunk. As soon as you leave the cab, these cameras


take photos which they then compare against what an empty taxi should


look like. If the computer sports a difference, it lets you know. Too


late, so, for this poor cat. The next passenger will claim my


souvenir. But lucky for me, this time, it can be replaced. It's hard


to imagine standing here in the middle of Tokyo 's user district


that Japan has the oldest population in the world. Around one third of


its 127 million people are over the age of 60 and that means this


country is the first to face the problem of looking after an ageing


population and keeping elderly people mobile and independent into


possibly their second century on the planet. It may be a Japanese problem


but it has some suitably Japanese solutions.


Harvest season in Watari, four Hours Drive from Tokyo. This man 's Apples


are right for the picking, a job which he will help to do himself. He


will be wearing a new suit. The metalware is not some Japanese


fashion statement. It has been designed by the Tokyo University of


agriculture and technology to give this 68 `year`old his own power arm.


TRANSLATION: The robot helps support my knees by taking away any burden.


This model sports springs, braces and groups to strengthen his


movements and support his posture. The work that demands heavy


lifting, motors and sensors are installed to physically drive his


limbs and joints. But at an estimated $5,000, if this prototype


suit ever makes it into production, it is unlikely to suit every


pensioner 's pocket. TRANSLATION: Yes, it is expensive. But we can


tailor suits with extras like a taste censored to assess the


ripeness of harvested fruit. That is useful if the pickup 's sense of


taste is faded. Or a camera to record each season 's produce and


help sell it to buyers. He relaxes, enjoying tea with his wife. Like 6


million other pensioners in Japan, he insists he does not want to stop


working any time soon. TRANSLATION: Never, not at all. Time is ticking


for Japan. It already has the world 's oldest population and it is one


that is also growing faster than anywhere else. Researchers need to


work out how all sorts of technology could help. Walking through the


streets of Sugamo, a district of Tokyo popular with the elderly, I


can see many making the most of their day. But I cannot help


thinking how many more are unseen, stuck inside and unable to get out


and about. And that is exactly what researchers here at the Tokyo


Institute of technology have been working on. In this and Latin 's


cave, professors and their students test out various ways to improve the


lives of ordinary people `` Aladdin 's cave. How about a trolley that


follows you? Rather than pushing or pulling a shopping trolley, simply


charge of the battery and attach a cable. And on board computer just


the speed of the wheels according to the length of the cable so that the


trolley keeps the same pace that you do. And a clever wheel the duration


means it can even cope with curves. Well, most of the time. My


grandmother suffered from severe lung disease and I lived with her


and I took care of her. So, I understand how heavy an oxygen tank


is and how uncomfortable it was for her. So I decided to develop this.


Here is another idea. This time, to give an upright option for


paraplegics. Here, the central section between the crutches


supports the use 's body for the split second they need to swing the


supports forward and take another step. A small motor powers the


midsection and actually propels the user up with. As far as their feet


are concerned, they are momentarily weightless. It is a design that is


being refined at the moment. Plugging into the mains is something


I sure they are working on. I have come to one of 400 care homes in


Japan designed `` that has a special robot designed not to physically


motivate people are emotionally nurture them. This is a Paro seal.


It is equipped with 13 senses. Two visual, ten for touch and more. It's


on board computer then determines how it should respond. Nurses at the


care home say that the Paro seal sparks conversation where there was


none before, getting residents thinking and caring. Many here say


Paro seal has become so much more than a robot. TRANSLATION: Paro


seal is my friend. I like that he seems to understand human feelings.


These were introduced to care homes across Japan a few years ago and


they are still the most popular robots used on the older generation.


Perhaps it's because they're not metallic and hard but rather cute


and cuddly. They are much easier for us humans to connect with. Using


their expertise in robotics, the Japanese hope to improve life for


their later years. If they achieve that, then everyone in Japan will


sleep more easily. There is plenty more to come on Click in Japan after


a look at this week 's technology news. Google 's wrote a roller unit


has offered a low`cost smartphone offering features more common in


high price offerings. The Moto G will be sold contract free in the UK


and US. The handset has a 4.5 inch high definition screen, a five


megapixel camera and runs the latest version of Android. Analysts predict


the budget end of the smartphone market is set to enjoy huge growth.


Facebook has moved to protect users it suspects of being compromised by


the recent theft of millions of Adobe logins. Any members of the


social network that use the same e`mail and password commendations


for and Adobe accounts are at risk will stop such Facebook users must


answer security questions to access their accounts. Twitter has made it


possible for users to cure rate and share their own tweets streams.


Users can specifically add tweets to their custom timeline. It should


allow for more order from the chaos that can sometimes arise from the


microblogging site, particularly for news organisations wanting to cure


rate tweets from life events. Justin Bieber, the pop star who first made


it big via YouTube, is bankrolling a selfie centric photo sharing


network. He is such a believer in the app, he has thrown $1 million


into the investment pot. In an attempt to capitalise on his


enormous fan base, he hopes to create a new platform to promote the


self`portrait trend. You don't have to go far to witness Japan 's love


of technology. And much of it is so peculiarly Japanese that it never


leaves the country. However, this week sees the launch of what could


become Japan 's greatest export, Sony 's PlayStation four. And


ironically, the next`generation games console has arrived in America


first, one fortnight before Europe and several weeks before its


scheduled Japanese release date. The PlayStation for almost disappears


behind the TV in the living room. And discreet lack box, it's


anonymous it theory hiding and multimedia powerhouse lurking


beneath its rate tangle of exterior. Under the console skin it ain't big


of memory and 500 gigabytes of storage. EPS for Gus the same of a


PC so should be really easy to write games for, certainly much easy are


on the machine it replaces. It was developer friendly. Physically the


console is pretty unfussy, the controller has had a makeover. This


large glowing light on the front of the is used in conjunction with the


PlayStation camera to let the controller nowhere is in


3`dimensional space. This means it can be used as a motion sensor.


Other strings have been added to. This is a touchpad. It can be used


in some games for multimedia features and there is also a speaker


and this is a share button. This allows players to record crucial


moments of gameplay and share them online for showing off when you do


something really weird. Sony has always been key in augmented


reality. What we are seeing here is called playroom. It uses the


PlayStation camera on the motion sensing controller as well the


touchpad. If a swipe the controller like this, little robots up thrown


into the room. And you can interact and play with your robots knocking


them over all... Getting them to waive. Not much game but a showcase


on how it could be used in the future of console. The camera could


also be used to log another user into the console. A feature that has


been added to this console which will be familiar to owners of the


Xbox can. Speech recognition home screen. Star. Unfortunately


comparison to its rival in has a fairly limited vocabulary at the


moment. To get an idea of what games will actually look like on this


console people of this. This is Kills own a science`fiction first


person shooter. It pulls every trick out of the bag to show the velocity


of the machine. The trawler distance is enormous. Look at that meet


rising over the battle. Visually this is very pretty indeed. There is


a nod to the new control as well during gameplay. It is necessary to


use the touchpad. These features do not add massive amount to the


experience they feel a bit tacked on that point to the potential of the


touchpad in games. You can also stream TV shows and browse the Web.


And PS for content can be reviewed and played over Wi`Fi the hand`held


PlayStation beta of you will need a very stable Wi`Fi connection. It


does, broadly, what the reason she did it are the slipper `` flicker


there is the prospect of cloud computing as a sort of thing and


that is all for developers making a next generation next year in. There


are other ways to take on the back of a taxi. In such a crammed in city


where everyone works on top of each other like rats, something is few


and far between stop it is aimed big, subterranean cycle park which


can store hundreds and return each one to its rightful owner in second.


You will need a special ID tag on your fork which you'll need again


when you want the wheels back later in the day. But I bet you were


wondering how does it work inside? Well, since you insist. 11 metres


down metal silo plays host to what is quite a graceful robot dance. It


is unnerving being down amongst it all stop you have absolutely no idea


why this is down there. I've many get back on my bike. That gives him


travel tips from Kate Russell. Is like the rest of the teams you are


headed someone in his thick, they're a plea of great guides you can put


in your pocket like Tripura so. With apps for many things there are free


guides for many years around the world. Check the place you are going


covered. One of the dangers when travelling abroad is that you might


end up hammering your data consumption giving you a nasty


surprise when your phone bill comes in. Tripura post those apps have an


as `` off`line maps now. Seek and find your way around without having


to connect the locations listed include restaurants, cafes and


tourist attractions as well as other essential services like hospitals


and transport. There is even a limited phrasebook and background


nation about the culture and customs to assure you have the best possible


trick. Another it interesting tool for travellers who want to its eerie


and the local vibe rather than stick to the tourist strip is hit with


.com. Choose your destination, then specify details like cuisine and get


an size of the party and the attractive interface will serve up


your options. Analysis rests the wrong. This service is like there to


for eating experiences. Using a peer`to`peer consumption model to


allow newbies to share their passion with other people and earn a little


extra cash in the bargain. Each guest pays the price set by the host


and collect 15% off the top. You can also sign up to be a host, whether


to cooking your own place or offer your services as a guide for it to


the local food markets. The site has a third`party insurance plan so that


host and guest now they are protected if anything blows up.


According to a recent survey, more than half of all professionals would


like to change their job. But finding the right role is vital with


will you make any vital life changing decisions. This is the new


kid on the recruitment lock hoping to bridge this gap with a clever


piece of software that plays matchmaker. There are no shortages


of job boards online. This site is different because it uses linguistic


analysis to let you know there are any jobs you might missed. It also


keeps an eye on any new jobs as they are posted by the detail is the text


and matches it to any cities in the database. This means you do not have


to sit about waiting for a vacant the site will message you are


anything soon was that. Analysing the language it widened research


to, linking the word retail shop is that to make sure that you do not


miss any opportunity. Increase your opportunities in the job by linking


social networks so you have is only available in a few countries


are growing steadily. We thought we would finish the programme at the


top of the tower where at the moment you can just about see the top of


Fiji into the sunset. Also get a spectacular view of things. This is


the tower has seen above and the rest of Tokyo. And we did not hire a


chopper, this intricate model of the city with the buy handful of


planning properties but I the makers never thought they would see it like


this. The data is behind the Tokyo city symphony project wanted to like


the place like never before. The results speak for themselves. The


technique is called 3`D projection, images are projected on to object to


a particular angles and although it looks big and expensive, creation of


this was relatively low`tech. Keating took photos of the model and


then traced around the buildings annually create 3`D data. This would


then be used to tell the project is out to distort the pattern so that


the each building correctly a display like this would normally


need one if you project is to make sure the light the buildings from


all angles but by shooting the sequence from a carefully chosen


angle, this video was made just using two projectors. The show was


filmed in April even now uses from around the world can compose their


own symphony on the project website. Plea keyboard like an


instrument and the cycle will cut together it recorded video and make


your own masterpiece. Either that or you can sit back and enjoy. Pretty


impressive. That is it from Japan, hope you enjoy the programme in July


to watch parts of it again go to our website. This also where you will


find links to some kind of scenes parts of our show. You like to get


in touch with us go through the website. The next time.


Is fairly quiet on the weather front at the moment that there will be


some of thing in the morning across the southern areas the UK and to the


north of London into the West Country. We are going to have a air


frost in rural spots and he will not be as cold. We get your travelling


on Saturday. The fog could linger well into the


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