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Click visits America's largest 3D printing factory and finds out how to print a house, car and your dinner. The team try out the Xbox One, plus news, issues and webscape.

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phone their relatives they can pinpoint the ringtones. That is all


for me. Now is for Click. Let us see, and got my wallet,


smartphone, khakis, jackets, all ready for a night out. Good, that is


better. From custom`made facial hair to an


entire limbs, this week, Click looks at 3`D printing. We will visit the


world's largest 3`D printing factory in America and find out how to print


a house, a car, and even your own name on toast.


We are also one omission to find out if the new Xbox one games console is


out of this world. All that, plus the latest technology news and the


apps that claim to be good for you. Welcome to Click. I just lie would


take a breather before we start this week. It is going to be attacked


programme here at the 3`D printing show in London. 3`D printing is all


the rage at the moment. This technique of creating unique objects


by building them up layer by layer, using a 3`D printer. Observe this


3`D printed bedroom wall, HA, and a 3`D printed car. `` a chair. The


rhetoric goes that in the future you will be able to 3`D print almost


anything. Certainly, the show is packed with printers jiggling away,


printing complex designs in a variety of materials. There is talk


of a future where 3`D printing a work for your wardrobe and those who


believe that beauty is on the inside. At the moment, most 3`D


printed models are just decorations and novelties. The technology has


not quite come of age yet. For example, although the shell of this


car has been 3`D printed, it allows the design to between 20 customer,


it would be much more expensive to mass produce identical engine parts


using this technology, instead of established methods. So, will be all


be driving around in custom, 3`D printed cards in the future? All


will 3`D printing always remain a novelty, rather than the spark for


the next industrial revolution. We went to America to find out.


We are off to Minnesota, the blend of beautiful scenery, retail and


leisure opportunities is renowned across the country. It is not just


lakes, golf courses that make this the best place to live, it has one


of the highest average family income is around. It is apparently because


of this. This is the largest 3`D printing factory in the world. The


machines here are printing projects for various industries including


aerospace, medical, and even some top`secret defence project. 3`D


printing is often described as the future of manufacturing. Here, 100


printers are already churning out thousands of design stay and night


for companies around the world. We call this technology stereo


lithography, or 3`dimensional printing. The technology is not new.


Additive manufacturing was developed in 1983. Applications are radically


evolving. One of the exciting areas to me is materials. Right now we


have 13 different types of plastics that we can run on a machine. There


is over 77,000 thermoplastics available out there. There is a wide


range of materials out there. As we bring more offerings, it will open


up more opportunities for different applications. NASA is using the


technology in its next rover project, with 70 parts 3`D printed


on its latest space vehicle. They are only going to build one of


those, maybe two. To go and do tooling for specialised components


would be very high cost. It may cost $50,000 to create a tool to produce


one part. This technology is perfect for that. We only need one of


something. It is very unique. Closer to home, the 3`D printing revolution


may help some of America's struggling cities. This is a town in


Ohio, 100 miles south of the factory. It was at the heart of


America's steel industry the decade. The industry collapsed years ago,


and many people left. Now, 3`D printing is bringing you have to the


city. The area has been renamed the technology belt. President Obama has


committed to building the 3`D industry here. Last year we created


our first technology Institute in our higher. A state`of`the`art lab


where scientists are mastering 3`D printing. It is hard to imagine a


revolution when you see it from the outside. This building was an


abandoned furniture factory, now reimagined as a factory floor where


people can come to learn about 3`D printing and Manufacturing. This


first machine is from 3`D systems. This white material is a nylon


material. It has all the mechanical properties of nylon 11. What would


you make with this? Is useful for airspace, medical. The White House


has invested in this project. $40 million has been invested by 80


companies and universities. The project is managed by the National


Centre for defence manufacturing and machining. So manufacturing 3`D part


of the military is top of the agenda. Lockheed Martin is looking


at putting some large titanium additive manufactured parts on the


aeroplane. The main motivation is cost. We can use less material, we


can source them faster. A large product that can take months to


source, being aborted or in weeks is an advantage. 3`D printing is


expanding rapidly at the consumer level. This is the make`up of


factory in New York. It recently moved into a 50,000 square feet


space. We are all about inspiring the next industrial revolution.


People make things, and they do runs of 1000 or a few thousand things.


For me, it is about empowering people to be able to make things,


and really getting back to the basics in terms of manufacturing.


Anybody would make a buck can a jump spot `` with AFL. Canon get a


jumpstart. This is what the future of manufacturing could look like.


Meanwhile, back here at the show in London, I have finally found my


outfits for our fancy dress ball. I am going as Lady Gaga. Next is the


latest technology news. TV company LG is investigating allegations that


some of its TV Centre details about viewing habits back to the


manufacturer, even if the user has activated a privacy setting. A US


blogger has realised his TV with sending data. It was also sending


information about the contents of his USB stick. And LG spokesman said


it is planning to release a firmware update which should correct the


problem. The latest controversial site to surface from the dark Web is


an assassination market. A crowd funding service allows people to


contribute towards the assassination of a bleak figures. So far the


rustic fence proposal aside, with the chairman of the US Federal


reserve being the highest price target, with over $70,000 against


his name. The list also includes Barack Obama and the director of the


National Security Agency. Both the US Secret Service and the FBI


declined to comment. Finally, take a close look at this


music video. It is a new interactive video from Bob Dylan's 1965 song


like a Rolling Stone. Throughout the song, you can flip through the


channels to your hearts content. The matter which one you want, everyone


seems to be saying exactly the same thing. A really nice idea. I just


wish I had thought of it. If you buy a new tablet or smart


phone today, the chances are it will be out of date before the end of the


year. If you had bought a new Xbox 360 or PlayStation three when they


were first released, he would have got a Hughes out of it before it was


superseded. However, that time is now upon us. We have a velvet roped


off section under the TV, saving space for the next generation.


This is all really rather embarrassing. Please excuse me while


I slip into some aim a little bit more comfortable. `` something.


Physically, the XBox One is not quite a lunar monoliths, but it does


take up a fair amount of space. However, it's not just a game


console. It has serious designs on taking over the living room. TV


set`top boxes can be plugged directly into the device. The


console can then control the set`top box and its features and functions.


And depending on the country you live in, the XBox One can access a


host of OnDemand TV and movie services. Under its rather 1980s


looking plastic skin lurks a dual core processor, 500 gigabytes of


storage and a Blu`ray player. It has slightly less processing grunt than


its rival, the PS4. We don't yet know if this will make any


difference to games in the long`term. Unlike the machine it


replaces, the XBox One has been designed with a Kinect motion


sensing device on the ground up. And the connect itself has undergone a


number of improvements. It is a lot more accurate, can recognise a far


greater number of articulation in my body, which helps with accuracy. And


it's this device that really put some clear water between Microsoft


's console and Sony rivals. Microsoft claims the Kinect camera


is so precise it is capable of analysing a user's heart rate by


looking at and detect the micro fluctuations in their skin, a


feature which will be put to use in fitness titles. It is also used to


recognise users to log into the console. After which, they are


greeted by the user interface, which unsurprisingly, has a very Windows


eight yield to its. The Windows eight layout might frustrate on PCs


but makes a lot of sense for the Xbox. It's clear, simple and easy to


navigate. One intriguing feature carried over from the old Xbox onto


the new is speech recognition. The user can say a limited number of


words to the device and it will recognise and react to them. The


newer version of that has a much larger vocabulary. For example...


XBox, go home. And it can open up almost anything on the home screen


simply by talking to it. XBox, Call of Duty ghosts. It's this wider set


of instructions that can be barked at the XBox One that makes it feel a


little bit more like a next`generation console. When it


works. As far as the games are concerned, visually, there are some


obvious improvements. There is now a greater number of lighting effects


and dust particles. Overall, there is just more detail in all the


on`screen images and graphics feel smoother and slicker, as you would


expect. Could some of the XBox One's exclusive launch titles exist


on the current generation of machines? Possibly but they would


not look anywhere near as pretty. There's a lot of discussion about


the future of TV in the living room. OnDemand TV services, downloaded


games and movies, web browsing controlled with a wave of a hand or


a user's voice. The XBox One combines all of these elements right


now, making it feel for better or worse a little like something from


science fiction. Looking at the future of home


entertainment. Now, earlier, I showed you my 3`D printed bedroom


wall. This machine is a reminder that you don't just have to 3`D


print in plastic or powder was present. You can print in a variety


of different substances. This is printing a model of a house in clay


and in the future, the project behind this wants to build a massive


version of this thing and actually 3`D print full`scale homes of


structures that could be done in just a matter of days. That's a


pretty interesting vision of the future, if you ask me. Talking of


which, we have been to Barcelona to see a 3`D printer that is making


something even sweeter. If you thought your eye scorching


blender was the hottest thing in tech, meet the new guy on the


counter. This is a 3`D cooking guide. You may have seen 3`D


printers crafting chocolate into unlikely arrangements and while this


is not ashamed of its sweet tooth, the creators want to bring something


a little different to the table. We are looking to go beyond chocolate


or space food. We are looking at everyday food you would eat. From


ravioli to pastor, decorating toast that might have for breakfast. The


idea is to save you time making those fiddly foods without cutting


corners on quality. One example is ravioli. When you make it, you have


to put a layer of pastor, filling and then passed again. I don't know


about you, but I have not made home`made ravioli in ages. I don't


have the time. But with this, it takes all the hard work for me. This


prototype can only print with one ingredient at a time, so if you want


to make something more ambitious like a hamburger, you have to


construct in a few steps. This all looks very, located but I'm told


that the finished version will be much simpler. We have just had


Halloween, so here's the design for a ghost made out of spinach


ricotta. All I have to do is click print. This ghost has been printing


for about five minutes and it's just going around, adding layers and


making it bigger. I'm told you can eat this straightaway or put it in


the oven and bake it. Costing around 1000 euros, it's pretty expensive


for a time`saving device, especially if it just ends up in the back of


your cupboard. The finished product has been designed to look more at


home next to your toaster. That is of course if it does not replace


your kitchen entirely. Another area that could benefit


greatly from 3`D printing is medicine where it becoming possible


to custom print instruments, assistive aids and even prosthetics


that perfectly match the patient's. And we stick with a medical theme as


we had to Webscape. There are already loads of apps out there to


diagnose and treat you if you are not feeling too well. The question


is, are they really any good for your health? Kate Russell has some


answers. A 3`D printing is not new and healthcare. In fact, hearing


aids are almost entirely produced using additive manufacturing. With


more than 10,000,003`D printed units in circulation today. The other


health tech sector that booming right now is smartphone apps. It's


believed the mobile health market could be worth $26 billion in 2017


but you should never just trust the claims of a developer when it comes


to medical advice. This library of smartphone apps is worth a look.


It's been put together by the NHS to vet and review any apps claiming to


be good for your health full up this is one of those real peace of mind


services, especially when it comes to apps offering advice and support


for illnesses and conditions you might be getting medical treatment


for. Obviously, no app is a good replacement for visiting your doctor


if you have serious concerns. From conditions like diabetes, cancer and


Parkinson's disease to healthy living categories covering diet,


exercise and giving up smoking. There are already dozens of


resources listed and the database is growing all the time. Wherever you


live in the world, this is a great list to check before trusting any


apps with your health and well`being. If you're still looking


for a good replacement for Google's now to fund reader, News alert is


worth a look. It has a gimmick interface that can help you teach at


what stories you like so that you can filter out the noise. It has a


free version and a premium upgrade and a premium upgrade with more


features. If you are sitting there wondering what on earth is an RSS


feed, it stands for Rich site summary. It's a way for a website


deliver a standardised feed of regularly updated information like


daily blog posts or news stories and a way for readers to collect those


summaries using one piece of software rather than having to run


all over the internet visiting sites individually. Now, how about some


content for your new RSS feed? Visual news is one of my favourite


blogs as it delivers double eclectic posts everyday that are driven by a


really strong image. Another firm favourite for a different take on


the news of the day is choose their dot`com. This blog is all about the


writing and a starkly simple design that does not ring any bells or


whistles to detract from the expert commentary. If you haven't


discovered the blogging world yet, where have you been living? There


are hundreds and hundreds of millions of blogs. Admittedly, some


are a lot more readable than others. If you want to consider yourself a


genuine fan of the genre, though, there is one blog you absolutely


have to bookmark, the Ground Zero of the blogging phenomenon on. This is


the Alpha blog. Set up in 1998 before the word blog was even


coined, it is one of the longest continuing running blogs on the web.


It's not fancy to look at but the range of content and stories is mind


going. An old school blog roll where the content is definitely king and


it's actually quite fascinating dating back to the archive to see


what they wrote about through the years. Of course, if you have missed


those links, you will find them all on our website. And if you would


like to get in touch about any of the things you have seen this week,


please do. We would love to hear from you. E`mail or get hold of us


on Twitter, Facebook or Google+. That's it from the 3`D print show in


London. Thank you for watching and we will see you next time.


Not much wet weather to worry about for this weekend. Looking fine and


dry for many of us. If you are venturing out through the early


morning or have perhaps just come in, you will know that it is pretty


chilly out there. Frost and fog. These are the temperatures that will


greet you as you step outside during the early hours. Close to freezing


and even one degree or so below in the countryside. Over the weekend,


there won't be much change in the forecast. Chilly by day and by


night. Saturday morning in Scotland will be a fine and I started the


day. Drive but


Click visits America's largest 3D printing factory and finds out how to print a house, car and your dinner. The team try out the Xbox One, plus news, issues and webscape.

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