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minister saying the programme was for self defence. That is it for me.


We will be back at two o'clock. Now it is time for the Click.


Donald Trump's ideas aren't just different, they are a series


She's been taking plenty of money out for herself.


It's most expensive playground fight in history.


In Donald Trump's America, people are put back to work.


Let's remember what happened on 9/11, these were not refugees.


This Monday sees the first US presidential debates,


and although voters will probably be reminded of what the nominees stand


for, I can't help thinking that they'll be at least a little bit


The last big presidential battle was all about YouTubeing


the candidates into peoples homes, but now Facebook and Twitter


are the main online battlegrounds, and that's not just in the US.


There's no doubt about it, some of the big platforms


You've got national parties who want to get their


political messages out, and they have to pay for that -


that's bought advertising, in the old sense.


If they don't do that, they don't get their message


to voters, and that's where Facebook have got us all on lockdown.


The Tories were ahead of the game at the last general election,


the other parties are going to catch up by the next general


But social media is about more than paid for advertising.


Politicians can engage with voters, their messages can go viral.


Supporter groups can rally and massively big up


We even judge how important that message is based on the number


So it's probably quite important to know that not all of these


They are fake followers, run by political campaigns


to amplify certain topics, follows certain people,


These are the political Twitter bots.


The bots will take a message and repeat it an hour


later, or maybe two hours and three hours later.


They'll send it off to their own networks of followers, tens, 20,000


times beyond what the politician can initially reach with


Phil Howard is a professor of political science


at the Oxford Internet Institute, whose research has revealed that


political campaigns are now routinely using bots


Including deflecting Donald Trump's comments about Mexican-Americans.


They're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime,


He made a claim that Mexican-American voters


would support him, would be voting for him in a big way.


And shortly after making this big claim, there was a community


of Latino Twitter bots, so folks with Mexican sounding names,


who were US citizens and using Twitter to voice


A little bit of research showed that these were all new users,


they weren't actually users, they were bots, tweeting the same


message, sometimes exactly the same message,


And so he was able to say, Mexican-Americans will vote for me


and point to a community that was actually just


There are very strict rules governing what the media can report


To your knowledge, are there rules to cover social media like Twitter?


I think there should be more public policy oversight,


over social networks, social media networks during elections.


In a US context, the elections, the Federal Elections Commission


there has decided that electronic communications are not part


For example, they'll be following many more accounts


They might have blank or irrelevant profile pictures and names,


and they may be tweeting at an inhumanly fast rate.


High-quality bots, however, will look a lot more human.


In fact they may even be connected to a real human, who can give


There's actually a market in these false accounts.


So you buy 1,000 users who look good, they'll join five


or ten at a time, over the course of a month or two.


By the time you're into the campaign season, three weeks before,


This is a great question, and it's part of the research


The people designing political bots often work for the political


campaign teams that a candidate will hire when they want Office.


Hiring somebody to write bots, to amplify your message,


is now a normal part of political campaigning in advanced democracies.


But then there are the bots that, so far, haven't done anything...


This bot is an example of a bot that has joined relatively recently.


It's following 108 people, but nobody is following it.


We think of this as a sleeper, a sleeper bot, it's


My great fear is that large networks of these bots may be activated


Someone will activate bot networks to either bring up the vote,


There's enough bot networks out there, and we've seen them used


in sensitive political moments, that I'm pretty sure they'll play


an active part of political communication in the US election.


For all the big budget deception that may be happening,


social media does give each one of us a voice,


and an immediate channel through which we can


Those are tiny acts of the participation,


which in an earlier era would have just been too small.


Politics was much lumpier, you would have had to join


a political party, you would have had to go to a very long meeting,


That fact, that you can do very small bits of politics,


I think is drawing people into politics that wouldn't have


So maybe we're lucky to be living in an age where a tiny click


on an online petition can bring about real change.


That is assuming that we can find the right issues,


and the right candidates to bring about that change.


Kate Russell has been to the US to meet the start ups who are trying


to connect voters to candidates, and candidates to money.


I can think of nowhere that I would rather have this victory!


There's declining faith in government, declining trust


It's a very, very small number of people, with a lot of money,


Locked into a two party system and playing out a presidential race


costing hundreds of millions of dollars, some people think


One of the biggest problems with politics here


The way that rich people, big companies and also on the other


side of the fence, the unions, use money to literally buy


the outcomes they want from the political system.


Former strategy adviser to UK Prime Minister David Cameron,


Steve Hilton is now on a mission in San Francisco to unbind US


politics from big-money donors, by letting candidates


We want to take the power out of the hands of the insiders


and the deal-makers and the people who for so long have controlled


everything in politics, and put the power directly


Just as technology has done in so many other parts of our lives.


It has the potential to help independent candidates run


for election without having to sign up to one of the major parties.


That is really off-putting for a lot of people, because they think that


to get the money that they need, they have to sign up to a bunch


of policies or ideas that they don't really agree with.


As well as helping politicians drum up support, Crowdpac wants to help


voters find the right candidate in the many smaller elections held


They've collected hundreds of millions of public records


from US elections, going back to 1980.


We've been able to take all the information and boil it down


to a simple objective score, if you like, which is a very basic,


ideological score, left-right system, that tells you who is more


In July when the presidential candidates were chosen,


US Facebook has generated more than 1 billion likes, comments


Assuming they were real people not bots, 25-34 year-olds


Facebook is the place in which people go and kind


of interact and talk about their social life


LinkedIn's kind of taken over owning your professional identity,


and yet there isn't really a platform which allows you to act


out in the persona of a voter and actually use technology


to interact with the political system.


Brigade is a new social network that wants to take those conversations


out of the town square of America's Facebook feeds,


What we're trying to do is figure out how to use existing technology


that has already had a big impact on other spaces,


from dating to social networking, and apply those new tools


Conversations begin with a simple agree or disagree interaction,


and then users can debate the issue with other voters in their district.


Post-election, Brigade wants to become the go-to place


for citizens to hold officials to task for their actions,


On the flip side, it would be a great place for politicians


to engage with influential groups and constituents,


rather than just relying on campaign funds to win an election.


I think that it's probably impractical that we're


It's really important, on the other side,


that the principle of one person, one vote is the overriding,


dominant form of power in the political system,


and that representatives are held to account for the views


Both the Silicon Valley start-ups are driven by a desire to reconnect


Americans with the political system from a grassroots perspective.


Make them care, by giving them transparency and more control.


The American electorate is getting younger, too.


Yet history maps a declining youth turnout at the presidential ballot


I think as our democracy has scaled, as our democracy has got bigger


and more complex and people's lives have gotten busier, it's become


really hard for people to stay plugged into the political process.


So we need to figure out how to make that an easier thing for people


to understand and participate in, if we're going to renew people's


That's a big ask, but the long-term prize is a more engaged electorate,


participating in a process that looks a lot more like the dictionary


Hello and welcome to The Week In Tech.


It was the week that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and wife


Priscilla Chan pledged ?2.3 billion to fund medical research


The ultimate aim of their Chan-Zuckerberg initiative?


Curing, preventing and managing all diseases by the end


On a rather smaller scale, it was also the week that Google


joined the messaging game again, by launching its new chat app, Allo.


Privacy campaigners have criticised the app, though,


after it was revealed that rather than temporarily storing users'


conversations and data, Google will now hold onto it


And from cat videos to the catwalk, as London Fashion Week played host


Instead of a runway, designer Martine Jarlgaard showed


off her wares with the help of the Microsoft Hololens,


which let visitors get up close to 3D models of the models.


And finally, the head of a bull, the body of a robot -


a terrifying beast that scares the likes of anyone


The legs of the bot are hooked up to special motors that mean


the Minitaur can effectively feel and respond to


It also means it can do a number of tricks,


like backflips, cartwheels, climbing the stairs and...


Next up, we're going to take a look at some new tricks you can do


Burner numbers for Tinder, no roaming charges, a stealth mode


Dan Simmons looks at the revolution happening in mobile,


and he's met one company boss who's taking no prisoners.


I only rang you like a hundred times today.


Just stop calling me, erase my contact.


No! Hello?


According to this man there is an easy and hard way


to control who has your digits, and that was the hard way.


Our phone numbers, our mobile numbers is the things that's


When someone doesn't want to give his phone


number, he's telling you, I give you my e-mail,


add me on Facebook, etc, etc, but the phone number


Taig used to be a stuntman, oh, and he's also a double


But now he's reinventing himself as the boss of one of several


new phone companies that is starting to shake


up the mobile space, as you do.


His onoff service is changing the rules in France, and now the UK,


We are bringing like virtual operating system that provides


multiple phone numbers, but not only that.


For example, you can send SMS at a delayed time.


You can put the call on voicemail, but leave the SMS on.


You cannot do that with any phone in the world.


It gives you so much flexibility in your hands,


to give maybe a different phone number for your business,


for your friends, for one night, or whatever.


Users can go into stealth mode, to hide the numbers they're


using for certain things from prying eyes, or adopt a number that's local


Using apps to make Internet calls isn't new, but both caller


and receiver often have to have the app installed,


As well as data, it uses the GSM network to connect to the handset,


so you can do SMS messages, get wider coverage,


and just one person - even if that's the receiver -


There's another benefit that we've all been seeing with these


new messengers and that's cheap, or apparently free, calls.


You may say, well that's all very well, but I still need to pay


for a mobile contract to get a connection to use


FreedomPop, for example, wants to give you a free SIM


with free calls and free data, and this month, for the first


time, unlimited use of the Whatsapp messenger.


FreedomPop right now provides a basic free service.


Where were trying to get to is a point where we can


take that free service, double it up and double it up again.


And ultimately we'd like to get to a point where your voice,


In London, uSwitch hands out awards for utilities


They help consumers switch providers to get the best deal,


and they're warning that these services may not be for everyone.


A lot of the services that you would normally expect


on a traditional mobile network, whether it be voicemail,


whether it be rolling over data that was unused into


the following month, even alerts when you're coming close


to your limits, aren't actually free on these services.


They're all litte additional fees that you might pay


In the case of apps like onoff, multiple numbers come


The old telecoms networks are starting to respond to these


Next month Deutsche Telekom launches its new Immmr


app that merges SMS, calls and offers multiple numbers.


While others can't wait to create their own,


and will partner with onoff in around 40 countries


In the race for cheap thrills, it seems nobody wants to be


One of the big trends of the last few years has been strapping


on a little video camera and filming yourself doing all kinds of crazy


action stuff - climbing, skydiving and, yes,


It's how GoPro made its name, but recently the company hasn't


However, Richard Taylor has been to Lake Tahoe in the US,


to witness an attempt to make GoPro soar once more.


Better late than never, the long-awaited GoPro drone


sees the light of day, and its first foray into the skies


is certainly portable, with an impressive low-profile


design and stabilisation through its Gimball,


which can be detached and used to achieve silky smooth shots


on the included grip, and, uniquely, on GoPro's vast


So, time to give this ?720 quadcopter a whirl.


It's semi-autonomous modes make it straightforward,


even for a complete novice like me, to pilot it safely and get


And, well, to be frank, GoPro needs it to be a hit.


Two years ago when GoPro went public it was flying high with its suite


of technologically advanced action-cams, but since then,


Rivals have caught up technologically, and there's a lot


more competition, not just in cameras, but also in drones.


In particular the drone pioneered DJI has a new craft


It too will also be ultraportable and support other features


Not exactly auspicious for GoPro and its tumbling share price.


You certainly look very excited this morning,


but I'm just wondering, obviously with your stock price


being as it has been, are you feeling the pressure, a bit?


Yes, but not because of the stock price.


Because we are transparent about what our vision is.


It's to help the world share better stories,


and we understand that's not just about building a great camera,


it's about building great software that make it easy for people


to edit fantastic stories and share them, and then,


As if to prove the point, Woodman and Co have also


The Hero5 Black - GoPro's first new flagship model in two years.


Amongst its features, a better 4K sensor, it's


waterproof out of the box, voice control, GPS, stereo sound,


and electronic image stabilisation, which, as you can see when I ride


this bike, actually works pretty well.


There's a even Cloud sharing straight from the device.


This is all starting to sound like a high end


Smartphones capture fantastic quality content, but they're very


difficult to use during activities where any motion is involved, or,


frankly, where you want to focus on your activity and not


Filming, me filming you, here as I have my broken phone,


because I did just that, and dropped it and broke it!


GoPro is really about you being able to self-capture an experience


A smartphone really gets in between you and what you're


trying to enjoy, and that's a pain point that exists, and it's


an opportunity for GoPro to solve for people.


But is that opportunity big enough to send GoPro soaring once again?


Well, one thing's for sure, there's nothing like a super


new hero and a dose of good karma to get the faithful believing


We live @BBCClick on Twitter, if you'd like to peek


behind the scenes, and we will see you next week.


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