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seeking immunity before testifying. Now it is time for click.


This week: adventures in sound with posh cams, invisible speakers and


cloning Brian Eno's brain. Today I am in the lead of the wizard


who likes decibels, who likes to write a book or two, a wizard called


Brian Eno. Do not know if should show you how this works. Let's just


find the... These are just not bits of speakers, they are working


speakers? Yes. On my gosh. And it is sound that these man is best known


for. Big sound. The former member of Roxy Music has added production


sounds to the biggest acts in the world- U2, Coldplay and some chap


called Bali. He is a self-proclaimed non- musician who uses technology to


make his art. There it is. Sir this essentially never repeat in billions


of years. It is constantly generating new images. I mean,


sometimes it does things that are so baffling fantastic you think, I


never would have thought of that. It is Love of Brandon, generative art


that has brought us here. His music is very atmospheric and at the wheel


and his regarded as 'The Godfather' of ambient music and his new work,


reflection, it is rather unpredictable. It is a generative


music app which follows rules defined and we find by Brian Eno but


which plays differently every time. 14% of these notes, random, will be


pitched down by three semitones. The second is 41% on an octave. Can I


just said... Scientist. I would go further, quantum scientist.


Probabilities. Brian Eno has spent weeks, months, tweaking these rules


and probabilities which when combined course of these sounds to


bounce, transform or not play at all. These are different types of


scripters. I like them. Who doesn't! Actually, these rules can be applied


to any type of music. Something more pacey, there are effects become


immediately obvious. We will make that a tedious loop. A lot of music


is based just on things like that and it goes on for ever. Now I will


put in some scripters. First a way of reducing the number of beads. --


beat. It is Ali playing 80%. Already it is a pretty crappy drama.


Actually, this is way more interesting than the original


drumbeat. Will introduce some roles. Traditional music, Hugh have a piece


which locks down but you are not blocking it down. You are taking


these and locking that down, the process. I do not mind so much if


the piece changes every time. It is a good way of explaining it. I am


trying to make a version of me in the software, my taste, if you like.


I interested in the edge of buying taste envelope and randomness is a


way to find out. Mixing things up is something Brian Eno is known for.


The legendary oblique strategy cards, the imposing a a rule, you


reduce the possibility to solve it. If you are working with other


people, you get information and derailment. If you are working alone


you can easily get into a rut. Working at a different speed. That


is a useful one. That could mean a lot of different things. It could


change the speed or do things at different speed. Work very very


quickly all very very slowly. Take a minute to get to that guitar. Pick


it up. Put it on. Plug it in. Have you thought of a way to copyright


the music that comes out? If you sell the app, do they own the music


because they have constructed it. All the bits I never the final


construction is that there is. It is not easy to make a case for saying


it is my music because it sort of is in a modern sense of what composing


means. We spent about an hour with Brian Eno and in the next few days


you can see more inside Brian Eno's brain on online. The week in Tech,


Elon Musk started yet another company. The company which aims to


implant a ait technology onto the human brain. Does this guy never


watch sci-fi films and that it never ends well. And was on the head


honcho showed the interior space tourists will see in his origin


spacecraft. The second richest man in the world with a net worth of $75


billion. $10 billion behind Bill Gates, though. How about turning any


surface into an interface without the need for a screen? A host of


devices that like speakers, lights and thermostats can beat all the


remote controls. , in France, a host of teams will outline vehicles built


with less than a number of parts. 99 nanometres per hours they will


travel. 37 million years to travel a single mile. Not exactly Formula


One. This week, Samsung launched its latest mobile phone. Just a few


minutes to go until the launch start and there is an incredible level of


secrecy here but there is a lot at stake for some after the Indee Park


all sat we're waiting to see why the S8 has in Seoul. Cold hard facts-


phone... Well, two phones were born. S8 and S8 plus. Not that large


because of the screens on both of them curve over the edges. A lot of


hype about these. It does not feel like a big deal, personally but it


means you get a screen which is bigger on a smaller size. A


fingerprint scanner. Iris and facial recognition meaning you should not


need a password that still achieved all the security you want. An


invisible home button. At as you press it, you can feel some


sensation. One thing we have had a lot of talk about is the launch of


this... When fully functioning, the system aims to make interact in


easier. Interacting with apps, controlling other devices and using


artificial intelligence to land your habits and suggests what you might


be looking for next. Naturally, I wanted test this new personal


assistant that there is a substantial problem. It is currently


only available in Korean. It will be released in American English in


many. It may well be great but I cannot tell you about it. In the


meantime, the image recognition function is in action. It has


varying success. So the head brushing shot -- hairbrush. It


thinks my hairbrush is a fork. I have been asking around to see what


others think about it. Very impressive screen. 18.5 buying nine.


That is a big screen in a very small phone. I plan ait inches and I can


fit my hands around it. The court experience has not changed a lot. We


have not got the dual camera. Users standard Samsung apps. I do not


think everybody once to speak to standard apps. For the amount of


time they made us wait for these perhaps under delivered on standout


features we have not seen elsewhere. The phone will be released this


month from $650. The company believed they will see explosive


sales but let's hope not exploding phones! Now to cyborgs and when


Hollywood imagines them look way too futuristic to become a reality. They


did not save your life, they stole it. But are they? A special


appointment with a professor at the University of Tokyo in Japan.


I have come to see a professor who is apparently going to turn me into


some sort cyborg. It is the first time a camera crew has been allowed


in to see the process happen and it will take place through this door,


he asked. -- here. They have come up with a thin as organic circuit,


lighter than a feather, they could be worn like a second skin.


Monitoring the body all as the display. We gain to introduce the


electronic functions on the surface of the skin without causing any


discomfort. This is human and machine coming together. The display


they are putting on has taken three days to manufacture serve the


research team are being very careful. Two to three micros in


thickness. The magic is controlled by transparent electrons and conduct


us. They are surprisingly resilient. They can scrunch them and on rubber


even stretch of them. It still works and that is something I have come to


put to the test. The professor has used schemes to measure heart rate


and oxygen levels. Could we use these out and about was make can we


go running with it? It doesn't cause any failure. It is


flexible. Would you expect us to change this every two or three days?


Yes, that's another possibility. If we can manufacture everything very


cheap, so after you go to the shower and said delaminate your skin and


put the fresh one. I expected that to break by now. And it's still very


much alive. This is just a single digit display today, but what could


this be the future? The second step will be much more digits and then,


going to the high-definition display. So we could have baby 1000


pixels? -- maybe. Yes, that's technologically possible. Now hand,


so we could, what, talk to people now had? Yes. This could be a


picture of my mum, for example? She would appear on my hand? Yes, that


would be possible in the future, maybe four or five years. But


lifetime will be the biggest issues. This is the start of the rise of the


cyborgs. That was Dan, wearing some pretty


advanced technology on his person. I've got my own piece of advanced


technology here. These are the Sennheiser new headphones and would


you like to take a guess at what is special about them? For a start,


they cost ?54,000! Fire up, One Direction. No-one Direction? OK. So,


I'm not a real audio expert. I used to work in the radio so I do know


about sound. But I'm also 43, so I think I'm slightly deaf. But these


are certainly sound very expensive. Very, very nice. What's interesting


is that aren't boys counselling -- cancelling and I can actually hear


other stuff in a broom. And I'm not sure whether I would expect that or


whether I would expect to be shut off from the room when I put this on


so you can just hear music. Wow. For people who are in love, or should I


say obsessed with sound quality, it seems that nothing is off-limits.


But when those people are in Japan, off-limits hits a whole new level.


We are used to seeing unusual things in Japan, so we were not surprised


at all to hear about group of people who would think nothing of spending


the whole lot more than the price of these in search of audio perfection.


It seems some people don't care what their place looks like, as long as


it sounds amazing. But if you are into your high end audio but you


also want something a bit more inconspicuous, then we've come here


to London's smart apartment to see some options. These speakers are


made by Lynn and will cost ?12,500 for the pair. They come with a


choice of fabrics. You can choose whichever one blends into your decor


best. The fabric apparently has been specially developed so it doesn't


dull the sound. But metre tall speakers are always going to be


quite attention grabbing. What if you want your speakers to be heard


but not seen at all? So, can you spot the speakers in this room?


Well... They are actually up there. There are lots of little speakers in


the ceiling next to the light fittings. They were installed before


plastering, so that they can sit flush with the ceiling. This is what


they actually look like and the cost there's quite a few of them they


don't have to be that loud to filter the sound. If that's still too


conspicuous for you, this room has invisible speakers in that they are


in the walls. You can fill them by the vibration here and here. You


can't see them at all of course. These ones have been wallpapered


directly over. If you are plastering the ball you can get away with two


millimetres past only, apparently. And if you are worried that your


speakers going wrong, the manufacturers have told us that


within 15 years they will come and not only repair the speakers but


also make good your decorations. And that's it from the smart apartment.


Follow us on Twitter if you would be so kind will stop with plenty of


this kind of stuff throughout the week and there's more coming from


Brian soon. Thanks for watching and see you soon.


This past week has seen some really varied weather


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