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Episode 8

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It's Friday, it's going to be a wonderfully colourful show. We have


got red grouse, red deer, white hares and golden eagles. All the


Welcome to Autumnwatch live. Coming from Slimbridge in Gloucestershire.


We have heard our curtain call. This is the last of the series.


We'll be talking -- About the weather. We are British! We'll talk


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 155 seconds


They experience our most extreme weather conditions. It has been a


very unusually autumn. Above 600 metres here in the Karen gorpls


trees can't grow. Right here we're on the brink. There are a few


stunted examples. Above this, the habitat in the UK is as close as


you can get to the Arctic. The Arctic what better place to go for


a spot of skiing. Only one problem, there's no snow! Last year there


are two metres of snow. As we reported earlier, there was a


sprinkling in October. The average daily maximum temperatures are five


degrees higher last year than this. It has had an impact on the


wildlife. Some of the Heather is in flower now in nof. Still in flower


I -- Amazing. That has meant some animals are able to exploit food


resources they would not normally get to You would not normally


expect to see bull finches! favourites. You would not expect to


see them on the top of moors at this time of year. Are they


indigenous. We get a few migrants, the Scandinavian birds are bigger


and brighter than the UK ones. They look like UK ones. When it gets


harsh they will move down and feed on the low lands. I know where they


will come, to my garden and pinch the buds off the apple tree! That's


what apple trees are for. Some of the creatures are bright pink.


Others like this have a better idea of what to do. This is a mountain


hare. It's left with a bit of a problem. At the moment because


there's no snow it's sticking out like a sore thumb. Rather than


hiding from predators it's making it more noticeable to predators.


While we were up there, we also saw these. At this time of year,


mountain hares are a principal component of their diet. If they


are bright white it means they are easy to catch. I can't understand


how any survive. They don't get caught out every year. What is


happening is obviously the hare is not responding to a coverage of


snow, it's responding principally to day length. Some years


unfortunately they get caught out and a few probably get caught!


weather has been strange in Scotland but peculiar all over the


country. You are right. It has been peculiar. Do we like to talk about


it? It's a British pastime to talk about the weather. I can't help


myself. It has been mild for this time of the year. We have asked you


to let us know your observations. We have had a incredible response.


It was the best response in the series. You have been telling us


about lady birds. We have had lots of you tell us about bees and


watches. All over the country bees and watches are around. Toads and


frogs. And the butters flies and moths. Lots of flowers are still in


flower. I'll put some of the magnets on the map. We have got


apple blossom in Tewkesbury. Roses in Greenwich outside London. And


Emma harr told us about that. And foxgloves in Derbyshire. It has


been a mild autumn. The latest we have from the Met Office has given


us a graph. Which they haven't trusted me to do. We have


temperature up the side and time along the bottom. It starts on


September 1. The dotted line is the average temperature calculated and


you -- As you can see until we get through to the beginning of October,


end of November it's pretty much hovering around the average. It


veers up here. What we have seen in November are so far temperatures


well above the average. The average temperature for November has been 9


degrees. That's 3.1 above the norm. And the highest ever was 8.8 in


1994. This could end up being the warmest November. November is a


transitional month. It often starts warm and gets cold at the end. If


it gets cold now it follows a typical November pattern. The


impact on your selection of species here is noticeable. I think because


these are dramatic events they hold a higher potency for us. People


notice them. In terms of the grand scheme of things I'm not entirely


sure it will have an impact. These are isolated things. Nature has the


ability to soak up the cold or warm periods. Some wildlife has been


quite confused. Let's look at the ducklings. Below the flamingo pool


there are ten ducklings swimming around. It seems they think it's


spring. What is going to happen to them? They will have a tough time.


They are reliant on finding their own food. This is possibly a sign


of not a second spring, these birds responding to a forthcoming spring.


If it fleezs and gets cold they could be be be be in trouble. They


are already in trouble. Once they are looking for food they are food


themselves. Look at this. We also filmed this, this week. And a


little ducklings swimming around with mum. Look at that. A black-


headed gull has tried its luck. It is quite a small gull. Look at how


protective the adult is. She has come in and the duckling has


scarpered off the mud. This is more capable of taking Mallard chicks.


They would gladly do so and possibly clean up the lot. Fingers


crossed for the duck lgz. The female will undoubtedly breed in


April and if she fails again in May. It's time for Liz Bonnin when we


sent to the Karen gorpls to cover an emotive issues. The British


landscape gets no more dramatic and beautiful than in the Highlands of


Scotland. It's most valuable and important habitat is the Caledonian


pine forest a rich mix of trees, Heather and all the animal species


associated with it. But as beautiful as this place N is,


something is out of balance in this spectacular landscape. I'm not here


just to admire the species, I'm here to find out about one of the


most controversial issues in Britain today. They belong here


just as much as all the other animals but humans have created --


Created an ecosystem with no natural method of controlling them.


Some believe that the red deer is population is so out of balance it


needs culling. My journey starts on a special estate. He works on the


sharp end of keeping deer numbers Long-eared bats just listen. They


hear the sound... That is amazing. How does water come out of a


whale's back? It's the water that is caught on the back of the whale


so you get this spray. Out of the blow hole. It is the air that comes


out of the blow hole which is almost like a nostril on the back,


if you like. Does it smell? It does. I have had it hit me in the face


once! It is not very pleasant. If you go whale watching, don't go too


close. I wish you had bathed before you came in! Why do ladybirds have


spots? Chris? Nick Baker could answer that one! Try and condense


it. I will ignore the spots and go for the colour. Contrasting


markings, just to warn potential predators they are distasteful.


spots are there to break up the obvious and make it a distinctive


obvious and make it a distinctive animal. You know me, don't eat me


because I'm foul-tasting. If you squash one in your fingers, not


literally squash it, but if you smell your fingers afterwards they


reflex bleed out of their knee joints and it is quite a soapy


smell. You wouldn't want to put that in your mouth. If you lick it,


it is very bitter. I didn't know that. Shall we go to the board? We


have so many letters and drawings from viewers. Look at this. All


sorts of things. This is all from one family. This is Will. Aged four.


He's done us, basically. There's me. I have very long legs there.


There's Chris. You are a bit smaller! LAUGHTER Very rounded!


This one's from Joe, aged six. These are great hedgehogs. A good


message. Don't give bread and milk because it will make them poorly.


That is pretty good. There's me. Martin. There's you. And there's


Chris with the owl. "I like poodles and poo." We know, Chris! This


picture, this is beautiful. The badgers. And this is the most


beautiful duck on earth. Some great artwork there. We have also had


some tremendous photographs sent in. I am always critical... Before you


do that, we should gather the starlings up. Before you do the


photos... There is a bit of speed about this. A pair of dogs is going


to come at me! They make a sparrowhawk look pretty tame!


are you going to do this? They are so well trained! I must learn to


train Chris and Martin like that! Hopefully, the dog also be as well


trained as that(!) They are getting better the photos. I thought I


better pull one out which I thought was sensational! This one, a lot of


imagination has been used here by this photographer. Let's have a


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 155 seconds


montage of the rest of some of our Some good photos. Brilliant. Can we


do our favourites? That is my favourite. It's a blur of nuthatch


action! Love it. Gerald Robinson is my favourite. That is beautiful.


Isn't it? The tip of the beak is missing! Seriously. Do you have a


favourite? I do. This one was taken by Maxwell Law. The fact it's flown


directly at the photographer. What do you think? The audience voted


for this one. Really? That is pretty. The swan came a very close


second. Yes! A swan without a beak! Moving on. What are we doing next?


The poodles. I can't believe you forgot that! Where are the


beauties? We have lots of people asking - come on, my boys. We have


had lots of people asking why do dogs howl when they hear certain


sounds like those foxes? Ah! Hello, Scratch. And Mr Itchy! Hello. While


these settle down, let's go back to our quiz and see if we have got


anybody who got... DOG GROWLS are well trained(!) Scratch! Come


here. Go to Daddy. Did anybody get the right answers? No. No-one has


got them all. Are we going to have a go? Yes. I will ask you. I


thought that might be some sort of... It's a... It's an insect of


some kind. Some wasps do. That's the case made. You are closest,


Chris. The species is key here. Shall I tell you? Yes. As a kid I


reared the caterpillers of this moth. I couldn't find the cocoons,


they are puss moth caterpillers. They have chewed into table legs


and stuff like that and hidden. If you find them, you can't get them


off even with a hammer. The caterpiller has chewed the wood and


formed almost a bomb shelter of a cocoon. Did anyone guess that? If


you put your hand up you are in trouble! Let's go on to this one.


Any guesses? It is a mollusc. might be a species that is new to


this country because of climate change. No. It's been buried in


like that? If you turn it the other way round, it's been buried, the


pointy-end down, it is the biggest one in Britain. Last time I heard,


there were 14 around the British coast. There used to be a lot more


but because of anchors and disturbances to the sediment they


get lost and broken. That is really rare around our coastline. It's


called? It's called a fan mussel! Anyone guess that one? No. OK.


we go! I knew they were both on the shore tonight! Isn't this the


easiest one? That is the easiest of the lot! We all know what that one


is! Woodcock! They used to use woodcock pin feathers to do the


pinstripeing on Rolls-Royce cars! This one. Liz should know that one.


We didn't do very well! Thank you very much. OK. A moment of truth.


Scratch, come here! Come on. Come on! Now, sometimes when your dog


hears the ice-cream van, or certain music, it produces a howling sound.


People wonder what this is about. Let's see if these two can produce


a howling sound now if we play the Autumnwatch theme tune, which they


have been trained to listen. AUTUMNWATCH THEME TUNE


LAUGHTER Shhh! Anyway, let's have a couple


of questions. Calm down, boys. Do birds get fat on fat balls? Let's


have you answer that one? They use so much energy in finding food and


feeding. They will eat what they need, you know. They don't get fat


like we do. They are always active. Fat balls are fantastic with them.


It is full of energy. It is one of the best things you can put out.


Put them out without the plastic mesh. That can get caught up in


their feet. In fact, go on the website. We have loads of


website. We have loads of information about how to feed your


birds. At this time of the year, it is important that you do keep


feeding them. People think they are overfeeding them because when they


get cold they fluff their feathers up. But they are trying to keep


warm. At the moment, very few birds are coming into gardens because it


is so mild and there is lots of food out there. If it does get cold,


they will come in Thank you for all the questions that you have sent in.


We couldn't make Unsprung without you. You really have been a big


part of this show. So we have decided to celebrate that by


showing you the best bits of showing you the best bits of


Unsprung, from you, our audience. I have a question here, what is your


favourite poo? Is it a POO-dle?! What a work of art! The sweetest


quickfire question, have a look at this. This is from Finlay. I have


been taken to task by a 15-year-old girl. We have had a lot of


questions about hedgehogs. Very on the ball. Don't you poo on my map!


Oh no! Look at this. This is from Phil Smith. This one is fantastic.


This is from John Tattersall. Oh dear. Kirsten Hunter is desperate


to hear you say "puffling". Puffling! My favourite answer was


(a) could be Santa Claus. We have this photo. I would have wallpaper


like that. Come on, Chris. That is beautiful. I like that. I would put


that on my wall. Hats off to onand Matthew. Helen Proud, I love some


of the names. Thank you to those who got in contact. APPLAUSE Well,


a fantastic series of Unsprung. There are a couple of dogs in


Battersea Dogs Home. If anyone is interested, they are free to a good


home. As troublesome as the Sex Pistols! Nevertheless, we have


enjoyed it all. Thank you very much to the audience for contributing.


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