19/08/2012 Countryfile


Countryfile pays a visit to Grizedale Forest in the heart of the Lake District. Julia Bradbury discovers why the forest is such a haven for mountain bikers.

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A fairly wet afternoon at the Forest today but even with that it


was still quite muggy, as it has been for many of us. If that has


been too much for you, this week brings respite. The real heat and


hot air has been ensconced across western Europe. 31 degrees in


Cambridge. All of the hot air to the east of these weather fronts.


We are still dragging in south- westerly winds, the air doesn't get


that cold. Persistent rain across Scotland and north-east England to


end the day. That has cleared away. Misty and warm, not as sultry in


the south-east corner as it has been. We will start the day with


You are more sunny spells will develop. The showers push eastwards.


Some of those could be heavy and thundery. They could become more


persistent during the second half of the day. In between we will see


sunny spells and that will lift temperatures into the high teens,


low 20s. The showers across England and Wales are few and far between.


Many will stay fairly dry. Quite a pleasant day in store. Humidity


levels dropping. Temperatures The list and low cloud will return


across many southern and western areas during Monday night into


Tuesday morning. Most will stay dry, one or two showers later across the


West, temperature still holding up at 15, to 18 Celsius. For Tuesday,


the low pressure to the south of Iceland will be driving things. The


closer you are to that low-pressure system, the more likely you are to


see showers. Scotland and Northern Ireland becoming slower moving with


hail and thunder, squally winds which could cause problems. A


greater chance of showers further south, temperatures falling back to


what they should be at this time of year. Humidity levels dropping, as


they will do during Tuesday night into Wednesday. This feature will


keep the rain showers going for a time overnight. It is low to the


north, high to the south. A squeeze on the isobars indicating a


breezier day on Wednesday. Showers from west to east quite rapidly,


fewer showers in the south and east. The same feature of the low to the


north, high pressure to the south, maintains into Thursday. Northern


areas are most likely to see the showers. Fewer showers further


south. Misty mornings with winds falling lighter. Into Friday,


slightly different. We see outbreaks of rain developing,


spreading erratically northwards. Bright in the far north. Exactly


where the heaviest of the rain is dependent on the position of the


Countryfile pays a visit to Grizedale Forest in the heart of the Lake District. Julia Bradbury discovers why the forest is such a haven for mountain bikers - so much so that it is home to the only purpose built black-run for bikes in the country.

It is 19 years since John Craven witnessed the first release of red kites back into the English countryside; he is now present for the culmination of the project, which sees the last of these amazing birds released into Grizedale. He also looks into the legacy left in the area by artist, social commentator and rural campaigner John Ruskin.

Julia, meanwhile, is on the trail of Beatrix Potter; it is not her stories of bunnies, kittens and squirrels which have caught Julia's attention, however, but the author's little-known love of funghi.

It is no secret that the British dairy industry is in trouble, but behind this year's crisis is a problem that goes back decades. Tom Heap investigates whether the future for dairy farmers has to be as bleak as its past.

On Adam's farm, it is not the animals which are causing Adam headaches - it is his harvest. The terrible weather this year has tested him to the limit, and Adam has been unsure that he would have anything to bring in. Now he learns whether he will make any profit from his fields at all.

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