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Episode 1

1. Wonderstuff: Episode 1

A look at what's in the products we rely on every day to stay cleaned and preened.

Episode 2

2. Wonderstuff: Episode 2

What makes an effective household cleaner and why doesn't one cleaner suit all jobs?

Episode 3

3. Wonderstuff: Episode 3

A look at trusted domestic life-savers including drain cleaner and mobile phone batteries.

Episode 4

4. Wonderstuff: Episode 4

Jane Moore looks at the stuff we rely on when it comes to waging domestic germ warfare.

Episode 5

5. Wonderstuff: Episode 5

Jane Moore investigates the stickiness of household essentials.

Episode 6

6. Wonderstuff: Episode 6

Jane Moore looks at the science behind sunscreen, moisturisers and antiperspirants.