BBC One: Day 7: Athletics and Women's Artistic Gymnastics Final Commonwealth Games

BBC One: Day 7: Athletics and Women's Artistic Gymnastics Final

Live coverage of day seven of the Commonwealth Games, with Gary Lineker. Including diving, athletics and the women's all-around artistic gymnastics final.

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variety here in Glasgow. We have some stunning gymnastics,


spectacular diving, horrific boxing and three Olympic champions in track


and field" Wolf story. You can coach had to jump further,


run faster, throw further, but when the pressure is on and on time has


come, will that be enough? The essence of the champion is something


from within. You can't learn it, train for it or bottle it. It's what


makes you who you are, blocking out those who stand in your way. What


you know is yours and yours to take. You can't live in the past. The


present is all that matters. New obstacles, new challenges, new


surroundings, the price remains the same. -- the price. To be a


champion. The top trio of Rutherford, Adams


and James take centre stage but they are not the only big names in action


tonight. In the men's 800 Metres, David


Rudisha, star of London 2012. Northern Ireland's golden boy Paddy


Barnes has his sights on a light flyweight semifinal spot. The


English hopes in the gymnastics blue riband are led by Claudio cranky


parley. But Lizzie Beddoe from Wales is also in the mix. It should be


some light in the Hydro arena. -- some night.


We will stop off with diving in a moment, and then we are at Hampden


for the track and field after that. Just before eight, there is boxing


then we are back to athletics for the men's 400 Metres final, then


David Rudisha runs in the aged metres and we end with gymnastics


and the women's all-around. -- the 800 Metres. Michael Johnson is at


Hampden. We have to start with the event in


which he still holds the world record, the 400 Metres. Amazing you


still hold it but Kirani James is surely the man to watch tonight.


Yes, he is. I think he will have his hands full. With the lane draw, he


drew the outside lane, Lane 6. Martyn Rooney is in a great


position, if we go back to last year, when Kirani James lost the


World Championship to LaShawn Merritt, he got caught up in a


situation where he was following LaShawn Merritt and got out of his


race. I think this may bode well for him, he runs best when he runs his


own race. There is no real content on his outside. But I think it is


his to lose, I think he knows that and he is out for revenge for last


year. What can we expect from Martyn Rooney? He ran well in qualifying. I


certainly hope he can take advantage of this situation, he had a very


good preliminary run, you followed it up with a really good semifinal


yesterday where he was in control, and he was rewarded with a very good


lane draw, Lane 5 just inside Kirani James. So everything is set up for


him tonight and his attitude has been fantastic throughout these


championships, he seems to be healthy and in the best shape we


have seen him for a while. I would hope he can get a medal stop I think


it's unrealistic to expect him to beat Kirani James unless something


goes wrong with James or he gets it wrong, which we know he did last


year. His beard is pretty impressive as well! You don't see too many of


those in athletics! Do you think it could slow him down? Identikit will


slow him down but it is very interesting, I like the look -- I


don't think it will slow him down. It does along with the attitude, and


maybe it's good luck for him. Whatever works! I was trying to


think of some good runners with beards that were impressive and the


only one we could come up with was Ed Moses. He had one for a while,


Juantorena had one with an Afro, he ran the 400 and 800, you have to be


tough to run those two! May be Martyn Rooney is onto something


here. Looking forward to seeing David Rudisha tonight. You always


get the question is a former athlete, who would you pay to see? I


would pay to see him, he is a fantastic athlete. He runs the 800


like lots of 800 Metres don't run it, many times at a championship


like this you will see gamesmanship, you will see someone winning with a


1.44, I don't expect that when he is in the race, he takes it out hard


and runs the entire 800. He has had to come back from injuries. The


other athletes in that field have been inconsistent whereas he has


improved with every race this year. He won't be the Rudisha ran 1.40 in


London, but he is getting into the best shape at the right time. We


will join you later but we will start in the swimming pool. We have


seen our fair share of diving, but hopefully what we will show you now


will be more elegant. David Law was competing in the one metre


springboard final and going into the final set of dives, Jaguar was in


the lead. He has a chance of a medal for


Jamaica in the one metre springboard for men here in Edinburgh. I


wouldn't get too excited just yet, a lot of big names still to come but


he is in a great position. Final dive for Langer. What a dive to


finish! It has been quite frustrating for


him, I imagine, but this is a sensational dive to finish on. He


will get eights from the judges. I have only seen better from Jack


Laugher. For those who have just joined us, the moment it looks like


Jack Laugher is different territory and is on his way to a gold for


England. It is so tight for the minor medals, we might possibly see


a Jamaican medal, which would be a great credit to the city of Leeds.


Liam Stone has had a great performance, finishing off with the


reverse two and a half somersaults. Terrific dive from the 17-year-old


Kiwi! Everyone has woken up in this last round! Up through the roof,


beautiful wine into the water. Come on, judges. I know he's only 17, but


look at that! 8.5s across the board. They don't produce many divers, New


Zealand, been awhile since they have anybody on the world stage, but


that's tremendous, really good from Liam Stone. Only 17 years of age. So


much potential. The man currently in bronze medal position.


What a dive! That is astonishing! I cannot believe that dive is possible


on the one metre. When he needed it, that is right there. That man is


going to get sevens on this dive, it is 3.6, goodness me, what a degree


of difficulty. That is a medal for the Australian, for sure. Gets the


job done. A lot depends on the remaining


divers. Woodward is not in the mix, the evening has proved more


difficult for the city of Sheffield diver. 3.1 the degree of difficulty,


he will want to finish with a flourish.


He does a good joke I am so impressed with, he was out there


mixing it up this morning, a reflection of that on his inward to


run the half, over rotating as he heads towards the water, he should


be smiling, he is a star of the future. 6.5s across the board,


multiplied by the degree of difficulty, gives you his final


store. Now we are down to the sharp end of the final round. We know that


Grant Nel has a medal. We don't know whether Chris Mears has.


Outstanding! What a dive from Chris Mears! This is going to punch it


right up, I have no idea whether this is going to be good enough for


the podium. What a sensational final dive. It's going to be close to 400,


not good enough to take out Grant Nel. I think that's a medal. It


looks like bronze, probably, although we have Mitch to come and


then we have checked temp two. -- Jack Laugher.


Hello! Marvellous diver from Mitch. That is a magnificent final dive. So


elegant. Two and a half twists, one and a half somersaults. That could


be challenging his team-mate for the gold. He is very happy! It's all


going off here. It's getting ridiculous. There are going to be


two medals for Australia. Laugher needs just 31.75 marks to


take the gold for England. A diving masterclass from this young


Englishman. 19 years old, there is your Commonwealth champion, by a


country mile. What a dive to finish from Jack. He is electric.


We thought this morning was impressive, with thought this


morning maybe couldn't be surpassed, he has done it by something


ridiculous. That is truly world-class. He is a former world


and European junior champion. He is now realising all that potential.


Wisdom, congratulating him there, representing Jamaica, finishing in


fifth place. In the end, only 12 points away from a medal, Chris


Mears was seven points away. Jack Laugher, winning by a Street. Gold


for England. Silver and bronze for Australia.


Congratulations, Commonwealth champion, how does that feel?


Absolutely amazing. I'm lost for words. This morning was great. To


come out here and score almost 450 on one metre is amazing. I am


ecstatic. You didn't do it the easy way, you kept us hanging on. With


the nerves creeping Going last is hard so the first two were a bit


shaky. As soon as I got into my rhythm, it went well. I am really,


really happy. Bronze medal at the World Cup recently, or what is


clicking? I am training hard, I have moved from home, I have my


independence and I training full-time with my best friend Chris


Mears. Bronze at the World Cup is amazing and to get Gold here is


amazing. I am trying hard and it is paying off. Does this put the


Olympics right? Definitely. It was tough doing that but I think you


learn from your mistakes and make sure they never happen again. It was


a horrible experience but I made the best out of it and I bounced back


and got a double Gold at the Junior Championships. A three metre


springboard, can you double up? Yes, and another with Chris. I would love


to double up. I have not thought about it yet. So many thoughts in my


head, I am so happy. I will try my hardest. Congratulations, well


done, Commonwealth Gold. Thank you. Well done, indeed. A great


performance. And England's Tonia Couch and Sarah Barrow won a silver


medal in the synchronised ten metre but form. Canada took Gold. --


platform. A great effort from the girls this


morning. Laugher Silver medals round their necks. Great stuff. -- silver


medals. And Tom Daley is in action on Friday. The ten metres


synchronised final, he partners James Denny. And he will. The


defence of his ten metre platform title on Saturday. -- start the


defence. We will have that live. Saturday night is prime time,


diving, Tom Daley, something is missing. I know!


Very good! It is a shame you are busy on Saturday nights. Welcome to


Hampden Park is for another fantastic athletics programme this


evening. The sun was peeking through before and it has been a silver


experience so far for England. They picked up silver medals yesterday


and let's hope tonight has a Golden Globe, this is what is in store. --


golden low. A golden boy from London, Greg Rutherford, the Olympic


champion, in the long jump. We will bring you up to speed in a moment.


He is the favourite, can the British record-holder hold it together best


remark Eilish McColgan will feature in the steeplechase. -- hold it


together? Come of it as a Commonwealth Gold medal winner. --


home mother. Theisen-Eaton is in pole position for the 800 metres.


And it is the women's javelin final featuring Goldie Sayers. And


continuing with the golden theme, Olympic champion Kirani James.


Martin Rooney is looking good for England. And David Rudisha, more


Stardust to a fabulous line-up this evening. He is a crowd-pleaser. Greg


Rutherford rogue the British record earlier this year and he has missed


a couple of competitions -- broke. Let's see how he is getting on, with


Steve. No matter what happens in future


Olympic Games, nothing will come close to super Saturday. Everything


went right and I got to experience the greatest moment of my life. As


soon as I hit and I took off, and knew it was pretty good. It was the


third best jump of my career. And it would take me on to becoming the


Olympic champion, which is special and amazing. When you have done


well, everybody expects you to do it every single time and no athlete in


the world, possibly Usain Bolt, but apart from that, not many can get it


right every time so when it does go wrong, you get more criticism and


you have to deal with that and understand it. After the injury last


year and how my body reacted at the World Championships, I was not sure


if I would get back to the level I had been previously. How significant


to you the Commonwealth Games? It is the biggest focus of 2014 and it is


the focus since I came back from the injury, it has been going out in


Glasgow and becoming the Commonwealth champion. Everything I


am doing is geared towards winning. Jessica Tappin on the runway!


The men's Long Jump final. First to go is England's Greg Rutherford, the


Olympic champion. He must at his bit to become a Commonwealth champion.


Joined by two English team-mates. The skies have cleared and the wind


has dropped. Showtime for Greg Rutherford. Round


one. The men's Long Jump final. He looks quick on the runway and


that is beyond eight metres. That is over eight metres. Heart in my


mouth. I could feel the tension at Hampden Park, a lot of expectation


for Greg Rutherford. The lead qualifier here yesterday and he has


improved on that John yesterday. That is a decent start. Dash-macro


three. He has set the mark. -- jump. Crucial he gets close. He has 14


centimetres to spare. That is very sensible. That is a decent


benchmark. He knows who will have two improved but he normally does


feel his way into a competition. -- he will have to improve. He knew a


jump beyond eight metres was put on the pressure. -- would put on the


pressure. This South African was very impressive in qualifications


yesterday. He jumped beyond eight metres.


Registe We can expect him to be one of the main challenges to Greg


Rutherford -- we can expect. That looks very similar to Greg


Rutherford. The 22-year-old South African. A decent start also for


South Africa and Samaai. Great height of the board. Good


discipline. No fouls yet. Three down, three clean. Great


acceleration. Look at the height, very impressive indeed.


England's Chris Tomlinson. Second attempt. Currently in eighth


position with seven metres and 95. That is better. That looks maybe


just over eight metres. It sounded good, and that is the white flag to


say it was behind the plasticine. Chris is looking across. 7.99. It


moves him up to fourth place, that is how tight it is this afternoon.


People have to jump beyond eight metres to get a medal. -- he will


have to jump. Somebody has to take this competition and it may be best


man. Visser, of South Africa. It is big, from the South African. It is


good on the board. You got the impression the athletes were saying,


who fancies this? 8.124 Rutherford in the first mount -- in the first


round is maybe not enough. -- 8.12 the Greg Rutherford. Quick on the


approach. Good on the board. Good acceleration. Possibly more to come.


And that is zero centimetres. That has got to be close to a foul. His


toes were over the plasticine. But did not make a mark. The jump is


legal. Round three, at this Long Jump


final. Greg Rutherford has been stood at the back of this runway --


round three of this Long Jump final. He is so keen. Look at that! He knew


he could take that lead back. Slightly jumping into a headwind.


Greg Rutherford was the road as soon as he saw that big jump from Visser.


8.20. That has wrestled the lead back away from the South African.


Greg Rutherford of England, at the start of the third round, is in the


lead. At the halfway stage. Quick on the approach, very committed. He


hits that board. He looks so confident. He absolutely was bang on


where he wanted to be. Excellent acceleration, he ran off the board.


8.20. Well done, Greg. So that takes him to the top of that standings.


Visser the second. In South Africa it in third also. -- in third. Chris


Tomlinson is capable. We think Henry Frain has withdrawn after a foul in


the first round. He won his Gold in London and he


became the British record-holder this year, and a .20 might be enough


or will the South Africans pushed him -- 8.20?


The South Africans look great and they are moving well on the runway


but there is something about Greg this season.


was criticised about not being able to jump at the Olympics. I think


that played on his mind. Now he has that in the back, he can relax and


he has looked good on the runway. How he transfers his speed into a


vertical left gives him the distance. He is good at that. --


left. His ability to respond under pressure, you have just seen. It was


not last year, he was a bit injured and you sensed he was not feeling


the love. Like he wanted to be appreciated more. And because that


was not the greatest distance in the Olympic Games and that was


mentioned, it is like he wants to back-up that Gold with another to


say that it was not a one-off, he is the real deal and he will be in


contention in two years. There are some athletes who as a result of the


Olympic championship and everything that goes with that, there is a lot


of expectation and some deal with it better than others. Greg had a lot


of expectation after that and people felt, it was not the best Olympic


championships for a Long Jump and may be it was a bit of a fluke. --


may be. So he had a bit of a chip on his shoulder. I am not sure he


handled it the right way and it spiralled out of control in


negativity, and now he is trying to come back. He does have a bit of a


motivation because of that. And sometimes that is what an athlete


needs. On super Saturday, the sometimes that is what an athlete


needs. On super Saturday, one that Gold and it was the most wonderful


night. -- the one that Gold. He was part of history and remembered


because of that and he will forever be part of that wonderful evening.


And last year, people questioned his motivation, was he going to go down


the route of appearing on celebrity television and he was enjoying that


part of his life, but he is back with a vengeance. Really and


yesterday when we saw him leaving after his qualification rounds and


he was lapping up the attention from the crowd and signing autographs and


enjoying being on form again. appreciating the crowd, who were a


lot of people too young for his autograph and he just took his time


to do that. -- queueing up. The fact he won on super Saturday was


double-edged because he will always be part of that moment in history


and it was a very special day for British athletes but at the same


time, he was also a bit overshadowed because Jess was the nation 's


sweetheart and she was used in all of the campaigns, and she delivered


and fully deserved that. She got a huge amount of recognition and


publicity because of that, and Mo Farah accomplished something that


had never been done before, so in some way, those two


had never been done before, so in some way, those kind of upstaged


Greg in a way that was unfair, because all you can do is beat who


is there on the day and deliver the best performance in matters which is


what he did. Sometimes, there is an expectation after winning the gold


medal, and it doesn't always happen. Not only in athletics. We had a very


successful games all round, people needed to digest that, and he did a


lot of celebrity stuff, and that's fine to stop but in a way that is


good for athletics, it puts it in the mainstream, which it has done to


an extent. I think it ended up backfiring on him because of exactly


what they said, you have to understand the situation you are in,


there are different levels of Olympic champions. It's like the 100


Metres, the heptathlon for Jess was like the 100 Metres. For Mo Farah,


the double was like the 100 Metres. When you are the 100 Metres


champion, lots of things come to you. The Long Jump is not that kind


of event and it's unfortunate for Greg that he expected those things


to come to him and he expected, I am an Olympic champion on par with Mo


Farah and Jess Ennis, I should be. But that's not how the public or


media are going to see it. He is going to be a father this year as


well, things going very well in his private life. And there we have a


show called, lining up the 3000 metres steeplechase. -- Eilish


McColgan. She needs to look no further than her mother for


inspiration as to how to win a Commonwealth medal, 1986. Huge


inspiration from her mother and also her father, he still holds the


Northern Irish record for that. Here she is, winning a Commonwealth title


back in 1986. They don't look alike but they're running style... It is


very similar. When I see a leash training, I just think, you are so


much like your mum. She has battled back this year, she has had a rough


year. She finding form. I know you went to see her last year, she came


ninth in the World Championships and things were looking up for her but


the heart palpitations and the training has not gone as she would


have liked but she is in front of training has not gone as she would


have liked but her own crowd. She has a strong line-up, the Kenyans,


absolutely imperious at the steeplechase. Let's join the


commentary team. A very proud Rachael Bamford as


well, running for England. O Flaherty, going for Northern


Ireland. These introductions, surely having an inspirational effect on


these home home countries runners. Kipkemoi, by no means guaranteed to


get a medal despite the great pedigree of the Kenyans. Another


young lady who was delighted to be here, Philippa Woolven. Victoria


Mitchell from Australia. And just listen to the rule for Lennie Waite.


-- the raw. It has been a troubled year for


Eilish, I am not sure what sort of performance we are going to get from


her. Eilish, I am not sure what sort of


performance At her best, she is our number one steeplechaser. She would


have dreamt of this moment for a couple of years.


The women's 3000 metres steeplechase final. Just over seven and a half


laps of the track, the water jump is on the inside. The first time round,


they miss it out. These three Kenyan athlete, they have the defending


champion, and this event, only the third time it has been contested in


the Commonwealth Games. Kirui is a former world junior champion. And


the rather not this figure of Kipkemoi. It hasn't taken very long


for the Kenyan female athletes to dominate this event like they do the


men's event. Just looking at the back straight there, the crowd are


getting really excited here, watching Eilish McColgan and Lennie


Waite representing Scotland. Thereafter we could Australian


athletes in this field, but the class of the field, probably the


best in the last few years is Cheywa of Kenya. They are just keeping the


pace how they wanted. Watch Eilish the water jump, she doesn't touch


the barrier, but I think that motor down when she hits the other end. --


slows down. A little bit of a handicap. At the back of the field,


they talk about the Commonwealth Games and it is the friendly games


but it's such a target the people, Rachael Bamford only just took up


the steeplechase this year. She has improved 30 seconds already this


year to go under ten minutes for the first time recently. What a chance


for her. Imagine the start of the season, thinking about running local


events, and then you find yourself at the Commonwealth Games. That's


what it's all about, to have these athletes, to give them the taste of


the international stage. A lot of them are inspired to move on to a


new level. The pace, moving along steadily. At this point looks solid,


not to excessively quick, there is Eilish McColgan, hurdling well. As


they come into the water, she moves on to the outside, running fairly


strongly, and I always watch her technique at the water. She doesn't


touch the barrier, and always loses ground at every point. Still the


early stages. McColgan at the back of the lead group. A busy night here


at Hampden. Track and field finals. We will find out what is going on


now in the High Jump. Second attempt at 2.25 for Chris


Baker. Didn't look so good as his first


attempt but very good on his second. Three other men have gone clear on


the first attempt. The Englishman, the only one from the home countries


left in this competition, finds himself in fourth place.


He has had three jumps so far, first-time clearances at all of


them. This should be a formality and it is. A huge favourite to take the


title here. Just look at this, perfect High Jump technique,


considered to be one of the best technicians in the world. The


standard, very, very high. Four laps to go, three Kenyans and


three Australians pulling away, you don't often say that in a


steeplechase. The very talented Lacaze, with the blonde hair, and on


the inside, the Tory Mitchell, hanging onto this Kenyan trio.


Eilish McColgan, just trying to get back onto them, if she can stay with


them, I think one of the Kenyans is not as good as the other two.


Kipkemoi is vulnerable. I think the Australians know that, they have


been thinking about that, 06 athletes pulling away from Eilish


McColgan, she is going through a bit of a bad patch. She has had a really


tough year, with the heart palpitations, you don't know how


that will affect you when you are running. Once again, McColgan not


going brilliantly over the water. Kirui, probably the second best in


this field. The Australian team of three, with Victoria Mitchell of the


back of the group, trying to hang onto the Kenyans. They are giving


them a run for their money. Purity Kirui, the former world junior


champion. On the outside, the defending champion, Cheywa, she


finished third in the Diamond League. It shows you can get amongst


the African runners in this event. Eilish McColgan, still working


hard, leading the British challenge but it's a challenge which is a


distant one now. No chance of living with the Australians, who are mixing


it up here. Victoria Mitchell just dropping off the back of that pack


now. Lacaze beat her team-mate Heiner recently and she might be


hoping as they get to the latter stages, you start to think about


medals now, you are in this group and yes, there is real Kenyan talent


there but now they start to believe a little bit. Heiner, not overawed


at all. Cheywa, with the strapping on her leg, she is starting to move


to the front with Kirui. There is McColgan and Woolven and Bamford,


all the running together. That will be another race. McColgan, hurdling


well over the barriers. The three Kenyans, settling in the first three


positions. Just a gradual wearing down of the


field. Now Lacaze looks like she might be the only wanted to stay


with the Kenyans, Heiner starts to get under pressure. The Australians,


doing a great job here of getting amongst the Kenyans and the weaker


of the three, Kipkemoi, is showing that she has got something here,


with less than 600 to go. A variety of techniques in the water jump, and


Heiner was the most effective. Kipkemoi, the weakest of the three


Kenyans in terms of her personal best time, instructing off the back


but Cheywa, now hitting the front. She will try to attack and lead


here. Heiner of Australia, running powerfully in second. That's a


really decent performance in that second place by the other Kenyan.


Medals, still not settled here. Kirui hits the front now, a


resurgent Kipkemoi trying to go with her team-mates, the defending


champion moves back onto the shoulder of Kirui, the Australian


athletes still have a chance. With 200 to go, the defending champion


moves ahead with Kirui. to go. The Gold medal is to be


decided between the defending champion and Kirui. Cheywa moves out


wide. Kirui tries to kick hard on the inside. Kirui kicks away. Gold


for Kirui. Kipkemoi just holds of the Australian. And Lady Makro with


a resurgent Rachel Bamford of England behind her -- a Liz


McColgan. Another big personal best, congratulations. -- Lady Makro. A


brave front given the season she has had. Never able to come to be used


championships in the shape she would have liked to contest. The winning


time is around 9.30. That is a race I am sure she would think she will


one day be able to run that time, but not today. One, two and three


for Kenyan -- Kenya. And a brave effort by Australia. A difficult


time for McColgan but she acquitted herself well. That is a time she can


approach. She will think, if I had had a chance, I could be amongst it.


So the champion was beaten by her team-mate. Those are the three


Kenyans. As we expected. Not the result we expected. That is the


result. The Australian first. A favourite second. The reigning


champion. World Champion last year at the injury has hampered her. But


Cheywa is out to win this. Look how smoothly Kirui runs past her. Good


acceleration. A good hurdle on the back straight by career. Cheywa is


working hard to defend that title. The three Kenyans are racing and


pulling away. But a brave effort from the two Australians. Another


affect -- attempt by the Australian. Watch the water jump and the


techniques. Look how they literally split the field. This is Kirui.


Cheywa on the outside. A bit of a slip from Kipkemoi. The Australian


under pressure now. What a battle! The two Kenya is, the defending


champion on the outside hits the front and tries to what -- to run


away. -- the two Kenyans. Kirui on the inside it's the World Champion,


another Gold medal for Kenya. -- beats. The defending champion came


here and she gave it her best shot which he was not good enough today.


-- but she was not. I wonder how that experience was,


this was a massive part of your year and you performed admirably. At the


start of the year, I did not think I would be racing. I have had one will


-- one illness after another. I am racing, fit and healthy, I could not


be happier to be here. My mum and dad are in the stadium and they will


be proud of me and the fact I have made it. It was not as good as what


I would have liked tonight that it is still the quickest I have run all


year. It is definitely an improvement, maybe just I have run


out of time for this championship. Rachel, how was it for you? Amazing,


I cannot put it into words. What a crowd! Uke -- you have, in strides,


congratulations to you both. --, and in strides. -- you have come on in


strides. That is Laura Weightman of England.


And only one person we need to speak to, Steve Cram. Have you recovered?


Sorry! I was trying to watch Laura. Her mum and dad were here, they have


run away. It was great last night and Laura did incredibly well. We


are so proud of her, as is Northumberland. And everybody who


has worked with her. Andy Henderson, he has helped with her conditioning.


And her physiotherapist. There is always a team of people behind any


athlete and her mother and father and family who are so proud of her.


She did a great race last night and is rewarded with the silver medal.


She had a great lap of honour last night. I will take her back to the


hotel and by her a burger tonight! The Gold medal once again going to


that great African running nation. Steve, I have heard you talking in


the last 24 hours about the plan you put in place with Laura and the


strategy. How she was to cope with that. It is one thing telling an


athlete that but delivering it must be very satisfying as a coach


because she raised with great intelligence last night. She did and


I was teasing Jonathan and saying we like to say that 1,500 metre runner


is the most intelligent. It is not one plan, you need an awareness of


what might happen. If you go hard from the beginning, what do you do?


The Kenyans might go slow, what do? We talked a lot about 500m to go, if


nothing has happened, you go. Have a go. If you feel like it, though to


the front. -- go to the front. Medals won and lost high temps of a


second. She saw an opportunity. -- by temps. It was a case of being


strong. She followed Kibiegon around and was rewarded with the silver


medal. So much progress in the two years since we saw her in the London


Olympics. How much further can you go in the next two years to


translate these medals and the global stage? The first time you


have a chance at the major championships, you learn a lot of.


She has got stronger. -- you learn a lot. She got injured at the trials


last year. She is a really strong girl mentally. That gives you a lot


to work with because she can train hard, a lot of people can train


hard, it is translating that into this arena. Standing on the start


line and thinking you can do it. This is a tough event. The standard


is high in the world and if she wants to continue to be competitive


in finals, she will have to keep training harder and getting better.


We can do that bit but it is up to her in the arena and she showed


everybody watching that she can do that when it matters.


Congratulations again. I think she got a lot of fans last night. She


has such a brave approach to the race and that sheer determination.


Let's remind ourselves how she did it.


12 women, two world-class Kenyans, they are the favourites. Can anybody


else get among them? The two Kenyans in front. Kibiegon. There is a


struggle behind them. Hannah England. Kibiegon kicking from the


front. Can they chased them down? Canada is coming through. Kibiegon


takes the Gold. Laura Weightman the silver. The Canadian,


congratulations. She gets the bronze. What a performance and what


a delightful Laura Weightman! Yet another silver for England at


Hampden Park, will they turn those into Gold medals tonight? Greg


Rutherford could do that, he has just had his fourth jump. Over to


Steve Backley. And you, and Greg has taken control


of this. He led from the start -- thank you. Visser as to question and


he responded. This is the fourth round. -- he asked a question. This


was a better job. 8.30. But it was a red flag. Look at how close this is.


That is the cross, it will not be measured. That is a shame because


that may have put the competition out of reach of the rest of the


Commonwealth athletes. Excellent execution. He is the best on the


runway. -2 centimetres, that is so close. He is the best technician and


as a result, he is in the lead. Two more to go, we will keep you


up-to-date with that and the men's High Jump. But back to Gary.


A change of direction now. Gymnastics. Always great. Coming up


live later, the conclusion of the women's all-round final. But the


men's individual title has been decided in spectacular style.


The men's individual all-round final.


To the gymnasts, he has been tipped as the champion already. Starting


his all-round competition in exactly the way he would have wanted. They


call the pommelhorse the great leveller, to him, it is just a piece


of apparatus. World class from Daniel Keatings, look at the smile!


He can swing, this young man. He is looking unaffected by everything


going on around him. The leader so far, Max Whitlock. And how important


is this fault for Scotland's Daniel Keatings? The medal could well


within reach. -- the medal could well be within reach. He really is


focused. He is looking so classy. It could not have been any better! Yes!


He is absolutely nailing all six pieces of apparatus. And he has just


landed on a Gold medal. Some goals to England's Max


Whitlock, silver for Dan Keating is and bronze denial Wilson -- and


bronze goes to Nile Wilson. -- so the Gold goes to. Beth Tweddle joins


us, along with matt baker. That was a spectacular competition, and Max


Whitlock is a star! He is world-class. You put in a score of


over 90, that is a very exclusive club on the world stage -- he put


in. I am still reeling from this. It was just sensational. It was such an


amazing atmosphere. Max had all the pressure but he withheld it and he


just commanded from the beginning. Daniel Keatings, it was so important


to come and to prove himself. He has had so many important injuries and


this was important for him and he just delivered. -- serious injuries.


Especially as he was left out for the Olympics. This map X Whitlock


getting to -- is Max Whitlock a challenger in the World


Championships? Very much so, he has worked so hard. A lot of this award


have rested on their laurels. But Max is only 20 -- on what of the


squad. He has worked his way up. He is still a bit of the top pace but


at 21, he has got a future ahead of him.


They know in the back of their minds, they have tried a lot of new


stuff in preparation for the World Championships and then are looking


ahead to reopen in 2016. The women are in action soon, can they emulate


the man? I think they can. How top qualifier will be going out there.


I'm not sure she will feel the pressure. Then you have Hannah


Whelan who has done so many all-around competitions. And the


Ruby Harold. You have seen your legacy, they must all be inspired by


you. The generation before me started to make finals, I then got a


medal and showed the younger generation that with a lot of hard


work and determination and focus, you can achieve it, now they are


taking it on. It's very important in the sport, when you have people


being successful, youngsters want to go out there and be like them. No


doubt about it. You have so many world finalists, Olympic medallists


in that British team, to have them around you, the older lads are


getting involved in the coaching, so when I tell you that the juniors,


the quality of those lads, it's out of this world. Wilson is a good


example of that, he has been up in the senior ranks for a couple of


weeks. He posted a near 87 in qualifying. It is just so exciting.


I cannot wait for the next few years. We are looking forward to


going back to you later, thank you both for now. We will have the last


two apparatus at around 9:15 p.m.. It begins on BBC Three at about 815.


Here are some headlines from day seven.


Nicola Adams guaranteed herself a medal by easing into the women's


flyweight semifinal. Flyweight Michaela Walsh will also


be in the semifinals of. Her opponent's day job was a prosecutor.


It was a closer affair for her team-mate. But the Northern Ireland


show fighter found her way through. She has also secured a medal.


Staying with boxing, Paddy Barnes was fighting a Papua New Guinean


opponent. Pretty impressive opening round, he


has produced all the way through this particular tournament.


First Irish boxer to win medals at successive Olympics, aiming to be


the first Northern Ireland boxer to win successive golds. If he gets


through, he would be the fifth Northern for the semifinals. Four


years ago, Northern Ireland ended up with five medals, three gold medal


is and two silvers. Would you bet against gold here? If you watch him,


there is more holes in his opponent's guard. With Barnes, he's


difficult to get through. There are a few openings for Barnes


to land, and land he does on the inside there. He has got good


timing. He's just a little bit leaky with the god, this man in red.


Having a bit more success there in the second round, but Barnes getting


back. Seems to have all the time in the world, Paddy Barnes. He just


eases out of the way. Barnes for books like this all day long,


especially if the southpaw doesn't want to move. You will find the gaps


in his guard. He is working very well with that left up to the body.


A great right-hander to the head, he has really hurt him. That has got to


be account. We were just talking about how good his left to the body


was. What short, little, destructive right hand he produced. And another


one. This could well be stopped. Paddy Barnes stopped his first


opponent in the opening round. He is threatening to do it earlier here. I


am sure one more will call the end of it. There is still time. Bit of


frustration there from Barnes, wants to get on with it. His change of


tactic to stand and trade with Barnes is an awful one. Keama keeps


getting caught. Hattie got one more to settle it completely? He has got


him again with the right hand. He may just survive, Keama. Barnes has


put in a blistering third minute of this round. Terrific little display


there from Barnes. Just waiting for his opportunities and taking them.


Caught his opportunities and taking them. Court the combinations were


good. They will be more than pleased in his corner. This man will find


his way through, he waits, he is patient. What a belting shop that


was. It started the ball rolling. Then he will work to the body. This


is right at the end of the round, five, six, seven shots going


through. A good display from Barnes. Doesn't get any better than those


scores. Such was Barnes's superiority, there was no option.


Third and final round. The defending gold wedding list from Delhi four


years ago in this light flyweight division, Paddy Barnes has boxed


from September in the higher division, the 52 kilograms


division, was rated number three in the flyweight division in the


world, he is now back to the weight he enjoys the most. Barnes, in blue,


has been the better boxer all the way against the man who had his


moments in the second round, Charles Keama from Papua New Guinea. What a


right-hander! Barnes raises his hand aloft. I don't know that he is badly


hurt. The referee has the look in his eyes. Back they come again. I


think if Barnes does it again, he will have to stop it. That is


exactly what happened to his first opponent. It's the quality and the


accuracy of the shots. Lots of blows coming in from Keama but none of


them hitting the target. Whereas Barnes waits for his opportunity,


and then he strikes. Gets him again with the right hand. Keama took that


one well, he has taken them all well. The very tired boxer from


Papua New Guinea. Into the second half of this third and last round,


it has been Barnes all the way. 10-9 all the judges in the first, 10-8


all the judges in the second. Keama chose the wrong tactics, I think.


The referee is going to stop it soon. He is getting more and more


tired. Andy has stopped. -- and he has stopped it.


beat. Very economical in his style, destructive and clever punching all


the way through. Charles Keama, who came through against a boxer from


Botswana, has been simply outclassed by Paddy Barnes who is in sparkling


form. It's the precision of his work. Very quick, accurate, he has


got power. His opponent got more and more tired and the gaps started to


appear. Punch perfect. I think we can describe that as


emphatic! So he's guaranteed bronze and could well win Northern


Ireland's first win of the games. Boxing is one of the sports that


gives double medals for third place, there are all sorts of numbers and


statistics but my favourite is the games Village housekeeping staff


expect to change 3600 bed sheets every day. A lot of male athletes


will be astonished to hear that the sheet can be changed every day!


Nobody is catching the world champion! Kirani James is going to


take Olympic gold! Total dominance. That is coming up at 8:30 p.m.. Very


soon, though, the final act, the seventh event of the heptathlon.


Let's remind you how it has gone. Already you see, moving away from


the rest, Zelinka. The time for Zelinka, 12.4.


The initial athletes know that the bronze medal is up for grabs. -- the


English athletes. Theisen-Eaton, huge favourite to


take the title here. Good clearance. The two Canadians, way out in front.


The three English athletes try and get amongst it, last event of day


one in the heptathlon. That is a very impressive run from


Theisen-Eaton. events down, the seventh is upon us,


it is the 800 Metres. This is the woman who is going to


win gold barring a miracle in the 800 Metres from someone else.


Theisen-Eaton has dominated from start to finish. She leads by a


handsome margin and she's a very good 800 Metres runner. Jessica


Taylor, in bronze medal position, although Slack could get there if


she beats by five seconds or more. Sometimes, personal bests for


heptathlon in the contributors can live a bit. But we know


Theisen-Eaton is going to win and Zelinka is going to get the sober.


We knew the Canadians would run away with this. The surprise package has


been Jessica Taylor, of England. This is the seventh event, the 800m.


with this. The surprise package has been Jessica Taylor, of Jessica


Taylor, if you had told her at the start of this year that she would be


lining up ready to run the 800m for it runs medal, she would not have


believed you because she has improved. Jessica Taylor to the left


of the screen. And this is a wonderful informants. --


performance. She has been horrific. The Canadians have set the pace,


very talented 800-metre runners. All Jessica Taylor has to do is not let


the Jamaican in front of her get too far in front. Five seconds is a


decent space so she is in the bronze medal position at the moment. Slack


opening the gap a little. That is the gap and that is not bigger --


big enough at the moment to close the gap. Tappin Stan well of


Australia needs only eight seconds -- Stan well. This is going to be


tight. Jessica Tappin get the roles of the crowd. Theisen-Eaton says,


this victory is mine. Ash the roar of the crowd. She takes the overall


victory. Jessica Taylor will get there, she will get the bronze


medal. Slack crosses now. Jessica Taylor collapses in a heat but the


Gold belongs to this woman from start to finish as her compatriot


Damian Warner did in the decathlon, Canada have ruled in the


Commonwealth Games in these events. England have a bronze medal. But the


Gold goes to Theisen-Eaton. We have talked about the legacy of different


athletes and in the wake of Denise Lewis, Gold medallist in this event,


we have seen Jessica Ennis, and Katrina Johnson-Thompson.


Disappointed, it you cannot help thinking you would have loved her to


run away with victory. And Morgan Lake in the world juniors. But


congratulations to Jessica Taylor for taking the bronze. I am sure it


would have been a good contest with Katarina Johnson-Thompson. Jessica


Zelinka takes the silver medal in Jessica Taylor the bronze medal. --


and Jessica Taylor. And it helps to be called Jessica if


you want to be successful in the heptathlon! But she is Theisen-Eaton


and she has Gold at last. Denise Lewis, a silver-medallist indoors


and outdoors in the world, which she has got a Gold medal today. It would


have been a fantastic contest with Katarina Johnson-Thompson which you


can only perform your best across those seven disciplines -- at. You


have to keep away from anybody with designs on your Gold. Going into a


competition as favourite does not help when you would have loved that


battle. We spoke to her husband, the world-record holder for the


decathlon, and he said she was gutted when Johnson-Thompson was not


able to compete. It has been hard, she has led from start to finish.


She has had ups and downs but she has been in control. It takes a


great mindset to stay focused. The High Jump in particular was


challenging because she had to wait over an hour before she started.


Which she is delighted. The first global Gold medal which she craved,


it is fantastic. I am delighted for the English girls, they have done


brilliantly. Getting the opportunity to be here and to experience this


crowd. That personal best by Jessica Taylor to get that runs medal is


fantastic. Jessica Taylor of sale, and when you are in such a rich vein


of form in the heptathlon as Britain has got at the moment, Louise Hazel


one of the Gold a couple of years ago and there are so many girls


ahead of her now. It is fantastic to see what has come behind. And now we


have another medallist, Michael. Yes, and that is what happens when


you have somebody like Denise who sets the stage and young girls wants


to be like her. Like we have with the Jamaicans in the sprint. We have


Morgan Lake, the World Junior champion as well. And we hope to see


Johnson-Thompson competing in the Long Jump in Z?rich in the world --


in the European Championships. It is a gruelling two days. We can head


over to the Long Jump to see how that is going for Greg Rutherford.


Just one man is standing between Greg Rutherford taking a Long Jump


Gold. A Commonwealth Gold to add to his Olympic Gold should this man not


jump beyond his best so far. That is below, he knows that is below. It is


below Greg Rutherford's jump. It will be measured. If it is below


8.20, Greg Rutherford is the Commonwealth champion. That is


anxious. Yes! That is a celebration for Visser, he's pleased with a


silver medal. But somewhere, Greg Rutherford, the penny will have


dropped. There he is! He is an outdoor she is allowed another jump.


-- he is allowed another jump. What that must mean after taking the


Olympic title and having a bit of a job -- dodgy 2013, with injury. To


take the Commonwealth title two years later, well done, Greg. Well


done to Greg Rutherford, a big smile from Denise Lewis. That pressure for


him to back up Olympic Gold and to prove the British record he set this


year, that he is definitely the number one and he will take that


forward to the next cycle. Olympic Gold is what we crave and he has got


that which you can see what this medal means to him. I thought he was


going to have a moment, and out test of emotion. I think it is testament


to his character. -- an outburst of emotion. He has changed his training


base and his coach. Getting his life back on track, taking ownership of


his athletics career. He did not even jump two weeks ago because of


an injury and it gave us an indication that he was not prepared


to risk anything because this was his aim, Paula, this medal and this


moment. I met him on a flight back from the diamond league in Glasgow


and he said the injury he had, it was not too bad because he had it


ten days before he jumped the British record this year. He said


things were still on track for the Commonwealth Games and that was his


aim and everything he was focusing towards. He has almost had to manage


his body. He has a lot of niggles. It is learning how to do it and went


to do it and taking calculated risks. Sometimes it upsets people we


have to be the master of our own destiny. We will hear from Greg


Rutherford, Commonwealth champion, very soon. The men's 400m final is


next on the track. And if you want to know how to run a perfect 400m,


you are in luck, we have the world-record holder!


This is the 400m at the race can be won or lost on here. -- bot. Seven


other athletes in this small space before the race. I actually enjoyed


this, it is the one thing I miss about competing because this was the


intense time when I knew in most cases I could win the race but I did


not know if I was going to win and I knew I was competing against other


people who were going to lose it right here. You might think with the


400m because it is a long is rent that the start is not as important


but it is just as important here as it would be in 200 m -- a long


sprint. You have to react to the garden and executed to perfection.


50 metres later, you are still accelerating and you have to get up


to pace as quickly as possible. That is dauntingly knowing you have


400m. When I broke the world-record in the 400m, this was key to that


record. At this point, it you can start to look at the other athletes


and you can see your position she can start. You have not slowed down


but you relax now. -- you can start. 150 metres, you have to start to


make decisions based on what your competition is doing. It pays to


know your competitors and that helps you make a better decision. When


Kirani James lost the World Championship, this was critical. He


saw what his opponent was doing and he made an adjustment. Adjustments


are sometimes necessary but you have to make the right one. You are


starting to give a bit more effort as you are getting into this 200 m


own. You cannot just turn on the turbo boost. -- 200 m zone. You have


to give more effort. With every step, you need to know how much


further you have to go until the finish line as well as what you have


got left to get to it. 50 metres from the finish, down the home


stretch, if you have got it right to this point, and you are not going to


be accelerating here, you are trying to hold form and technique and hope


somebody in front of you if anybody is in front, that they are


decelerating quicker than you. I know the 400m looks very simple but


it is extremely complex, a lot going on in every athlete's mind for the


entire 400m, and we will see that player tonight.


So that is how you do it. You teased us, you put on your trainers and I


thought we would see you do a quick lap. But that information is going


round in the head of Kirani James. He has got to execute this race well


because when it came to the big stage last year in Moscow, he let


himself down. Absolutely, that is what is going on in his head. He is


running that race in his mind now and he is thinking what he needs to


do, the areas he has made mistakes before, and how he is going to


handle that. He is not thinking about competition, hopefully. I


think given the fact he is in lane six, the comparison to last year


when he threw it away and made the critical mistake was that he was


inside his main competitor. He was in lane five and Merrick was in


sixth. Tonight, Kirani James is in six -- in six. Rooney will be his


main competitor and Gordon, from Trinidad Tobago. This is a good


position for him. His coach would have been delighted when he saw the


draw. He knows Kirani James will run his own race. He has run 43.7 this


year, a personal best. Nobody is close to that this year and he has


been healthy so he just has to execute his race the way he has done


it all season. How can Martin Ren?e -- Martyn Rooney use Kirani James?


He should use Kirani James, he is in a great position down that


backstretch and it is critical for Martyn Rooney. He can relax a lot


better having a main competitor on his outside. Relaxation is key. What


we saw him do the other night in the semifinal is to relax at one point


in the race and tonight he can relax down the backstretch. It gives him


the opportunity to slingshot himself around the bend and position himself


where he wants to be and bring it home. There will be huge support for


him and for Kirani James, here is Steve Cram.


title is introduced to the crowd. Who can even get close? Will it be


Martyn Rooney. The Commonwealth Games in Melbourne in 2006 was when


this man came to prominence for the first time. He ran his personal best


at the Olympic Games in 2008 and since then it has been a struggle to


fulfil his potential. Van Niekerk actually ran in the 200 Metres heats


this morning, he's also going in that event. A bit of a surprise


seeing as he has a decent chance in this final. Bronze-medallist from


the Olympic Games in London, Lalonde Gordon. Three men from that country.


Renny Quow in Lane 2. This man picked up a bronze medal in 2009


when he burst onto the scene. Chris Brown made it to the final but


sadly, the veteran is not able to start. Right on the outside,


Williams of the Bahamas. So for Kirani James, 2011, the world


champion, 2012 the Olympic champion, now in 2014 attempting to become the


Commonwealth champion. Can Martyn Rooney finally fulfil some of that


huge potential he has? Can follow this man to a medal? Kirani James is


expected to win this party now has two deliver. Van Niekerk of South


Africa started very quickly. He may well pay for that. Rooney has to be


patient. Lalonde Gordon will finish quickly, but Rooney is well out of


this at the moment. Van Niekerk of South Africa, putting Kirani James


under some pressure, will he be able to last it with the big man? Kirani


James and van Niekerk, stride by stride down the home straight.


Lalonde Gordon finishing very quickly. Van Niekerk starting to


fade and Rooney will finish quick but it won't be good enough. Kirani


James takes the gold medal, new games record. The gold in the title,


once more go to Kirani James, it was a brave effort by then the Kirk to


try and stay with him. -- van Niekerk. But this man has so much


ability. At the age of 14 he ran a world best, at the age of 15 he ran


a world best, he continued to improve. He won the world title in


2011. The Olympics, he was superb. After a difficult 2013, he has


bounced back. Top of the world again. Kirani James. That was hard,


I wonder what he was thinking when this young man was right inside him,


he gave LaShawn Merritt scare earlier


this young man was right inside him, he gave LaShawn Merritt scare in the


season and he gave Kirani James a bit of a scare to. Martyn Rooney did


his best, I am not sure he got into the race in the early stages, when


van Niekerk came storming past him, it was difficult. He tried to stay


patient but Gordon finished quickly and took the bronze medal.


Try once more in the grenade in flight. -- draped once more in the


grenade in flag. I just wonder what Michael thought of that, whether you


were thinking, is van Niekerk going to give him something to think


about? It looked like he would last out but surely he went too hard.


Yes, I'm not sure, I was watching the 200 Metres this morning and saw


van Niekerk running in the preliminaries, so that is quite a


feat, to run into those in the morning and then run the 400 final,


but I thought this race was faster than it was. I thought Rooney was a


good position, I thought here he needs to pick it up and I wondering


if James and van Niekerk would hold their position, but it wasn't as


fast as it looks. Kirani James took control from the beginning, very


impressive by van Niekerk, staying with him, I wonder if he is


thinking, maybe it wasn't such a good idea to run the 200


preliminaries this morning, it had to have taken a little bit out of


him tonight which may have been enough to stay with Kirani James and


run a personal best and take the gold medal. James got a very quick


start. Then you can relax on the back stretch, he gets into his


relaxation bit here the long stride, it becomes a real advantage for an


athlete in the 400 Metres because he is covering more ground than


everyone else. Now he starts to put in more effort, he still doesn't


know where the guys are, it is nowhere Rooney is, with 120 litres


to go -- metres to go, he knows where van Niekerk is, but now you


see the symmetry, left to right. His torso is not moving around a lot,


that's what you want and that's what he has got to do to get his


that's what you want and that's what he has got to do to get times down.


He ran a personal best this year, he has got to do to get times down.


He ran a personal best this 43.7. He he has got to do to get times down.


still has a bright future, world Champion, Olympic champion,


Commonwealth champion, I'm sure the world record will be next for him.


It was a tough one for Martyn Rooney, he was never in the race.


You have to go into it with your own plan, Gordon from Trinidad almost


got the silver medal, had to settle for bronze. But back to Rooney, you


have to make the decision whether you compete against the other


athletes all you stay with your own race plan to stop what he saw the


athletes on the back stretch starting to get away from him, you


need to make that adjustment and he did not make the adjustment. He


thought as I did that they were going too fast, and they would come


back to him at some point, that's obviously turned out to be a mistake


and it was a costly one for him because this was a great opportunity


for him to win a Commonwealth Games medal and get himself back on top


and continue the fantastic season he has been having to this point will


I am sure Martyn Rooney will be disappointed despite running well.


The first time that grenade have won a gold medal.


man inside me, Olympic champion in Britain and now Commonwealth


champion in Britain. I am just happy for the country, happy will for


everyone who is affiliated with us, this win is for everybody back home.


He pushed you hard. I glimpsed him, I knew I had to stay composed, make


sure, so I try to stay relaxed. I ended up with a great time. You must


want to race in Britain all the time! Yes, the crowd is fantastic, I


love it here, the crowd really cancel out the


love it here, the crowd really cancel weather. It is good to be out


here and read front of a crowd like this. You come in as a favourite did


you go through the rounds with consummate ease, you deal with us


with consummate ease, you are a true gent. Thank you. God placed a lot of


great people in my corner to help me with that. Everyday I get coaching


in life and I'm happy that coach helps me out, I have grown up


friends back home at help me with that. I just have to give thanks.


Congratulations. I think he will be everybody's


favourite Caribbean sprinter! Loving the crowd here. And loving competing


on British soil, very good memories for him, from London and now


Glasgow, what a charming man he is. There is already a Kirani James


Boulevard back in Grenada. Buildings, airports... ! He's a


great young man, I met a few years ago, he is very respectful, focused,


works really hard. I'm sure that was a difficult defeat for him last


year, he said that, I'm sure this was a bit of indication. A great


race, great champion, we have another one to hear from now.


Congratulations. I saw you collapse to your knees in delight and relief,


all the pressure on you to win it, you have done it! Absolutely. It's


never an easy road and after last year, I was never sure if I would be


able to carry on jumping. I have come here and come away with another


title, it's what it's all about for me. I'm over the moon. A lot of


people thought I was a one-hit wonder but I'm here trying to prove


I can still do it and I will do it many more times. This place was out


of this world tonight, got completely behind us, it really


helped. A bit gutted about my fourth round, thought I had a monster there


and it was a bit of a foul, but I'm super happy. I'm going to go to the


Europeans and try and do it again. It's incredible. I just want to get


out there and winning titles stop what is it say about you that you


can rice to the vacation time after time? I think which Ball


Championships in Britain! I love the big stadiums, the crowds, I enjoy


being out there. I found myself smiling I was having fun out there.


I felt I could have got a big jump again, but this isn't like the


Olympics of two years ago, I still have something to focus on. So I


can't kill myself and not be right for that. I love these


championships, and I would also love to say, people try and write off the


Commonwealth Games and say it's not important, try saying that to anyone


who has won here tonight, any athlete who has completed, these are


hugely important for all kinds of athletes at all levels, and long may


it continue. If we have crowds stadiums and competitions like this,


it will continue for a long time. Let me ask you about people writing


you off, how much did it get under your skin, do you feel you have


something to prove? It's one of those tough ones. People are always


going to have things to say about you. The Olympics came as a shock to


some people, but I was the only one who wasn't shocked, I had been


working so hard, and everything came together. I have been working beyond


hard this year, I have had a nice, consistent year and that has shown


again today. When you are consistent, you can go out there and


win the medals. That's what it's all about. When you get written off and


you kill yourself in training, that's the thing, nobody else sees


that. But when you come out and win medals, it proves the point. The


best answer possible, another gold medal, congratulations.


Great words and sentiment about the importance of the Commonwealth Games


to him and all the athletes and where it can lead to in their


careers, to some it's a stepping stone, for Greg it is cementing what


it is in the Olympics. A jump of 8.20, do you think he will have to


jump further to get the European Championships? I don't think it


matters. He said it all, he has his Olympic title, the British record,


we know he wants to jump further but an athlete 's career is defined...


There will always be tough competition, it only takes a couple


of no jumps and you are under pressure, but people want to collect


medals, they want to win time and time again. The pipers, piping them


out for this medal ceremony for the Long Jump. Another medal to add to


the collection, Michael, at the end if your career when you look back


you don't say, I jumped really far that night, you say, these are the


medals I wonder. It is about the championship. It is for people who


are part of the Commonwealth. I have not heard the ball talking about


what the Commonwealth is. I have as to buy every media person, is the


Commonwealth relevant? -- people. I have not heard anybody saying, the


Commonwealth Games, not that good. It is not a valid situation. The


Commonwealth Games has its place but it is a great opportunity for up and


coming athletes, which we have seen, make their mark and go on and do


great things. I hope that is the situation for Adam Gemili. And this


is an opportunity for somebody like Greg Rutherford to do something


great and on home soil. It is something he will never forget for


the rest of his life. People in the stadium and watching at home and


around the world will appreciate athletes are competing and nobody is


giving away medals here. That is not happening. Everybody understands


this is relevant. The Commonwealth Games changed my life in 1994. I was


trying to make my way in athletics and until I got that medal, this was


an affirmation I could be good at this and make a difference. I


changed my training group, I looked at what I could improve and it did


bolster my confidence about who I was and what I wanted to achieve.


There are two things that can give you confidence. Winning a medal at a


championship does not matter, come of Games, Indoor Championships,


whatever, and also to produce the times -- Commonwealth Games. But you


can win a championship. Watching you Paula, I would say probably echoing


a lot of stuff to me said, it was a major breakthrough. It was my first


championship title on the track and that meant something. And Greg now


has the Olympic and Commonwealth title. He has a chance of the


European title, how many people have done those three? And he has a


chance of a world title, not many people have got those four. It could


be a grand slam this time next year, he could be going to China for the


World Championships. I just think it makes a difference. Look at his


face. He is beaming. As I said, this means as much to him as the Olympic


Games. Fantastic. Let's take a moment for him and the stadium here


at Hampden Park to enjoy the atmosphere.


He looks so relieved. He put a lot of pressure on himself to deliver


tonight. He did, he needed this. He really needed this. Not the


distance, but for his confidence going forward. To know he has made


the right decisions to get to the stage. I think he will go to Z?rich


and go very far. In a couple of weeks time, the European


Championships in Z?rich. He was injured a couple of weeks ago and he


did not compete here in the Diamond League. Injuries last year, but Greg


Rutherford is back smiling, on the top of the podium. You probably


think that he always wins and you do not see the stories behind if you do


not watch regularly. What he has been through a lot and he is back on


top. -- what he has been. Let's get back out onto the field for the High


Jump competition, with Steve Backley.


Great scenes for Greg Rutherford but it is Englishman baker who got into


the top four in the High Jump, and this was his final attempt. -- Chris


Baker. The High Jump always ends on a fail. But it was a success at


2.25. Chris Baker match Michael Mason, of Canada. -- matches.


This is the favourite who has dominated throughout the


competition. Queen clearances, and this that -- to 31. He became the


10th man in history to go higher than 2.40, Drouin, earlier this


year. Watch this, that is fantastic. If you are a budding High Jump, just


do it like that. Perfect technique -- High Jump. There was only one man


who could have stopped that. It was the Cypriots. He had a foul and he


opted to pass. -- the Cypriots. Three fouls and you are out. So this


opening jump was the only chance for Ioannou to go clear. The pressure.


It ended up silver for the Cypriot, with a big season's best, a previous


world medallist. So that led to the success and Gold for Drouin. So


Drouin, the Commonwealth champion. And here is confirmation. Chris


Baker down in agonising fourth place. It was the countback that got


him. So two medals for Canada and success for Drouin.


Drouin is one of the best in the world at the moment, leading a group


of men who are consistently on top. That man is one of the great


athletes of all time. That moment in London when he took Gold and a world


record. Seb Coe said it was his favourite moment of the Games, and


so many people appreciated the class he brought that night. And he


continues to. Last year, he was injured and he is back this year. He


is going to run 1.42, he said, he has done that already. How much


lower can he get? This is the semifinal tonight. Paula? He can


definitely go faster this season, I do not think he is going to attack


this like he did the Olympics in terms of a world record. In terms of


the World Championships, he will be happy to go away with the


Commonwealth title and focus on running faster and regaining his


fitness levels by the end of the season. It is a chilly night


tonight. His aim, Denise, will be to get to the final. We saw the


documentary which had footage from over ten years of David Rudisha and


his progress and his training to get to that moment in London. It was


just a fascinating insight. I loved it, it was riveting. An insight into


his world. The preparation, the disappointments, his relationship


with his brother. It was fantastic. A lot of people who did not see him


in London... Disappointment Usain Bolt will not be running on his


own, but he is as big a draw. He is, there are big stars in athletics.


Usain Bolt, Shelly Ann Fraser-Pryce, Mo Farah. But this man is certainly


one of those superstars and he is fantastic. That race, that was one


of the most amazing I have seen, in London. I have always been a fan of


the 800m. As a London. I have always been a fan of


the 800m. 400-metre runner, you are amazed watching these guys! He is a


great person. We talked about Kirani James earlier, a great young man.


This is the same situation with David Rudisha. He is a very charming


individual and he has that intelligence that you were talking


about, Denise, the other night. Like Adam Gemili. He has that in terms of


the way he approaches the race and the way he dissects it. One of the


things I enjoyed about competing is the mental aspect of it, and he does


as well. We can go to Steve Cram for this 800m race.


I am sorry I have not had chance to tell you about the other seven men


in this race, David Rudisha does have to beat them to get through.


Three of them will go through. Another very good Kenyans in here.


David Rudisha will have to be on his guard -- union. -- Kenya. He is not


100%. He is not at this stage he was at a couple of years ago. He still


should be good enough to qualify without any problem. What can the


others do? David Rudisha, the only way for him is that front. He has a


compatriot is next to him, Ferguson. 52.2, steady running. That is a big


bump. The Australian on the outside. He asked for that, to be honest, he


was obviously in too tight. That can seriously affect the race. That is


why it David Rudisha has developed the technique of running at the


front. -- that is why David. Looking strong with his team-mate. Really


moving. What a great race for the Scotsman here. Three will go through


to the final. Running the race of his life at the moment, can he


hadn't gone? They are all struggling. The Australian is


finishing quickly. Can he do it? The Kenyans, one and two, who will be


third? So close! Ricardo Cunningham of Jamaica finishing so fast. If


this man makes it to the final... Come on, he says. He is looking at


the score board, the flags waving. Come on, he says. He is looking at


the David Rudisha is in the race but the Commonwealth Games are about


people like this making it to the final. And he has done it. Well done


to him, the race of his life. Learmonth. That is why these guys


are here, they have inspired the young man. He was determined, he was


very lucky early in the race at the bottom. This is David Rudisha. A


site we are familiar with. He still looks the part, not at his best.


site we are familiar with. He still looks the part, His team-mate will


be a danger in the final. 54 for the second lap. Look at Learmonth in the


finishing straight. Look at the yellow vest of Australia coming


quickly. The Jamaican coming is coming quickly. -- Cunningham.


Inches at the finish. Cunningham in second place. David Rudisha decides


at this pace, I can watch the television. He is not looking


around, and that makes sense. Learmonth running the race of his


life, what it is time and -- what a time and place to do it, and he can


now look forward and relax. He has earned his place in the Commonwealth


Games. Well done, died Learmonth, we look forward to seeing you tomorrow


-- three. Look out what that means to him. -- well done, Learmonth. He


will be back to contest the 800-metre final. Let's find out what


he thinks about that. It has been an incredible last


couple of minutes, through to a mage or final in Hampden Park, can you


describe it -- major final? best. He was just like, run for the


place, the time will come, and that is what I did today. The time is not


that quick but I don't care, I'm in the Commonwealth final. At home.


They could not ask for anything more. What about the famous Royal at


Hampden Park? Just listen to it, that is what pulled me through. I


have enjoyed myself. I am in the final and I cannot thank everyone


enough. The Scots, the fans, everyone that is here. I can't


explain it. The energy that I get from everyone is amazing. Well done.


Brilliant performance. STUDIO: What a performance by Guy Learmonth. It


shows Judy effect of the home crowd and what it can do. That is what


getting into the Commonwealth Games final means to someone like Guy


Learmonth, it is a huge step up and I think everyone in the stadium was


blowing him down the straight. Just to push across the line. That was


really close and he did well to hold on. He did well not to be involved


in all of the bumping. He did. Sometimes it is just about staying


out of trouble. The 800 metres comes with a lot of argy-bargy and pushing


and shoving. That was an incredible race. You have to take your


opportunities. World class at the front of the race, David Rudisha


crossing the line first. Congratulations on reaching another


final, you were expected to do that but you have to live up to the


expectation? Yes. You know, today it was a bit tough. I had to take it


with a lot of caution. I lead from the front as I traditionally do and


I controlled the race. What kind of shape I you in approaching the


final? I feel as though I'm getting better every time. My body is really


responding well. Now you have negotiated a couple of rounds, what


kind of mindset are you in for the big showdown in the final? Well, I


am expecting another good race. In the final we have really tough guys.


It is going to be a little bit turf, it will be a tactical


championship race. You must feel as though your own front of a home


crowd? The crowd has been fantastic here. They love you and they


appreciate you being here. The for the final. Ira Lee-Lo the crowd,


they are fantastic. -- I really love it. He did not look troubled, he


looked very relaxed. He looks so relaxed, I was concerned as they


went through the bell, he looked as though he was frowning which was not


characteristic of the way that he runs. But he was totally in control.


He had time to check the screen. He eased off enough to still dominate


and the other guys still know that you are the best but he was


conserving energy for the final. Stiff opposition coming from the


next semifinal, Amos was behind him in London but has since emerged into


a world beater. Yes, he was one of the ones who came passed him in


Monaco recently. This is the race in Monaco. He led into the straight but


he does not quite have the fitness from the training that he missed


with his knee injury. He was almost racing himself into shape this


year. Amos came past. He ran amazingly well to take the French


record in race. Rudisha will have come on strongly from that race. It


would also have fired him out because nobody likes to be beaten.


He wants to re-establish himself over Amos. Amos from Botswana.


Botswana of course, now we see great athletes from Botswana putting


themselves at the top of the world table in their events. The female


athlete missing out, but Amos will want to stake a claim. Absolutely.


He carried the flag for Botswana in the opening ceremony and this is


important to him, he is racing one of his idols. He also wants to win


the title. What I love about the Commonwealth Games is that you hear


the stories about the facilities in Botswana, it is tough for these


guys, but they come on the circuit to make their mark and he is here


with a chance to make the final. Let's handover to the commentary.


COMMENTATOR: Rudisha may well be leading, but Amos is the favourite,


he is close to his best. Let's wrap up the first heat. Guy Learmonth is


through automatically. Two go through as the fastest losers. This


is how they line up in the second semifinal. Amos leading the way. He


is head and shoulders above the rest but a few of them have similar


season bests. Michael Rimmer in line seven, he is the UK champion,


winning it for a seventh time this season. Nigel Amos, so much has been


said about him. He was 18 when he won his silver medal when he


equalled the great Marcotte Sebastian Coe. Evans Kipkorir of


Kenya. The 20-year-old. The Kenyan prisons Champlin, that does not


sound ground but it is fiercely contested. -- champion. The training


partner of Nigel Amos, Andre Olivier, the South African. He is a


real threat here. Alberto Mamba is just 19, he may be


struggling for pace here. Aaron Evans will be hoping for a slightly


slower pace than the more fancied names outside are capable of. Out in


lane eight as well we have Joe Thomas going for Wales, he came


through after the disqualification in the first round. Andrew Osagie


disqualified. He has got the turn of speed, the second semifinal of the


men's 800 metres. Three go through automatically plus the two fastest


losers for tomorrow's final. What a great race we had in the first


semifinal, the large figure of Andre Olivier will lead out his training


partner Amos. Amos just looking across as they break. Olivia is


setting the pace. -- Olivier. It is good to see Michael Rimmer moving


into second place. We know that Amos has a fantastic finish and he will


be happy to follow winner. -- Michael Bremmer. Let's face it, we


will look at the performance of Amos. Look to see how he finishes


the race the race tomorrow in the final, shaming he gets there,


against David Rudisha could be the race of the games. -- Ashley Ming


that he gets there. -- assuming. Under pressure from ten one', from


Uganda. -- Musagala. Trying to keep pace at the moment. The Kenyan Evans


Kipkorir is coming through as well. Sitting behind Michael Rimmer.


Olivier and his training partner Amos. Just drifting off the back. He


cannot get there. It will be these three going through automatically


add Michael Rimmer is losing the battle for fourth place as well. --


and tears. -- and he is. I am not sure Michael Rimmer was quick


enough. We will wait and see. A bit of a disappointment for Michael


Rimmer. He ran a solid race but when he came under pressure, they were


too strong for him. He could not really hold on. Looking at the


finishing times. This man here, he set the pace, with Olivier. Amos, on


his knees, I am sure he will challenge David Rudisha tomorrow.


Paula just said yes, he has made it. I was just going over my notes. He


is in fifth place. The two fastest losers and I got the fastest losers


at we will call that for you officially


in a moment. Paula is normally good with these things. He would join Guy


Learmonth, the home nation representatives tomorrow. Paula


Radcliffe is a mathematical genius and marathon runner. That concludes


the athletics for tonight but it continues on BBC Three. We have seen


great stuff with Greg Rutherford winning gold and Kirani James


winning the 400 and beating the Commonwealth Games record of Ewan


Thomas which had stood for 16 years. This was his response!


I am not sure he is looking into it or throwing up on it! He's probably


a bit disappointed. -- tucking in. Now, let's go to the Hydro to see


who will be crowned the women all around champion.


COMMENTATOR: Going for the big double twist. Not a problem. Really


mature performance, there. Cracking routine from her. Very nice work.


The crowd here are just loving the performances. Absolutely first


class. Well, prepare to be entertained.


That is the scene at the Hydro and there to build up to one of the


moments of this or any games is former world and Commonwealth


champion Beth Tweddle alongside Matt Baker.


What a story that has been unfolding, Ruby Harrold qualified in


third and she is now leading the field with two more pieces of


apparatus remaining. England won until at the moment. Ruby Harrold,


cloudy Fraga Pana, and then the Canadian Elizabeth Black in third.


-- Claudia Fragapane at. What a performance from Elisabeth


Beddoe of Wales. Hannah Whelan in sixth position. She has not given


away many deductions. It goes to show how tight the competition is.


Yes, the difference between first and sixth place is not a lot. Her


strongest pieces, Hannah, are still to come, so she can make up the


difference. Claudia Fragapane, she is her normal consistent so fingers


crossed they can keep it going. Claudia is up first on the beam and


she has got a difficult routine. She has a standing full twist right near


the end of her routine. She performed superbly yesterday. She


helped our team to the gold medal but who knows. Megan Chant from


Canada. She is in with a real chance of a medal. She qualified in seventh


for the flare final. It is all really still to play for here. Just


a quick note ahead, how good is Black on the beam? She can be very


good oral... It really does make or break the overall final -- or... And


finishing on the floor, the medal contenders. Florida is the nicest


1-2 finish on, you can engage with the crowd and use the atmosphere and


the adrenaline. It is always the nicest piece. The Show will Ruby


Harrold feeling, knowing these are not her strongest aces? She will be


looking forwards. She has got to perform on beam. So Megan receives


the applause from the crowd. White did ever so well for Scotland, but


all eyes will be at the other end of the Hydro arena. You can see the


beam just in the background there. It is Claudia Fragapane E, who is in


silver medal position in the all-round competition.


negotiated. -- two leaps. The backflip. The straight somersault.


Oh, what a shame. She just hesitated. This has not been her


strongest piece that she was so positive yesterday. She has to put


that behind her man. -- she has to put that behind her


now. Two backflips, dismantle great. She


did so well to put the fall behind her. She must be absolutely


destroyed inside. She will keep control of herself. She knows it's


all new for her. She really was not far off. She tried to react a little


bit too much. But as you say, a real shock, and then to continue and pull


out difficulty like the full twisting somersault to land... And


she will you went for it. Some impact on her leg there as well.


Maegan Chant. The scores are growing for her.


Presenting, projecting. And now preparing.


Two and a half twists, she skipped to the side. She controlled that


well. Well done. As she was on beam, just as graceful on floor.


Beautiful, elegant, graceful work. Performed to the music. You can see


these gymnasts have made friends. The chance of a medal for Claudia


Fragapane con. -- has gone. The rest have to do better.


From South Africa, Beckett, 18 years old.


The acrobatic series is the best we have seen. The backflip and tuck


back. Very smooth, good written to this


routine. There have been little wobble is as well. - good written.


She just did not give enough energy to that side somersault. Her legs


just didn't go right overhead. I wonder, for some of these


gymnasts, if the three competitions three days in a row is taking its


toll a little bit. Big double back. They are very efficient on these


dismounts. Building the difficulty all the way to the end. There are


proving to be quite a few casualties really in this all-around and


petition. Some 50 to do actions. So who knows, Fragapane can still be in


a chance of a medal. The highest score so far in this all-round


women's competition. The Australian will go out with all


of the entertainment value she has got here. She loves to please the


crowd. The floor performance in the team


competition was strangely lacking. but the tumbling is much, much


better than she did in the team competition.


She is tumbling so much better. Rising to the occasion. But I don't


know, Chris? The choreography definitely has a theme to it. It is


telling a story, but I don't find it terribly attractive or appealing.


She was in eighth position. Let's see if she can move up the rankings.


Who knows? The music was from the Amazon jungle I think. I think it


had an aboriginal theme. Hannah Whelan has been European


bronze medallist on this piece of apparatus. She needs all the marks


she can get. Hannah has what so many of the other


gymnasts do not, rate fluency on the beam.


-- great clemency. She has gone for broke. No wonder she took a pause.


The skill that gave her a big wobble yesterday that she was much more


precise on that performance. It is a performance on the beam,


rather than just a series of moves. Two and a half, a super, super


performance from Hannah Whelan. She could well be in with a shout here.


She wants a medal as much as anyone. This is her peace and she didn't


really do very well yesterday. So she really wanted to show everyone


what she could do today. Two layouts from the free cartwheel.


She's very consistent with her scoring today, the Australian.


Canada on floor. She produced a good beam.


A tiny buckle on the pike but so far nothing serious. Well done indeed.


So she's picked up on the last two apparatus, beam and floor have stood


her in very good stead indeed. One more to go for the 16-year-old. The


all -around competition is over very quickly. Hannah Whelan is on her


way. She's building. She has had two very good scores.


She rushed slightly into that change.


She was in forthcoming into this rotation.


little bit rattled after falling off on something that was easy for her.


She needs to get into her rhythm now. That was a super double spin.


And she gets the connection, the free walkover into the jump.


Good dismount, good one and a half, she did so well to get the early


fall behind her. The Welsh contingent, there. What a day they


had in the all-round, getting the historic bronze medal, maybe that


has taken it out of her a little. They all stayed on the beam in that


qualification competition. There was talk that she did not get quickly


enough into the second leap and she tried to speed it up. Onyshko moves


up into fourth but for how long? Charlotte Sullivan is up next. One


of the youngest gymnasts here. Just 16. But she has qualified for the


flare final. -- floor. Nicely controlled. Can she keep it


up through the tumbling? Triple twist. Easy. And a double pike. A


couple of tumbles to set her away. She will be well pleased with this


performance on floor, but she did not land it. She touches down, one


hallmark away, what a pity. She was going so well. -- whole mark. She


gave the judges licensed to deduct. She was thinking the same as you,


when she was going up to the tumble, and sometimes you can lose


concentration and before you know it, your hands are down. Elizabeth


Beddoe. She is staying in fourth at the moment. Well, the leader of this


competition, Ruby Harrold. With her beam routine, now, how much pressure


is she under here? She knows that this is the piece that matters. If


she can do her best here, she has got a chance. Probably the piece


that Ruby has two work hardest at. -- has two work. Nice height and


flight on the leaps. Punching... Oh. Goodness me. That surprises me.


She looked so strong and positive, she dipped her shoulder on take-off.


My word! APPLAUSE Very secure with the combination.


The acrobatic series. She has become a bit jittery now. She has to keep


her focus. Change leg ring, the judges would


have to be generous to feel that her touch tax base foot touches her


head. Strong in the free cartwheel. -- per


Lift, find the floor, she did. Well done. Right at the beginning of the


routine. How costly will befall proved to be? There is not long to


wait to find out. -- will that fail proved to be?


Just the left shoulder dipping write-down. You can see Beth's


expression. The dismount had a few deductions yesterday, that was much


better. So, Elizabeth Black has watched the two gymnasts ahead of


her making mistakes. 11.84 Charlotte Sullivan.


The last gymnast on floor, Georgina Hockenhull. She starts with a


difficult leap. This is a difficult time Bill. She needs all of her


concentration and confidence. Double Arabian. Easily performed. --


difficult tumble. But this takes all of her skill. One and a half,


walk-out, needs to be smooth into the doubletalk. What a shame. --


double tuck. Good leaps, the change leg ring. She


has do hit the splits here. Good half term. She needs to forget her


last problem and make sure that she concentrates for this tumble. --


turn. She moves out. Not being precise enough on this piece. Very


powerful young gymnast. She struggles to always harness her


power. Double pike to finish, that is more like it. APPLAUSE


She has left us with the impression of the wonderful dismount, the


tumble, double pike. You must be very proud? Yes. Ruby Harrold, she


will stay ahead of Fragapane. We'll she stay ahead of this lady? -- will


she. Elizabeth Black was in bronze medal position. Coming into the


rotation. But now she has her sights set on gold. This is a difficult


routine. The highest difficulty score in the competition. She


negotiates the double spin. That was their problem in the team


competition. Very strong and positive on the pike front


somersault. Backflip layout. She is very light far powerful gymnast,


good, light landings. -- for a powerful gymnast. Now, this is very


difficult. Backflip, fault West. -- full twist. It is very risky as


well. Change leg leap. Change leg half. A little bit untidy, both of


those leaps. That was strong, the tuck front somersault. She stamps


those out so well. Just the dismount to come. Two and a half twists,


nicely performed, that dismount. Goodness me, it has run through the


group. The problems on the beam have set up a grandstand finale on the


last rotation, that's for sure. It was a bit of an epidemic. It is not


good to see anyone fall, but when you see three major contenders, here


we are, this is so difficult. She looked online when she set up.


Probably a bit short. On-air time. That was well controlled. Nothing


wrong with the two and a half twists. What a cracking final piece


of operators we will have here. Georgina Hockenhull scored 11.966.


-- of apparatus. STUDIO: We wondered before the competition started


whether it will be close, and it turns out you need some kind of


accountancy degree to work out who needs what in the final round. Beth,


you have been doing the sums. Between Ruby Harrold and Fragapane


there is 0.133 and between Ruby Harrold and Hannah eight is only


1.2. Such small fractions. And obviously Fragapane has a massive


score after posting 14.7 yesterday. Cloudier, she did think, that's it,


it is over for me, but obviously she packed her beam routine with extreme


difficulty. Even though she fell, because the routine was so


difficult, you know, she could afford to give a bit away? We are


still awaiting the Canadian score. It will be so close between all four


of them. She literally went for the wobble, her foot slipped, and she


did everything do save it. That was the hardest move. To keep her nerve


for the full twisting tuck, that shows nerves of steel. They will be


needed on the last piece of apparatus Budgie has a good floor,


Fragapane. Incredible. -- but she has. She was almost a full mark in


front of her English team-mate yesterday. Yes


front of her English team-mate beam and felt, it has gone, but now


that she has seen she is still in with a chance, she will go out for


the floor with dynamic power, and the judges are looking for the


massive powerful tumbles to stay within the lines. The mixture of


jumps and leaps and also the artistry. Fragapane has got it all.


She has a bit of body popping in her routine. She will go last and the


crowd will be hoping she takes the title. You used to play on that as


well, get your castanets out and have everyone clapping away, with


your Spanish feel. It is the 1-piece way you can do crowd interaction. On


floor, you take the energy and you do have this control of the energy.


Can Ruby Harrold cope with this? I think she can. She has done it at


major championships be. She has been in world and European finals.


Between all four of them there is literally 0.3. And she could climb


back up there as well, Hannah. Yes. And to have three of our English


girls out of the four in medal contention, that would never have


happened a few years ago, so it's great for British gymnastics, and


obviously Beddoe and Wales have a great standing here as well. Don't


go anywhere. The final piece of apparatus in the women's all-around


competition. Beckett from South Africa.


meant to be a second leap there. You have to have a leap passage and


without it she would lose 0.5. A double-take at the finish. --


double tuck. Not the sparkly floor routine we would have expected from


her. You have to be a bit more professional than that when you are


disappointed. These gymnasts have experienced all kinds of emotions in


a short period of time. That is what most of them are not used to, and it


is if the court to get yourself together afterwards. She just caught


her foot and she was going to go. We understand that Elizabeth Black has


put in an enquiry on the last piece of operators dealt with apparatus,


and her school. Yesterday she scored a lot more for a routine that was


similar with one fall. This will be her last piece of


apparatus. A five the difficulty. Lovely presents all the way through


this competition. That is how she wraps it up. A nice full twist and a


broad smile. What a way to finish and all- around competition. She has


had a great time and won a few friends. Look at this.


Dead centre. Nice, clean lines. Good, sharp twist. Stretch through


the knees. Lovely vault. Good way to finish.


Kirsten Beckett finishes with an 11.633.


Well, Hannah Whelan got a bronze at the European Championships on this


piece of apparatus. She is qualified with the third highest score for the


floor final and my word, does she need the performance of her life


here. That is exactly what England


ordered! A beautiful routine, packed with difficulty. And absolute


perfection. Real entertainment. And the too performance marrying a dance


with the tumbling. Super stuff. It could be a late charge. Such an


atmosphere, and she just built it there. The whole audience was with


her. Terrific stuff. 13.933. The scores kept building.


And she has certainly made a lot of friends here, the Malaysians.


The Australian was joking to me a few days ago she has not vaulted for


ages. She has got attitude. She is loving


every minute. She is the oldest on the team and is loving every second.


minute of this competition. Elizabeth Black has put in that


enquiry for her school and it has been rejected, so I think she's


going to have to change her attitude here, going into this last piece,


because there is no point in dwelling on it. Absolutely not, and


she's got a big floor. Hannah Whelan, 13.5, goes into first place


for the moment. Lizzie Beddoe seventh coming into


this final rotation. She did win floor at the British Championships


this year. finish for her. Well, she may move


up from seventh. But that's it. She can do no more. All pieces done.


That is the all-around competition over. She led the Welsh team so


effectively to their bronze medal. Full twist. Nice in the air. Good,


confident, clean. A good last two apparatus.


Plenty of attack. Good conversion. Slightly off centre, but so much


power. A great job. Four pieces done. Good line. Lifted the chest. A


really nice conversion. Snaps well. Good extension through the


shoulders. Look how she lifts the shoulders up. To try to make the


most of the dismount. STUDIO: A critical stage in the


gymnastics, very tense. It could go either way. Or anyway, really,


between the leading contenders. We've just about run out of time


here on BBC One, but do not worry, we will be turning over immediately


to BBC Two, where we will continue straightaway with the gymnastics. So


you won't miss a thing. It's very exciting and tense. Please stay with


us. Turn over to BBC Two, and will be with you very shortly indeed. --


we will. # Drop all your troubles


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Live coverage of day seven of the Commonwealth Games, presented by Gary Lineker.

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