Michael Palin's New Europe

Michael Palin's New Europe

Michael Palin explores European countries that were once behind the Iron Curtain

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Episodes List

War and Peace

1. Michael Palin's New Europe: War and Peace

Michael Palin explores former Eastern Bloc countries in post-Soviet Europe.

Eastern Delight

2. Michael Palin's New Europe: Eastern Delight

Michael trekking up to the Rila Mountains in Bulgaria.

Wild East

3. Michael Palin's New Europe: Wild East

Michael travels from the tiny state of Transdniester through Transylvania to the Danube.

Danube to Dnieper

4. Michael Palin's New Europe: Danube to Dnieper

On a journey from Budapest to Yalta, Michael shows what he can do on a catwalk.

Baltic Summer

5. Michael Palin's New Europe: Baltic Summer

How three Baltic states, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, shook themselves free of the USSR.

From Pole to Pole

6. Michael Palin's New Europe: From Pole to Pole

Michael Palin journeys through Poland from the port of Gdansk to the Slovakian border.

Journey's End

7. Michael Palin's New Europe: Journey's End

Michael learns how to make sausages before heading off to Turba's mime school in Brno.