Series 10

Series 10

2D animation. Join Arthur, possibly the world's most famous eight-year-old aardvark, his sister DW and their friends for adventures, as they face the same problems as everyday children do

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Castles in the Sky

1. Arthur: Series 10, Castles in the Sky

Architect Frank Gehry helps the gang rebuild the treehouse after it collapses.

Francine's Big Top Trouble

2. Arthur: Series 10, Francine's Big Top Trouble

Francine finds circus camp hard going until she realises she does have a talent.

Arthur Weighs In

3. Arthur: Series 10, Arthur Weighs In

Animation. Arthur learns that he needs to exercise to stay in shape.

Buster's Green Thumb

4. Arthur: Series 10, Buster's Green Thumb

Buster discovers the joy of growing your own vegetables.

Lights Camera Opera

5. Arthur: Series 10, Lights Camera Opera

Muffy's excited when she gets concert tickets, until she discovers it's the opera.

Arthur Makes Waves

6. Arthur: Series 10, Arthur Makes Waves

Arthur and DW need a place to keep cool when the community pool is closed for repairs.

Three's a Crowd

7. Arthur: Series 10, Three's a Crowd

Prunella is jealous when she has to share time with her mother.

The A Team

8. Arthur: Series 10, The A Team

What's best, winning or playing with friends? The gang finds out.

DW Beats All

9. Arthur: Series 10, DW Beats All

After the Tibbles get a set of drums, DW is determined to get a bigger and louder set.

Binky Goes Nuts

10. Arthur: Series 10, Binky Goes Nuts

Animated series. Binky discovers that he is allergic to peanuts.

Tipping the Scales

11. Arthur: Series 10, Tipping the Scales

Arthur's chorus group is excited about their upcoming performance in Crown City.

George Blows His Top

12. Arthur: Series 10, George Blows His Top

Buster's borrowing of George's things gets out of control.

The Law of the Jungle Gym

13. Arthur: Series 10, The Law of the Jungle Gym

Muffy finds the perfect place to take pictures with her digital camera - the jungle gym.

My Fair Tommy

14. Arthur: Series 10, My Fair Tommy

Tommy and Timmy Tibble set their sights on the good behaviour of the week cupcake award.

All Worked Up

15. Arthur: Series 10, All Worked Up

Mum gets a job. Arthur and DW aren't entirely happy about the change.

It Came from Beyond

16. Arthur: Series 10, It Came from Beyond

Animated series. A cute little stray is not as it appears.

A is for Angry

17. Arthur: Series 10, A is for Angry

Arthur decides to take on Brain at an all-school checkers competition.

Emily Swallows a Horse

18. Arthur: Series 10, Emily Swallows a Horse

Emily really wants the sparkly ball DW just found, so she tells a little white lie.

Buster the Myth Maker

19. Arthur: Series 10, Buster the Myth Maker

Buster thinks there is a tiger in the state forest.

Breezy Listening Blues

20. Arthur: Series 10, Breezy Listening Blues

Brain thinks his fall in grades is down to the music that he has been listening to.