Barney's Latin America

Barney's Latin America

Barney Harwood and Gemma Hunt introduce a host of wonderful and wacky wildlife - from the furry to the freaky and the bold to the beautiful. What's more, they're all connected by some fabulous facts!

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1. Barney's Latin America: Extreme

Barney Harwood and Gemma Hunt introduce some totally extreme animals.

Catwalk Creatures

2. Barney's Latin America: Catwalk Creatures

It is fashion week in Latin America, and the animal fashionistas are out in force.

Home Sweet Home

3. Barney's Latin America: Home Sweet Home

Barney and Gemma discover some of the places the animals of Latin America call home.

Love is in the Air

4. Barney's Latin America: Love is in the Air

Barney and Gemma see how far these Latin American animals will go in the name of love.

HMS Galapagos

11. Barney's Latin America: HMS Galapagos

Barney and Gemma retrace Charles Darwin's voyage to the Galapagos Islands.


18. Barney's Latin America: Grafters

Barney and Gemma meet some very hard-working grafters.

Freak Out

19. Barney's Latin America: Freak Out

Barney and Gemma introduce freaky frogs, a unique marsupial and a regenerating lizard.

Stinky Pooey Gooey

20. Barney's Latin America: Stinky Pooey Gooey

Barney and Gemma find out how the animals put their smells, poo and goo to good use.

Copa Latin America

21. Barney's Latin America: Copa Latin America

Barney and Gemma stage the Copa Latin America in this sporty special.

Eye See You Baby

24. Barney's Latin America: Eye See You Baby

Barney and Gemma explain about the weird ways animals can see.

Peculiar Partners

25. Barney's Latin America: Peculiar Partners

Including some bizarre best buddies - from a tortoise and finch to a sloth and its moths.