Children's animation series featuring Bing, a bunny, and his friends. Based on the books by Ted Dewan

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1. Bing: Fireworks

Bing thinks he is brave enough to watch fireworks outside in the garden.

Bye Bye

2. Bing: Bye Bye

Bing plays enthusiastically with a new orange balloon and bursts it, which makes him sad.


3. Bing: Swing

Flop is pushing Bing on the swing when Pando arrives and wants to have a go too.


4. Bing: Blocks

Bing is building a tower with his blocks and is upset when Coco arrives and hijacks them.


5. Bing: Ducks

When Bing and Sula feed the ducks in the park, Sula stands quietly but Bing is boisterous.


6. Bing: Smoothie

It's snack time and Flop suggests making a smoothie using a mushy banana.


7. Bing: Frog

Bing finds a frog in the garden, so he and Sula make the frog a 'house' in a bucket.

Car Park

8. Bing: Car Park

Bing wants to play his car park game, but Charlie is visiting and keeps messing it up.


9. Bing: Shadow

Bing is playing shadow tag with Flop.

Musical Statues

10. Bing: Musical Statues

Bing gets to choose the game at Amma's creche.

Voo Voo

11. Bing: Voo Voo

Bing has a mishap which he helps to clear up with Flop's 'voo-voo cleaner'.

Here I Go

12. Bing: Here I Go

Bing finds the new slide at the playground too scary for him to go down.


13. Bing: Growing

After having his height measured incorrectly, Bing gets scared that he's growing down.


14. Bing: Atchoo!

Bing feels sneezy and hot, so Flop decides that Bing needs to stay at home.


15. Bing: Hide-and-Seek

Bing regrets not going to the toilet before the game of hide-and-seek started.


16. Bing: Bake

Bing and Flop are making ginger bunny biscuits for Charlie and Coco.


17. Bing: Train

Bing and Pando experiment with Bing's toy train on the Fun Fort in the playground.

Say Goodbye

18. Bing: Say Goodbye

Bing and Sula are having so much fun playing together, they don't want to say goodbye.


19. Bing: Lost

Bing takes his Hoppity Voosh toy to the park to see the ducks and play on the slide.


20. Bing: Picnic

Bing and Flop are finally ready to leave for their picnic just as it starts to rain.


21. Bing: Balloon

Bing and Sula invent a noisy game with a helium balloon they find stuck in a tree.

Dressing Up

22. Bing: Dressing Up

Coco and Bing both need a crown to complete their outfits, but there is only one.

Something for Sula

23. Bing: Something for Sula

Bing makes Sula a picture with all her favourite things on it.


24. Bing: Knack

Bing is frustrated when all his own knacks are easy for everyone else to do too.


25. Bing: Hearts

Sula and Bing tag their favourite things around the house with heart-shaped stickies.


26. Bing: Storytime

Bing's favourite book falls in the bath when he joins in with the story too energetically.


27. Bing: Giving

Bing enjoys choosing the perfect present for Sula but then wants to keep it for himself.

Hula Hoop

28. Bing: Hula Hoop

Bing tries Coco's hula hoop and finds out that it's harder than it looks.

Big Boots

29. Bing: Big Boots

Bing and Sula play at being giants and splashing in puddles with their big boots.


30. Bing: Bubbles

Bing and Pando learn to blow bubbles. Pando soon gets the hang of it, but Bing struggles.

Paddling Pool

31. Bing: Paddling Pool

Bing and Sula find that there is no water in the paddling pool and invent new pool games.


32. Bing: Blankie

Bing inadvertently pees on his blankie. Fortunately, his toy has a cape just as soft.


33. Bing: Boo

Coco shows Bing how to do really good big boos, and together they make Flop jump.

Talkie Taxi

34. Bing: Talkie Taxi

Bing and Sula discover a new toy at Amma's creche - a talking ride-on car.


35. Bing: Kite

It's a windy day, and Bing wants to fly his Hoppity Voosh kite with Flop.


36. Bing: More

At bathtime, Bing just can't help adding a few more squirts of bubble goo.

Sparkle Magic

37. Bing: Sparkle Magic

Sula won't let Bing join in with her game of sparkle magic.


38. Bing: Tree

Bing wants to dig the biggest hole and gets upset when Pando accidentally fills it in.

Where's Flop?

39. Bing: Where's Flop?

Flop pops to the shop to get some carrots. Bing stays behind but starts to miss him.


40. Bing: Lunchbox

Bing and Pando's brand new Hoppity Voosh lunch boxes get mixed up.


41. Bing: Sleepover

Coco is staying at Bing's house for her first sleepover.

Surprise Machine

42. Bing: Surprise Machine

Bing and Sula have a penny each for the surprise machine in Padget's shop.


43. Bing: Dizzy

Bing learns that a little dizzy is fun but too much dizzy is no fun at all.


44. Bing: House

Coco decides that Bing's house made of sofa cushions is perfect for a game of big bad wolf

Ice Lolly

45. Bing: Ice Lolly

Before Bing and Flop can eat their ice lollies, a frog hops into Bing's paddling pool.


46. Bing: Mural

Bing's enthusiastic rainbow painting makes paint run all over Sula's beautiful tree.


47. Bing: Hiding

Bing gets stuck when he takes a game of hide-and-seek too far.


48. Bing: Sandcastle

Bing and Flop build a sandcastle and Pando joins them with his digger toy.


49. Bing: Acorns

Bing and Sula collect acorns in the park with Flop, but Bing's pile keeps shrinking.

Jingly Shoes

50. Bing: Jingly Shoes

Bing finds his old baby shoes and is dismayed when they fit baby Charlie.

Looking after Flop

51. Bing: Looking after Flop

Flop is feeling poorly, so Bing decides to look after him.


52. Bing: Music

It's music time at the creche, and everyone wants a turn on the drum.

Hippity Hoppity, Voosh

53. Bing: Hippity Hoppity, Voosh

Bing and Sula throw their toys into the air to see how high they can fly.

Come On Charlie

55. Bing: Come On Charlie

Charlie doesn't want to play Bing's favourite games - they play music together instead.


56. Bing: Skateboard

Bing really wants to go on a skateboard, but it's much harder to balance than it looks.


57. Bing: Butterfly

Bing tries to help a butterfly go outside, but he holds it too tightly and squishes it.

Chalk Dinosaur

58. Bing: Chalk Dinosaur

Bing draws a fabulous stripy, spotty, zig-zag dinosaur, but a rain shower washes it away.


59. Bing: Potato

Bing and Sula find a potato in Amma's vegetable patch with a comical face.


60. Bing: Wellies

Flop helps Bing recycle his favourite yellow wellies into colourful flower pots.

Ice Cream

61. Bing: Ice Cream

Bing and Flop hear Gilly's ice cream van and race across the park to find her.


62. Bing: Plasters

Bing sees Coco with a plaster on her finger and of course he wants one too.


63. Bing: Cat

On the way to Padget's shop, Bing and Flop stop to play with Arlo the cat.


64. Bing: Dandelion

Bing and Flop find a patch of fluffy white dandelions in the park.


65. Bing: Voosh!

Bing is vooshing with Hoppity around the garden, making him fly higher and higher.

Nature Explorer

66. Bing: Nature Explorer

Bing and his friends play nature explorers in Amma's garden.


67. Bing: Choosing

Bing finds it hard to choose between all the lovely things in Padget's shop.


68. Bing: Dark

It is bedtime, but where is Hoppity?


69. Bing: Stuck

Bing and Sula have a lovely time in the park clambering around on the trees.


70. Bing: Cake

Bing's friends are coming to his house for a cake party.

Not Yours

71. Bing: Not Yours

Flop can't resist taking a lolly from Padget's shop.


72. Bing: Mine

Bing and Pando are both tired but insist on one last game of hide-and-seek before bed.


73. Bing: Lunch

Bing and Sula help Amma to get lunch ready.


74. Bing: Woof!

Bing and Flop find a lost dog. When the owner turns up, Bing is upset about saying goodbye

Eggy Head

75. Bing: Eggy Head

At Amma's creche the children make eggy heads with egg shells and cress seeds.

Toy Party

76. Bing: Toy Party

Bing gets jealous when Sula pays more attention to Pando on a playdate.

Mobile Phone

77. Bing: Mobile Phone

Bing accidentally drops Flop's phone and breaks it.


78. Bing: Show

Bing and his friends put on a show in the park.