Series 20

Series 20

Children's entertainment with the Chuckle Brothers

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Mind Your Manors

1. ChuckleVision: Series 20, Mind Your Manors

Paul and Barry must save Chuckle Manor from greedy landowner Simon Chortle.

Super Heroes-Super Zeroes

3. ChuckleVision: Series 20, Super Heroes-Super Zeroes

Paul sets up a convention for a film superhero, but he books the wrong star.

Jumping Jackpot

4. ChuckleVision: Series 20, Jumping Jackpot

Paul and Barry win a 50,000-pound jackpot, but Barry cannot recall where the ticket is.

Raven Mad

6. ChuckleVision: Series 20, Raven Mad

The Chuckles are minding the ravens at the Tower of London, but Paul gets sidetracked.