Animated series about the Cloudbabies, four childlike characters who live on a cloud and look after the sky.

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Fly Away Home

1. Cloudbabies: Fly Away Home

Bobo White accidently breaks the gate to the skyhorsey stable and the skyhorsies escape.

The Right Colour to Be

2. Cloudbabies: The Right Colour to Be

Bobo White gets his hands on a pot of purple paint and paints Sun.

Best Bouncer

3. Cloudbabies: Best Bouncer

Baba Green can't cloud bounce like the others, and it makes him sad.

Baba Pink's Bossy Day

4. Cloudbabies: Baba Pink's Bossy Day

Baba Pink creates a star chart to monitor each of the Cloudbabies' jobs.


5. Cloudbabies: Superdonk

After Bobo White feeds rainpears to the skyhorsies, they fall into a deep sleep.

Painting the Door

6. Cloudbabies: Painting the Door

Each Cloudbaby resolves to paint the door of Cloudy House in their favourite colour.

Mystery Noise

7. Cloudbabies: Mystery Noise

The Cloudbabies try to solve the mystery of the rumbly noise keeping Little Star awake.

Full Moon

8. Cloudbabies: Full Moon

The Cloudbabies help Moon when her breakfast does not arrive on time.

Rainbow in a Knot

9. Cloudbabies: Rainbow in a Knot

Rainbow gets tied in a knot and the Cloudbabies try to untangle him.


10. Cloudbabies: Achoo!

The pollen from Baba Green's flowers forms a yellow cloud that makes everyone sneeze.

Wide Awake Sun

11. Cloudbabies: Wide Awake Sun

Sun does not want to go to bed. How can the Cloudbabies make him go to sleep?

Anyone Seen Sun?

12. Cloudbabies: Anyone Seen Sun?

The Cloudbabies are playing hide-and-seek and Sun wants to join in but he is too big.

Grumpy Rainbow

13. Cloudbabies: Grumpy Rainbow

Rainbow's patience is tested when he has to babysit Fuffa, Bobo White and Little Star.

Being Baba Pink

14. Cloudbabies: Being Baba Pink

Baba Pink didn't sleep well and is still very tired, so the others help with her jobs.

Fuffa's Raining Lesson

15. Cloudbabies: Fuffa's Raining Lesson

Fuffa is learning how to rain but she cannot seem to do it right.

Little Star Flies High

16. Cloudbabies: Little Star Flies High

Little Star desperately wants to be a shooting star. But will he get his moment to shine?

Missing Rainclouds

17. Cloudbabies: Missing Rainclouds

Baba Green and Baba Blue go off on their skyhorsies to rustle up some clouds.

Rainbow's Orchestra

18. Cloudbabies: Rainbow's Orchestra

A storm is brewing - it is Fuffa's first and she is a bit nervous.

Finding Fuffa

19. Cloudbabies: Finding Fuffa

Fuffa hides from the Cloudbabies and pretends that she is lost.

Skydonk's New Home

20. Cloudbabies: Skydonk's New Home

The Cloudbabies give the stables a makeover, and Baba Blue decides to surprise Skydonk.

Sun's Very Own Sunset

21. Cloudbabies: Sun's Very Own Sunset

The Cloudbabies try to think of a way for Sun to enjoy seeing a sunset.

Runaway Skytrain

22. Cloudbabies: Runaway Skytrain

Bobo and Fuffa are playing at being a skytrain and tear around causing trouble.

Race Around the Sun

23. Cloudbabies: Race Around the Sun

The Cloudbabies have a race to decide who gets to eat the last rainpear from the orchard.

Sun Catches a Cold

24. Cloudbabies: Sun Catches a Cold

The Cloudbabies wake to find Sun has a cold that prevents him from shining as he should.

Lost and Found

25. Cloudbabies: Lost and Found

Baba Yellow is in such a hurry to find her bag she leaves her Fluteytoot behind.

Mucky Skyhorsies

26. Cloudbabies: Mucky Skyhorsies

The Cloudbabies go about their daily jobs but they manage to get their Skyhorsies dirty.

Bobo to the Rescue

27. Cloudbabies: Bobo to the Rescue

Bobo White goes for Skyhorsey practice. He is keen to become as good as the Cloudbabies.

Wash Day

28. Cloudbabies: Wash Day

It's wash day and the Cloudbabies bring out all their washing.

Morning Mist

29. Cloudbabies: Morning Mist

It's a chilly day and a thick layer of morning mist covers the Skycloud.

Fastest Rainbow

30. Cloudbabies: Fastest Rainbow

It's a windy day and all the Cloudbabies are finding it hard to get their jobs done.

The Star Whistler

31. Cloudbabies: The Star Whistler

On a windy evening, some of the stars are blown from the startree.

Go to Bed Little Star

32. Cloudbabies: Go to Bed Little Star

Baba Yellow is late helping the Cloudbabies because Little Star will not go to bed.

Rainbow Baby

33. Cloudbabies: Rainbow Baby

Bobo and Skydonk see a picture of a baby in Baba Yellow's paint book.


34. Cloudbabies: Snowbaby

It's a very cold day and a snow cloud has covered the Skyworld in snow.

Snow Fun Sun

35. Cloudbabies: Snow Fun Sun

There is lots of snow and Baba Pink has made all the Cloudbabies new gloves.

No Room in the Sky

36. Cloudbabies: No Room in the Sky

It's the night before Star Day - the most exciting night of the year.

Moon's Big Shine

37. Cloudbabies: Moon's Big Shine

Moon needs an extra-special polish, but will the Cloudbabies remember?

Baba Blue's Little Helper

38. Cloudbabies: Baba Blue's Little Helper

Bobo asks Baba Blue if he can help him with his jobs.

Horsies in the House

39. Cloudbabies: Horsies in the House

When the Skyhorsies are scared by a hailstorm, they break the gate and escape.

The Big Pop

40. Cloudbabies: The Big Pop

Bobo and Little Star discover that the poppitypops plants explode when they're touched.

Something Beautiful

41. Cloudbabies: Something Beautiful

The Cloudbabies all work on making something beautiful.

Rainpear Pirates

42. Cloudbabies: Rainpear Pirates

Bobo's imagination gets away from him after he is told the story of the rainpear pirates.

A Busy Night

43. Cloudbabies: A Busy Night

The Cloudbabies sing lullabies to the stars to help them sleep.

Moonlight Sleepover

44. Cloudbabies: Moonlight Sleepover

It's a very hot night and Bobo and Baba Blue are having trouble sleeping.

A Cloud of Many Colours

45. Cloudbabies: A Cloud of Many Colours

Bobo accidentally spills some paint and covers poor Fuffa Cloud, turning her blue!


46. Cloudbabies: Stranded

Baba Pink is making a moonrock cake for Moon, but a vital ingredient is missing.

Go Slow Rainbow

47. Cloudbabies: Go Slow Rainbow

Baba Yellow is painting Rainbow and Baba Green is hard at work in the garden.

Thank You Baba Blue

48. Cloudbabies: Thank You Baba Blue

Baba Blue's job is painting the stables but he ends up helping everyone else.

Harvest Moon

49. Cloudbabies: Harvest Moon

Sun is very excited as it is time for the horsey hay harvest.

Wishing Star

50. Cloudbabies: Wishing Star

After hearing a story, Little Star decides that he wants to be a wishing star.

Rain Rain Rain

51. Cloudbabies: Rain Rain Rain

The rain has kept the Cloudbabies inside so Baba Yellow suggests they play a game.

Goodbye Fuffa

52. Cloudbabies: Goodbye Fuffa

Fuffa decides that it is time to move on and join the big clouds.