Series 2

Series 2

Following Jamie Johnson's life at school and the ups and downs of being on the football team.

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Hero to Zero

1. Jamie Johnson: Series 2, Hero to Zero

The video of Jamie scoring against Tibbs has gone viral - but it starts to go to his head.

Anger Management

2. Jamie Johnson: Series 2, Anger Management

Jamie finds it hard to control his temper when he misses a visit from his hero.

The Scout

3. Jamie Johnson: Series 2, The Scout

Harry and Dillon discover that it was Mike who ended Hansard's career.

Trial and Error

4. Jamie Johnson: Series 2, Trial and Error

It's Dillon's first try-out at Hawkstone Academy and Jack covers it for the school blog.

The No-Boggy

5. Jamie Johnson: Series 2, The No-Boggy

Boggy's date with online buddy Nancy doesn't go as planned.

Watch Me Fly

6. Jamie Johnson: Series 2, Watch Me Fly

It's Jamie's first match back after his ban and he is determined to keep focused.

Dad Trouble

7. Jamie Johnson: Series 2, Dad Trouble

Jamie's dad pays a surprise visit and promises to get him a trial at Hawkstone Academy.

They Think It's All Over

8. Jamie Johnson: Series 2, They Think It's All Over

Jack is desperate to play in midfield, but has to work twice as hard as anyone else.

Second Chances

9. Jamie Johnson: Series 2, Second Chances

The team are rallied when it seems Boggy might have unearthed some good news.

End Game

10. Jamie Johnson: Series 2, End Game

Kingsmount are through to the cup final at St George's Park, and the pressure is immense.