Little Prairie Dogs

Little Prairie Dogs

Children's show. Set against the stunning backdrop of North America's prairies, every episode tells a story of adventure as the little prairie dogs explore the world around them

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Episodes List

Little Prairie School

1. Little Prairie Dogs: Little Prairie School

Sage and her younger brother Tate are off to school to learn the Prairie Dog Code.

The Prairie Festival

2. Little Prairie Dogs: The Prairie Festival

Ashki is keen to show his younger brother Snow all the fun events of festival day.

Meet the Neighbours

3. Little Prairie Dogs: Meet the Neighbours

Snow and Ashki set about meeting some of their neighbours.

The Owl and the Prairie Dog

4. Little Prairie Dogs: The Owl and the Prairie Dog

A game of king of the castle brings Snow face to face with a scary monster.

Dusting and Cleaning

5. Little Prairie Dogs: Dusting and Cleaning

A storm has blown across the prairie leaving everything in a bit of a mess.

Fun and Games

6. Little Prairie Dogs: Fun and Games

It is the weekend, which means a whole day of fun and games.

Birthday Surprises

7. Little Prairie Dogs: Birthday Surprises

Snow is excited about his birthday and looking forward to a day of fun.

Rain or Shine

8. Little Prairie Dogs: Rain or Shine

The little prairie dogs encounter all sorts of strange weather.

Prairie Picnic

9. Little Prairie Dogs: Prairie Picnic

Snow is bored of grass, so he and Ashki find out what other prairie animals eat.

Colours of the Rainbow

10. Little Prairie Dogs: Colours of the Rainbow

Snow and Ashki set out to find all seven colours of the rainbow out on the prairie.