Series 1

Series 1

Series about a cartoon boy in the real world.

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Pass it On

1. Little Roy: Pass it On

Maura decides that Roy should give away the toys he doesn't play with anymore.

Roy's New Look

2. Little Roy: Roy's New Look

Roy is crestfallen to realise he cannot change the way he looks.

Oh Brother!

3. Little Roy: Oh Brother!

Roy discovers that his dream of having a younger brother named Zip has come true.

Flushed Away

4. Little Roy: Flushed Away

The Messer fills Toonville with water to create a giant swimming pool for himself.

Roy O'Clock

5. Little Roy: Roy O'Clock

When Roy sneaks a look at Mr Barker's old cuckoo clock, he accidentally breaks it.

Stormy Nighty Knight

6. Little Roy: Stormy Nighty Knight

Roy generates a cartoon light bulb to keep the dark at bay during a storm.

Mega Sucker

7. Little Roy: Mega Sucker

Bill is in charge while Maura is away and the place is a mess.

Let's Rock, Little Roy

8. Little Roy: Let's Rock, Little Roy

Roy helps Becky to improve her triangle performance.

Wakey Wakey

9. Little Roy: Wakey Wakey

Roy and Becky need to get a good night's rest but just can't get to sleep.

Gnomey O'Brien

10. Little Roy: Gnomey O'Brien

Roy and Bill accidentally break Mr Barker's garden gnome.

The Big Cover Up

11. Little Roy: The Big Cover Up

It's a sunny day and Roy gets sunburnt, causing him to turn into a lobster.

Sweet Tooth

12. Little Roy: Sweet Tooth

Roy loses a tooth, Toothy - a cute animated tooth, with a penchant for sweets.

Team O'Brien

13. Little Roy: Team O'Brien

Roy tries to help Bill break his record for the number of chores done in a day.

Little Roy of Sunshine

14. Little Roy: Little Roy of Sunshine

Roy wakes up one morning and realises he is being followed by a wispy little cartoon cloud

Little Roy Blue

15. Little Roy: Little Roy Blue

When Roy puts on Maura's mood ring, he ends up changing colours rather than the ring.


16. Little Roy: Magic

When Mr Barker shows Roy some magic tricks, he is determined to put on his own magic show.

Now You See Me, Now You Don't

17. Little Roy: Now You See Me, Now You Don't

Roy upsets Becky and doesn't say sorry, so she ignores him, causing him to turn invisible.

Doctor Roy

18. Little Roy: Doctor Roy

Roy is excited to play doctor with the new toy set Becky has given him.

Stuck on Remote

19. Little Roy: Stuck on Remote

When Roy accidentally swallows the TV remote, it starts activating him instead of the TV.

Too Many Roys

20. Little Roy: Series 1, Too Many Roys

Roy daydreams about commanding a troop of little Little Roys, but they won't obey him.

Egg Chasers

21. Little Roy: Series 1, Egg Chasers

Roy becomes hugely unpopular at an Easter egg hunt when he finds every single egg.

Roy's Resort

22. Little Roy: Series 1, Roy's Resort

Roy tries to earn enough money to pay for his family to go on holiday.

Squeaky Clean

23. Little Roy: Squeaky Clean

Roy learns there can be wrinkly consequences when you spend too long in the bath.

Toy Roy

24. Little Roy: Series 1, Toy Roy

When Tristan's cousin Lucy mistakes Roy for a toy, he has to go along with it!

Let It Snow

25. Little Roy: Series 1, Let It Snow

Roy and Becky decide to make their own snow from Roy's cartoon cloud.

Chicken Little Roy

26. Little Roy: Chicken Little Roy

Becky gets a lot of affection when she catches chicken pox, making Roy feel left out.