Series 2

Series 2

Series about a cartoon boy living in the real world.

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My Hero

1. Little Roy: Series 2, My Hero

Roy tries to sneak a look a Becky's scrapbook to find out if he is Becky's hero.

Something Fishy

2. Little Roy: Series 2, Something Fishy

Roy becomes convinced that his goldfish is in danger from Mr Barker.

Genie Roy

3. Little Roy: Series 2, Genie Roy

Roy, Becky and Tristan open a stall at a fair, but a mean stallholder loses them a sale.

Say Cheese

4. Little Roy: Series 2, Say Cheese

Roy and Becky can't stand still and behave themselves for the O'Briens' family photo.


5. Little Roy: Series 2, Goals

Becky, Tristan and Roy decide to teach Bill and Mr Jones the importance of teamwork.


6. Little Roy: Series 2, Tiara

Roy accidently breaks Becky's tiara that she absolutely loves.

Bring Back Becky

7. Little Roy: Series 2, Bring Back Becky

Roy is determined to make a photo frame for Becky in time for her return home.

Rumble Roy

8. Little Roy: Series 2, Rumble Roy

Roy's family and friends try to teach him that laughing at yourself is best.

My Shadow and I

9. Little Roy: Series 2, My Shadow and I

Roy doesn't feel like his normal self when he gets separated from his shadow.

You Are What You Eat

10. Little Roy: Series 2, You Are What You Eat

Roy eats too much pizza and drinks too much soda and turns into a floating pizza slice.

The Incredible Sulk

11. Little Roy: Series 2, The Incredible Sulk

As Roy's frustration grows and grows, so does he, and his huge tears flood the garden.

Messy Breakkie

12. Little Roy: Series 2, Messy Breakkie

Roy decides to surprise his parents with breakfast in bed but runs into trouble.

Alien Hunt

13. Little Roy: Series 2, Alien Hunt

Roy sees a strange blue light in the garden and is convinced it's aliens.

The Dancing O'Briens

14. Little Roy: Series 2, The Dancing O'Briens

Roy is paralysed by stage fright when ballroom dancing at Bill and Maura's party.

Roy Thumb

15. Little Roy: Series 2, Roy Thumb

When Roy accidentally whacks his thumb with a toy hammer, the thumb starts to talk.

A Little Hiccup

17. Little Roy: Series 2, A Little Hiccup

When he drinks some fizzy lemonade too quickly, Roy gets cartoon hiccups!

The Roy Rap

19. Little Roy: Series 2, The Roy Rap

Roy thinks he has found a new talent - street dancing.

Nitty Gritty

20. Little Roy: Series 2, Nitty Gritty

When Roy contracts cartoon nits, he refuses to wash his hair.

Detective Roy

21. Little Roy: Series 2, Detective Roy

Roy loses Tristan's handheld game and goes on a full-scale detective mission to find it.

Mother's Day

22. Little Roy: Series 2, Mother's Day

Roy is determined to make Maura the best Mother's Day present ever.

Lock Down

23. Little Roy: Series 2, Lock Down

Maura and Roy lock themselves out of the house and have to sneak back in through a window.

Santa's Little Helper

26. Little Roy: Series 2, Santa's Little Helper

Roy panics because it's Christmas Eve and he doesn't have gifts for his mum and dad.