Rank the Prank

Rank the Prank

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Who's Got Talent?

1. Rank the Prank: Who's Got Talent?

Nubia and Mia's orangutan prank takes on Millie and Charlotte's gorilla in Heaton Hall.

Hip Hop Legend

2. Rank the Prank: Hip Hop Legend

Pretty Perfect Pranksters and Shenanigans take over a food truck in a park.

Superhero Casting

3. Rank the Prank: Superhero Casting

Beastly Besties and Cheeky Pranksters take over Manchester Museum.

Mad Scientist

4. Rank the Prank: Mad Scientist

Firebirds and Extreme Pranksters team up with Effectors Eliane Achkar and Adrien Morot.

Cake Off!

5. Rank the Prank: Cake Off!

Pranking Pandemonium and Shining Stars create pranks inside an art gallery.

Meteor Strike!

6. Rank the Prank: Meteor Strike!

Dukafundis and Very Intelligent Pranksters take over a bowling alley.

Studio Breakdown

7. Rank the Prank: Studio Breakdown

Walking Warriors and Team Genius take over a busy market to stage their pranks.

Ninja Academy

8. Rank the Prank: Ninja Academy

Two teams, Prank 360 and Gladiators, invade an office building to prank their targets.

Car Disaster

9. Rank the Prank: Car Disaster

Prankvegas and Dancing Flamingos take over a garden centre to prank their targets.

Double Trouble

10. Rank the Prank: Double Trouble

Twintastics and Mystic N Magic head to a bookshop to stage two magic-themed pranks.

Anti-Gravity Bands

11. Rank the Prank: Anti-Gravity Bands

Prank Devils and Dancing Divas head to a local park to stage two wire-work pranks.

Hungry Robot

12. Rank the Prank: Hungry Robot

Red Herring and Team Blackout head to a yoga studio to stage their pranks.

Dodge the Bear

13. Rank the Prank: Dodge the Bear

Koala Bunnies and Prank Bosses summon wizards and aliens on a busy city street corner.