Series 3

Series 3

Stop-motion series featuring Rastamouse, Scratchy and Zoomer, crime-fighting special agents who solve mysteries and play in a reggae band.

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Da Mousa Lisa

1. Rastamouse: Series 3, Da Mousa Lisa

Wensley Dale has bought a painting online but it doesn't look like he expected.

Techno Time

2. Rastamouse: Series 3, Techno Time

Wensley Dale is trying to arrange a meeting to discuss a new monument for Pow Pow square.

Da Rollin' Cheese

3. Rastamouse: Series 3, Da Rollin' Cheese

It's the big food festival and Wensley Dale struggles to finalise all the preparations.

Count on Me

4. Rastamouse: Series 3, Count on Me

Black Whiskers and Lil' Patch are taking the orphans on a special treasure hunt.


5. Rastamouse: Series 3, Dancinderella

Lady Uptown is auditioning for a new backing dancer for her stage show.

Night at da Mouseum

6. Rastamouse: Series 3, Night at da Mouseum

Shorty is working as security guard at Da Mouseland Museum and he sees something strange.

Club Cheese

7. Rastamouse: Series 3, Club Cheese

Zoomer is distracted by a new computer game, and Rastamouse is looking for the Prez.

Da Bagga Bard

8. Rastamouse: Series 3, Da Bagga Bard

Spike Cheez is shooting a movie based on a play by Williamouse Da Bard.

Da Special One

9. Rastamouse: Series 3, Da Special One

The president's unbeaten volleyball team miss practice with special coach Jose.

Da Bad Break

10. Rastamouse: Series 3, Da Bad Break

Frank is sad when his new dance group don't show up for rehearsal.

Da Rollin' Stone

11. Rastamouse: Series 3, Da Rollin' Stone

Reggae star Chaka Overdub is due to perform a live gig on For Real FM, but he disappears.

Discovery Day

12. Rastamouse: Series 3, Discovery Day

Rastamouse must come up with a plan as he deals with a visitor from space!

Sugar Gone Sour

13. Rastamouse: Series 3, Sugar Gone Sour

The president wants to hear the new track from Da Sugamice, but the band have broken up.

Bare Thrills

14. Rastamouse: Series 3, Bare Thrills

A world-famous mouse is coming to Mouseland to film a TV special with Wensley Dale.


15. Rastamouse: Series 3, Hotwheels

Branston has invented a pedal-powered juicycle bike but it's not working.

Ride On Time

16. Rastamouse: Series 3, Ride On Time

Rastamouse, Scratchy and Zoomer try to find the mystery driver of a white delivery van.

Trainin' Day

17. Rastamouse: Series 3, Trainin' Day

The Easy Crew investigate some missing items.

Da Mouseland Cheese Hunt

18. Rastamouse: Series 3, Da Mouseland Cheese Hunt

It's the annual Mouseland Cheese Hunt but no-one can find the list of instructions.

Rainin' Cheese

19. Rastamouse: Series 3, Rainin' Cheese

Zoomer can't believe it as it's raining cheese in Mouseland!

Mo Mo Goes Solo

20. Rastamouse: Series 3, Mo Mo Goes Solo

Oscar Paws's nephew Mo Mo is due to be doing a big solo at the Mouseland Proms Concert.

Pump Up Da Volume

21. Rastamouse: Series 3, Pump Up Da Volume

Mixie believes that some mouse has stolen all the sound to Spike Cheez's latest TV show.

GoldieVox and Da Easy Crew

22. Rastamouse: Series 3, GoldieVox and Da Easy Crew

Wensley Dale is trying to make a national anthem for the Mouseland Centenary Celebrations.

Da Last Resort

23. Rastamouse: Series 3, Da Last Resort

A mouse has put up a big fence so no one can get to Mousetego Bay.

Makin' a Bad Ting Good as New

24. Rastamouse: Series 3, Makin' a Bad Ting Good as New

Something very precious has gone missing from the president's mansion.

School Of Rock

25. Rastamouse: Series 3, School Of Rock

Bandulu is fretting because the orphans don't seem to be concentrating on their lessons.


26. Rastamouse: Series 3, CheezAid

Sir Alfie has organised a CheezAid gig to help needy mice all over the world.