Series 2

Series 2

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Eyes Popp

1. Rastamouse: Series 2, Eyes Popp

Ice Popp is working as Toots's new roadie, but he keeps making mistakes.


2. Rastamouse: Series 2, Mouserobics

Lil Patch gets a song request from the president, but she doesn't have the requested tune.

Grove Town

3. Rastamouse: Series 2, Grove Town

President Wensley Dale asks the Easy Crew to escort ragga star Miss Ruffit around town.

Show Band Style

4. Rastamouse: Series 2, Show Band Style

President Wensley Dale is troubled by reports of arguments at the orphanage.


5. Rastamouse: Series 2, Chatterbox

The Easy Crew try to solve the mystery of Aunt Janessa's lost voice before a concert.

Boom Box Bust

6. Rastamouse: Series 2, Boom Box Bust

The Easy Crew compose a new charity record to raise money for the orphans' new boom box.

Over Da Moon

7. Rastamouse: Series 2, Over Da Moon

As Wensley Dale prepares to be the first mouse in space, things mysteriously go missing.

Book Ah Records

8. Rastamouse: Series 2, Book Ah Records

The Easy Crew must find some missing mice in time to break some new Mouseland records.

Da Winner Is

9. Rastamouse: Series 2, Da Winner Is

The Easy Crew have to rescue an awards ceremony when a thief takes all the trophies.

Rappin Da Spell

10. Rastamouse: Series 2, Rappin Da Spell

It is the Mouseland Spelling Competition. Can the orphans become top spellers?

Wicked Wednesday

11. Rastamouse: Series 2, Wicked Wednesday

Bandulu is unwell and the little orphan mice are missing all their lessons.

Da Mashup Mystery

12. Rastamouse: Series 2, Da Mashup Mystery

The Easy Crew race around Grove Town to get everything delivered for Stylee's Summer Jam.

Dude, Where's Mi Bongos?

13. Rastamouse: Series 2, Dude, Where's Mi Bongos?

Zoomer has forgotten where he left his special bongos and he can't perform without them.


14. Rastamouse: Series 2, Chococheese

There's a new snack sensation taking Grove Town by storm.

Beyond Da Fringe

15. Rastamouse: Series 2, Beyond Da Fringe

There is a queue at Ron's Barber's waiting for haircuts, but Ron is nowhere to be found!

Bad Ting Song

16. Rastamouse: Series 2, Bad Ting Song

Wensley Dale's golf balls and clubs keep going missing and he is getting downhearted.

Mouseland TV Cribs

17. Rastamouse: Series 2, Mouseland TV Cribs

Wensley's interview with rapper Fifty P is compromised by a series of strange events.

Da King's Speech

18. Rastamouse: Series 2, Da King's Speech

Rastamouse must devise a plan to deal with a serious case of stage fright.

Da Lost Keys

19. Rastamouse: Series 2, Da Lost Keys

Someone seems determined to disrupt a performance by piano virtuoso Oscar Paws.


20. Rastamouse: Series 2, Safe

The bank is mysteriously closed and Sterling the bank manager is nowhere to be found!

Uptown Feelin' Down

21. Rastamouse: Series 2, Uptown Feelin' Down

Wensley Dale is concerned that Lady Uptown is behaving very strangely.

Sherlock Homey

22. Rastamouse: Series 2, Sherlock Homey

There is a new crime-busting mouse in town, so the Easy Crew take a day off.


23. Rastamouse: Series 2, Moustamind

Rastamouse investigates when all the library books in Grove Town go missing.

Didier du Rag

24. Rastamouse: Series 2, Didier du Rag

All the footballs go missing right before the Grove Town Footie Tricks Competition.

Abracada Bredda

25. Rastamouse: Series 2, Abracada Bredda

The Easy Crew help a talented mouse make some missing items reappear.


26. Rastamouse: Series 2, Sugamice

Scratchy discovers a wicked girl band to represent Grove Town in the battle of the bands.