Series 1

Series 1

Stop-motion series featuring Rastamouse, Scratchy and Zoomer, crime-fighting special agents who solve mysteries and play in a reggae band.

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Da Crucial Plan

1. Rastamouse: Series 1, Da Crucial Plan

The Easy Crew devise a clever plan to discover who has stolen all the cheese in Mouseland.

Bakin' and Breakin'

2. Rastamouse: Series 1, Bakin' and Breakin'

Rastamouse teaches some tasty dance moves to solve a problem at the orphanage.

Da Missin Masterpiece

3. Rastamouse: Series 1, Da Missin Masterpiece

The Easy Crew must come up with an arty plan to track down a missing masterpiece.

For Real FM

4. Rastamouse: Series 1, For Real FM

The Easy Crew track down a mystery pirate who's taken all the music in Mouseland.

Mice Camera Action

5. Rastamouse: Series 1, Mice Camera Action

Director Spike Cheez arrives in town, making every mouse go crazy for his new pirate movie

Hot Hot Hot

6. Rastamouse: Series 1, Hot Hot Hot

The Easy Crew must arrange a surprise party to track down a very selfish mouse.

President's Pie

7. Rastamouse: Series 1, President's Pie

Someone has stolen the special pie Bandulu baked for Wensley Dale.

Wicked Threads

8. Rastamouse: Series 1, Wicked Threads

Somebody steals Wensley Dale's presidential tie during the island fashion competition.

Da Marathon Mystery

9. Rastamouse: Series 1, Da Marathon Mystery

Rastamouse wonders if Rubba is cheating to win Da Big Cheese Marathon.

Da Cool Cruiser

10. Rastamouse: Series 1, Da Cool Cruiser

Rastamouse must apprehend a motorised thief who is determined to win at all costs.

Da Monstrous Fib

11. Rastamouse: Series 1, Da Monstrous Fib

Scary sounds have been spooking the orphan mice during their camping trip.

Cheesy Rumbles

12. Rastamouse: Series 1, Cheesy Rumbles

The Easy Crew investigate strange rumbling sounds in the Buff Bay Caves.

Boom Bada Boom

13. Rastamouse: Series 1, Boom Bada Boom

Rastamouse and Scratchy investigate why everyone in Grove Town is so keen to snooze.

Da Ice-Cold Criminal

14. Rastamouse: Series 1, Da Ice-Cold Criminal

Rastamouse tracks down a thief with an icy ambition.

Sole Rebel

15. Rastamouse: Series 1, Sole Rebel

Zoomer, Rubba and Dub are devastated when their brand new trainers fall apart.

Double Crossin' Diva

16. Rastamouse: Series 1, Double Crossin' Diva

Rastamouse investigates the disappearance of a minibus.

Toots Re-routes

17. Rastamouse: Series 1, Toots Re-routes

Somone prevents a musical legend from performing at Gladstone Brie's music festival.

Da Bag-a Bling

18. Rastamouse: Series 1, Da Bag-a Bling

Rastamouse instigates an ingenious plan to catch a mouse who has borrowed the orphans.

Pie Without Cheese

18. Rastamouse: Series 1, Pie Without Cheese

Wensley Dale's bossy sister Sasha takes over when he goes on holiday.

Hot Sauce

20. Rastamouse: Series 1, Hot Sauce

The Easy Crew have a hot plan to bring about order and save the food festival.

Rollin' Raga Twins

21. Rastamouse: Series 1, Rollin' Raga Twins

The crew stage a roller disco skating competition to trick a copycat thief.

Shorty Shapes Up

22. Rastamouse: Series 1, Shorty Shapes Up

It's sports day and there are blingy medals to be won, but some mouse spoils all the fun.

Master of Disguise

23. Rastamouse: Series 1, Master of Disguise

The Easy Crew comes up with a watertight plan to fix a leaky roof.

Lady Uptown

24. Rastamouse: Series 1, Lady Uptown

Old-school music star Lady Uptown is distressed by the disappearance of her lucky brooch.


25. Rastamouse: Series 1, Sugacube

Somebody has stolen an Easy Crew record and is now pretending the music is their own.

Da Rhymin Teef

26. Rastamouse: Series 1, Da Rhymin Teef

The Easy Crew put aside their music making to track down the president's stolen stereo.

Missing Da Prez

27. Rastamouse: Series 1, Missing Da Prez

The Easy Crew must solve the mystery of a missing movie screen and a missing president.

Da Swingin' Suspect

28. Rastamouse: Series 1, Da Swingin' Suspect

The Easy Crew uncover a strange nutty trail when they investigate a path of destruction.

Swap Til Ya Drop

29. Rastamouse: Series 1, Swap Til Ya Drop

Rastamouse comes up with a crafty plan to catch a criminal with a passion for collecting.

Ready Red

30. Rastamouse: Series 1, Ready Red

The Easy Crew are in the dark, as reports come in that lights are going out all over town.

Rubbish Playground

31. Rastamouse: Series 1, Rubbish Playground

Wensley Dale is trapped inside his mansion, unable to do the things that presidents do.

Where Da Hair

31. Rastamouse: Series 1, Where Da Hair

Some ragamuffin mouse has stolen Aunt Janessa's favourite wig.

Da Rare Groove

32. Rastamouse: Series 1, Da Rare Groove

Sasha has a clean-up, getting rid of Wensley Dale's old comic books and junk.

S'No Flour

33. Rastamouse: Series 1, S'No Flour

Sonny the weather mouse forecasts the first ever snow to fall on Mouseland.

Message in a Bottle

34. Rastamouse: Series 1, Message in a Bottle

Someone's sending out an SOS as the crucial jams of For Real FM fall silent.

Handmade Music

35. Rastamouse: Series 1, Handmade Music

Wensley Dale reports that the orphans' yo-yos have been stolen.

Rapper's Block

37. Rastamouse: Series 1, Rapper's Block

The Easy Crew must track down Bagga T and help him find his rap.


38. Rastamouse: Series 1, Kharma

The Easy Crew come up with a plan to deal with a double-decker bus thief.

Perfect Pizza

39. Rastamouse: Series 1, Perfect Pizza

The Easy Crew help to put prize-winning pizzas on the menu.


40. Rastamouse: Series 1, Stumped

The Easy Crew learn that when it comes to cricket, Dwain the postman is the expert.

Hot Off Da Press

41. Rastamouse: Series 1, Hot Off Da Press

There is all kinds of paper going missing from all kinds of different places.

Mice Cool Musical

42. Rastamouse: Series 1, Mice Cool Musical

There is tension onstage at rehearsals for the orphans' musical.

Zoomer Slows Down

43. Rastamouse: Series 1, Zoomer Slows Down

A familiar tune helps Rastamouse and Scratchy get Zoomer ready for the big skate race.

MJ Meddles

44. Rastamouse: Series 1, MJ Meddles

There is going to be a basketball contest at Pow Pow Square.

No Fix Fats

45. Rastamouse: Series 1, No Fix Fats

Fats is unable to assist everyone, despite promising immediate help.

Mouse Measles?

46. Rastamouse: Series 1, Mouse Measles?

Every time the orphans try to start their Great Big Sponsored Skate, things go wrong.

Mouse Space Mystery

47. Rastamouse: Series 1, Mouse Space Mystery

Rastamouse must come up with an expert plan to catch a computer king.

Sandy Bay Boyz

48. Rastamouse: Series 1, Sandy Bay Boyz

The Easy Crew discover that there are three microphones missing from Nuff Song studio.

Black Whiskers

49. Rastamouse: Series 1, Black Whiskers

Rastamouse must map out a cool plan to track down a thief looking for the spot marked X.

Tinie Tinsel

50. Rastamouse: Series 1, Tinie Tinsel

Someone has stolen President Wensley Dale's Christmas tree.

Da Great Spindiski

51. Rastamouse: Series 1, Da Great Spindiski

The Easy Crew must come up with a super spinnin' plan to deal with missing crockery.

Natty Hill Carnival

52. Rastamouse: Series 1, Natty Hill Carnival

The costumes for Da Riddim Stix steel band have gone missing.