Series 2

Series 2

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Very Fast Food

1. The Numtums: Series 2, Very Fast Food

Hobart is put in charge of the Tasty Termite but things get out of control.

You Can Do It Humpty Do!

2. The Numtums: Series 2, You Can Do It Humpty Do!

Humpty Do goes off on a mission to find a legendary cactus with Bendy Go.

School of Cool

3. The Numtums: Series 2, School of Cool

The Numtums plan a suprise party for Humpty Do.


4. The Numtums: Series 2, Numbot

The Numpups get a spring-cleaning robot but they send it out of control.

The Quest for the Hooded Paw

5. The Numtums: Series 2, The Quest for the Hooded Paw

Bendy Go and Dar Dar win two tickets to see the new Super Numtum film.

Unstuck with a Stick

6. The Numtums: Series 2, Unstuck with a Stick

Fluffy McTuffy is stuck in an extra-sticky jam slick of her own making.

Termite Takeaway

7. The Numtums: Series 2, Termite Takeaway

The Numpups persuade Gladdy to open her Termite Takeaway service early.

Painting by Numtums

8. The Numtums: Series 2, Painting by Numtums

Inspired by Super Numtum, the Numpups decide they want to race.

Tum Tum Tap Tap

9. The Numtums: Series 2, Tum Tum Tap Tap

Gladdy becomes a gorge-wide recording star with her Tum Tum Tap Tap counting song.

Faster, Higher, Funnier

10. The Numtums: Series 2, Faster, Higher, Funnier

Fluffy is determined to cheat her way to first place in the Super Skydiving competition.


11. The Numtums: Series 2, Tent-o-saurus

Little Sandy has discovered ten dinosaur bones and rebuilt a fearsome dinosaur.

Hoedown Havoc

12. The Numtums: Series 2, Hoedown Havoc

It's Sundown Hoedown Day back in Echidna Falls and Billy is missing home.

Numpups Can't Fly

13. The Numtums: Series 2, Numpups Can't Fly

Little Sandy decides she wants to fly just like Super Numtum.

Beak of the Week

14. The Numtums: Series 2, Beak of the Week

Larry is desperate to be awarded the Best Beak trophy at the Hobart Awards.

Koala on the Loose

15. The Numtums: Series 2, Koala on the Loose

Fluffy plans to turn everyone in the world into a not-so-cuddly koala.

Larry's Takeaway Trial

16. The Numtums: Series 2, Larry's Takeaway Trial

Larry invents a new game for the Numtums to play.

Treasure Trail

17. The Numtums: Series 2, Treasure Trail

The Numpups and Flinders go on an adventure to find a sphere, a cube and a cylinder.

The Mysterious Land Beyond Ten

18. The Numtums: Series 2, The Mysterious Land Beyond Ten

Flinders agrees to take the Numpups to find the mysterious land beyond ten.

Little Sandy's Rocket

19. The Numtums: Series 2, Little Sandy's Rocket

Little Sandy decides she wants to be the first Numpup on the moon.

Don't Forget to Remember

20. The Numtums: Series 2, Don't Forget to Remember

Flinders ties five ribbons on his tail to remind him of five things he needs to do.

The Search for the Five Keys

21. The Numtums: Series 2, The Search for the Five Keys

When the power fails in Gumnut Gorge, the Numtums find themselves in trouble.

Cafe Chaos

22. The Numtums: Series 2, Cafe Chaos

The Numpups start their own cafe so they can have termite treats whenever they want!

Billy and Champer's Big Adventure

23. The Numtums: Series 2, Billy and Champer's Big Adventure

Champer wants to draw the best adventure ever to win a Super Numtum comic competition.

Humpty Do's Zoo

24. The Numtums: Series 2, Humpty Do's Zoo

Humpty Do decides to open his own zoo and looks for objects to turn into zoo animals.

Picture Perfect

25. The Numtums: Series 2, Picture Perfect

Bendy Go gets a camera from cousin Kakadu who asks him to take a picture of the Numtums.

You've Missed Your Cue, Humpty Do

26. The Numtums: Series 2, You've Missed Your Cue, Humpty Do

It's the night of Hobart's big show and Humpty Do is determined to win the contest.