Series 5

Series 5

The final series of Toby Whithouse's acclaimed supernatural comedy-drama set on Barry Island. A werewolf, a vampire and a ghost try to live like humans, but the Devil is in the detail.

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Episodes List

The Trinity

1. Being Human: Series 5, The Trinity

Ghost Alex, werewolf Tom and vampire Hal meet poisonous pensioner Captain Hatch.

Sticks and Rope

2. Being Human: Series 5, Sticks and Rope

Alex discovers she's not the only ghost haunting Honolulu Heights.

Pie and Prejudice

3. Being Human: Series 5, Pie and Prejudice

Tom learns how to be successful from werewolf mentor Larry.

The Greater Good

4. Being Human: Series 5, The Greater Good

It's vampire rehab at Honolulu Heights when Crumb comes to stay.

No Care, All Responsibility

5. Being Human: Series 5, No Care, All Responsibility

Tom falls for new hotel staff member Natasha. Alex investigates the evil Captain Hatch.