Series 1

Series 1

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Episode 1

1. Boomers: Episode 1

The arrival of Alan's old friend Mick causes trouble with Joyce and John.

Episode 2

2. Boomers: Episode 2

The gang celebrate Carol and Trevor's 40th wedding anniversary at an upmarket pub.

Episode 3

3. Boomers: Episode 3

Trevor has been given the honour of officiating at the Thurnemouth Day opening ceremony.

Episode 4

4. Boomers: Episode 4

Joyce is hoping for a big retirement party but Alan has smaller plans in mind.

Episode 5

5. Boomers: Episode 5

Joyce and Alan have financial concerns and are considering downsizing.

Episode 6

6. Boomers: Episode 6

Joyce, Alan, Maureen, John, Trevor and Carol go away for a 60s weekend at the seaside.