Series 1

Series 1

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For Love or Mummy

1. Sorry!: Series 1, For Love or Mummy

Timothy meets a girl at his amateur dramatics society.


2. Sorry!: Series 1, Buttons

The latest girl in Timothy's life has a jealous boyfriend.

The Godfather

3. Sorry!: Series 1, The Godfather

Timothy tries to stop his godson being bullied at school.

Bachelor Seeks Anywhere

4. Sorry!: Series 1, Bachelor Seeks Anywhere

Timothy makes a determined effort to find himself a flat.

Does Your Mother Know You're Out?

5. Sorry!: Series 1, Does Your Mother Know You're Out?

Timothy wants to go to the cinema but his mother wants him to spend his evenings painting.

Curse of the Mummy

6. Sorry!: Series 1, Curse of the Mummy

Timothy's sister Muriel comes to stay and tries to persuade him to go home with her.