Plan It, Build It

Plan It, Build It

Following homeowners across the country as they plan their dream extensions, seek permission from the authorities and ultimately, build their domestic dreams.

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Mind Your Neighbours

2. Plan It, Build It: Mind Your Neighbours

Two more families try to extend their homes and fall foul of the planners.

Enlarging on a Budget

3. Plan It, Build It: Enlarging on a Budget

Two families try to get the most out of their budgets for their extensions.

Buildings of Importance

4. Plan It, Build It: Buildings of Importance

Can listed buildings be extended and adapted or are they simply a historic headache?

Protecting the Neighbourhood

6. Plan It, Build It: Protecting the Neighbourhood

Getting permission to extend a house can be tricky, particularly in a conservation area.

Out of the Ordinary

7. Plan It, Build It: Out of the Ordinary

Planners have seen it all, but very occasionally an application takes them by surprise.

Adding Extra Features

8. Plan It, Build It: Adding Extra Features

In Hastings, the Brett family want a teenage den in the garden and a Juliet balcony.

Our Dream Home

9. Plan It, Build It: Our Dream Home

One homeowner wants a perfect seaside retreat, others an extra bedroom and cinema room.

One Extra Room

10. Plan It, Build It: One Extra Room

This episode looks at the cost and value of adding just one extra room.