Series 1

Series 1

Historian and archaeologist Neil Oliver is leading a local team of presenters to discover Australia's spectacular coastline.

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The Kimberley

1. Coast Australia: Series 1, The Kimberley

Neil Oliver discovers Broome's dark pearling history and the science of pearl cultivation.


2. Coast Australia: Series 1, Sydney

Neil Oliver explores the network of fortification to protect 'Fortress Sydney'.

Great Barrier Reef

3. Coast Australia: Series 1, Great Barrier Reef

Neil Oliver begins a stunning journey through the world's largest coral reef.


4. Coast Australia: Series 1, Tasmania

In the south east of Tasmania, Neil Oliver probes Port Arthur's harsh penal history.

Gold to Sunshine Coast

5. Coast Australia: Series 1, Gold to Sunshine Coast

Miriam Corowa investigates the engineering behind the canal system of the Gold Coast.


6. Coast Australia: Series 1, Victoria

Neil Oliver meets the residents of Melbourne's historic beach huts.

Darwin and Beyond

7. Coast Australia: Series 1, Darwin and Beyond

Tim Flannery begins this Top End adventure at Victoria Settlement.

Coral Coast

8. Coast Australia: Series 1, Coral Coast

Neil Oliver investigates why no-one survived the 1941 attack on HMAS Sydney.