Series 2

Series 2

Neil Oliver returns to visit eight more spectacular coastlines around the vast and dramatic land of Australia

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1. Coast Australia: Series 2, Victoria

Neil Oliver visits the isolated island known as Skull Rock.

South Australia

2. Coast Australia: Series 2, South Australia

Neil Oliver examines archaeological evidence of wild fur trade on remote Kangaroo Island.

Northern New South Wales

3. Coast Australia: Series 2, Northern New South Wales

Neil Oliver unearths the surprisingly dirty history of much-loved Byron Bay.

South West Australia

4. Coast Australia: Series 2, South West Australia

Neil Oliver travels from Perth to Augusta along the south west coast of Australia.

Torres Strait

5. Coast Australia: Series 2, Torres Strait

Tim Flannery stands where James Cook finally claimed Australia for Great Britain.

Norfolk Island

6. Coast Australia: Series 2, Norfolk Island

Tim Flannery finds an island ark in the making on Phillip Island.

Southern New South Wales

7. Coast Australia: Series 2, Southern New South Wales

Tim Flannery uncovers the life-saving properties of seaweed.


8. Coast Australia: Series 2, Pilbara

Tim Flannery explores the highest concentration of rock art in the world.