Series 25

Series 25

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One Good Day

39. Casualty: Series 25, One Good Day

Linda struggles to be taken seriously on her first day as clinical nurse manager.

Keep on Running - Part 1

40. Casualty: Series 25, Keep on Running - Part 1

Adam goes to great lengths to prove his patients come first.

Keep on Running - Part 2

41. Casualty: Series 25, Keep on Running - Part 2

Linda and Tess butt heads, while Jeff is forced to face his guilt over Polly's death.


42. Casualty: Series 25, Rogue

Adam's God complex continues when he has the life of a sex offender in his hands.

Divine Intervention

43. Casualty: Series 25, Divine Intervention

Adam decides to disregard a patient's advance directive to not be resuscitated.

Pascal's Wager

44. Casualty: Series 25, Pascal's Wager

The stress of Mads' attack weighs ever heavier on her. Will the truth finally out?

System Error

45. Casualty: Series 25, System Error

Adam purposely mismanages the treatment of a patient accused of assaulting a young girl.

When You're Smiling

46. Casualty: Series 25, When You're Smiling

A patient prompts Kirsty to make some life-changing decisions.

Thanks for Today

47. Casualty: Series 25, Thanks for Today

An explosion at an airport sends shock waves through the ED.