Series 10

Series 10

The tenth and final series of the successful spy drama. Secrets tumble out when former foes of Harry Pearce during the Cold War fly into London to negotiate a partnership between Russia and the UK.

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Episodes List

Episode 1

1. Spooks: Series 10, Episode 1

Ghosts from the past come back to haunt MI5 chief Harry Pearce.

Episode 2

2. Spooks: Series 10, Episode 2

High-level secrets are stolen when Calum is mugged outside Thames House.

Episode 3

3. Spooks: Series 10, Episode 3

MI6 receive word that radioactive material has been detected at an airport.

Episode 4

4. Spooks: Series 10, Episode 4

Two former inmates are released from jail and set to launch an attack in London.

Episode 5

5. Spooks: Series 10, Episode 5

Harry kidnaps his CIA counterpart, and what he learns sheds fresh light on events.

Episode 6

6. Spooks: Series 10, Episode 6

Harry is handed over to the CIA, ready for deportation to the US.