Series 10

Series 10

Quiz show in which patience and lateral thinking are as vital as knowledge, as teams compete to draw together the connections between things which seem utterly random.

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Episodes List

Politicos v Felinophiles

1. Only Connect: Series 10, Politicos v Felinophiles

A trio of political enthusiasts compete against three cat lovers.

History Boys v Oxonians

2. Only Connect: Series 10, History Boys v Oxonians

Two teams compete to connect Guernsey, Jersey, Balaclava and Bikini.

Wandering Minstrels v Gallifreyans

3. Only Connect: Series 10, Wandering Minstrels v Gallifreyans

Two teams compete to connect Steve Jobs, Marcus Garvey, Dave Swarbrick and Mark Twain.

QI Elves v Bibliophiles

4. Only Connect: Series 10, QI Elves v Bibliophiles

Two teams compete to connect Ford Prefect, Sherlock Holmes, David Brent and Gandalf.

Coders v Gamesmasters

5. Only Connect: Series 10, Coders v Gamesmasters

Two teams compete to connect doctor, neighbour, friend and spook.