Series 3

Series 3

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David Baddiel

1. Artsnight: Series 3, David Baddiel

David Baddiel travels to New York to investigate Thomas Carlyle's Great Man theory.

Nicholas Serota

2. Artsnight: Series 3, Nicholas Serota

Sir Nicholas Serota, director of the Tate, investigates why contemporary art matters.

Lionel Shriver

3. Artsnight: Series 3, Lionel Shriver

Lionel Shriver asks why economics has become one of the most exciting subjects for writers

Charlotte Church

4. Artsnight: Series 3, Charlotte Church

Charlotte Church meets musicians pushing the boundaries of what a voice can do.

Paul Mason

5. Artsnight: Series 3, Paul Mason

Paul Mason talks to six writers engaged with the most urgent issues of our time.

Kieran Long

6. Artsnight: Series 3, Kieran Long

The V&A's architecture curator Kieran Long explores the future of the home in Britain.

Lynn Barber meets Mumford & Sons

7. Artsnight: Series 3, Lynn Barber meets Mumford & Sons

Mumford & Sons talk to Lynn Barber about becoming an international super group.

Maria Balshaw

8. Artsnight: Series 3, Maria Balshaw

Maria Balshaw visits the five museums shortlisted for the 2016 Museum of the Year award.

A Tribute to Carla Lane

9. Artsnight: Series 3, A Tribute to Carla Lane

Rarely seen interviews in which writer Carla Lane discusses her life and work.

Val McDermid

10. Artsnight: Series 3, Val McDermid

Is fiction the best way to access the truth?

Lynn Barber Meets John Lydon

11. Artsnight: Series 3, Lynn Barber Meets John Lydon

Lynn Barber meets up with the self-ordained king of punk John Lydon.

Meg Rosoff

12. Artsnight: Series 3, Meg Rosoff

Novelist Meg Rosoff explores the relationship between art and the unconscious mind.