Series 12

Series 12

Animation following the adventures of a young aardvark and his friends

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Swept Away

1. Arthur: Series 12, Swept Away

Arthur, DW and Buster spend a few days at the beach, where they build a sandcastle.


2. Arthur: Series 12, Germophobia

Prunella takes on endless extracurricular classes to make herself appealing to colleges.

Arthur Sells Out

3. Arthur: Series 12, Arthur Sells Out

Animation about a young aardvark. Arthur sells his old toys through his school's website.

Mind Your Manners

4. Arthur: Series 12, Mind Your Manners

The Tibble twins want to take their grandma out to dinner to celebrate Grandparents' Day.

Buenas Noches, Vicita

5. Arthur: Series 12, Buenas Noches, Vicita

Animated series. Vicita loses her family's favourite bedtime book.

Prunella Packs It In

6. Arthur: Series 12, Prunella Packs It In

Prunella gets worried about college, even though she's still only in elementary school.

Phony Fern

7. Arthur: Series 12, Phony Fern

When Fern's parents give her a mobile she is uninterested - until Muffy gets her hooked.

Brain's Shocking Secret

8. Arthur: Series 12, Brain's Shocking Secret

Brain, the smartest kid in class, has a secret he'd like to keep about kindergarten.

Baby Kate and the Imaginary Mystery

9. Arthur: Series 12, Baby Kate and the Imaginary Mystery

Children's animation. DW's imaginary friend goes missing.

Strangers on a Train

10. Arthur: Series 12, Strangers on a Train

Sue Ellen can't wait to travel on an old-fashioned train with her mother.

The Making of Arthur

11. Arthur: Series 12, The Making of Arthur

Arthur and the gang film their lives for their favourite TV programme.

Dancing Fools

12. Arthur: Series 12, Dancing Fools

The gang attend a dance class with Mrs Molina, who pairs George with Francine.

Hic or Treat

13. Arthur: Series 12, Hic or Treat

DW has the hiccups, but none of her family's remedies work.

Mr Always Right

14. Arthur: Series 12, Mr Always Right

Buster is fed up with the Brain always being right, and is desperate to catch him out.

Francine's Pilfered Paper

15. Arthur: Series 12, Francine's Pilfered Paper

Francine's teacher decides that Thanksgiving is a time to write a five-page essay.

Buster Gets Real

16. Arthur: Series 12, Buster Gets Real

Everyone loves the new Top Supermarket reality series on TV – except Arthur.

DW On Ice

17. Arthur: Series 12, DW On Ice

Animation. DW tells everyone she's a great skater, but she can't even stand up on ice!

Spoiled Rotten

18. Arthur: Series 12, Spoiled Rotten

Muffy tries to prove that she is not spoiled.

Big Brother Binky, Part 1

19. Arthur: Series 12, Big Brother Binky, Part 1

Binky worries when his family adopts a baby girl from China.

Big Brother Binky, Part 2

20. Arthur: Series 12, Big Brother Binky, Part 2

Binky's family adopts a baby girl, and Binky worries about whether she will like him.