Series 18

Series 18

Animation following the adventures of a young aardvark and his friends

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DW & Bud's Higher Purpose

1. Arthur: Series 18, DW & Bud's Higher Purpose

DW and Bud can't wait to ride the Buzzard, Wonder World's newest rollercoaster.

The Tattletale Frog

2. Arthur: Series 18, The Tattletale Frog

When Bud is blamed for an accident DW caused, she must decide what to do.


3. Arthur: Series 18, Surprise!

It is Catherine's 16th birthday and Francine has been cordially uninvited to the party.

The Friend Who Wasn't There

4. Arthur: Series 18, The Friend Who Wasn't There

Muffy embarks on an epic quest to find her long-lost imaginary friend.

The Case of the Girl with the Long Face

5. Arthur: Series 18, The Case of the Girl with the Long Face

Fern has been feeling low and no one can figure out why.

The Substitute Arthur

6. Arthur: Series 18, The Substitute Arthur

With Arthur out of town, Buster is on the hunt for a new best friend.

Best Wishes

7. Arthur: Series 18, Best Wishes

After George has a lucky streak, his friends pressure him to wish for a snow day.

The Tardy Tumbler

8. Arthur: Series 18, The Tardy Tumbler

Prunella gets on the gymnastics team, but she discovers that practice starts at 6am.

Fountain Abbey

9. Arthur: Series 18, Fountain Abbey

Muffy discovers her great-great-grandmother's diary.

Arthur Calls It

10. Arthur: Series 18, Arthur Calls It

Pressure from his classmates has Arthur doubting his decision.

Two Minutes

11. Arthur: Series 18, Two Minutes

The twins find out that Tommy is two minutes older than Timmy.

Messy Dress Mess

12. Arthur: Series 18, Messy Dress Mess

Ladonna gets paint on the beautiful recital dress that Muffy lends her.

Arthur Read: Super Saver

13. Arthur: Series 18, Arthur Read: Super Saver

Business is slow for Mr and Mrs Read and Arthur tries to help.

Tibbles to the Rescue

14. Arthur: Series 18, Tibbles to the Rescue

When DW saves Tommy and Timmy from a nasty fall, they decide to repay the favour.

Whip. Mix. Blend

15. Arthur: Series 18, Whip. Mix. Blend

When their parents begin dating, Rattles and the twins try to get along with each other.


16. Arthur: Series 18, Staycation

Arthur offers to babysit so that his parents can enjoy some peace and quiet.

Buster Isn't Buying It

17. Arthur: Series 18, Buster Isn't Buying It

Buster tries to convince his friends that a megatoad exists amongst them.

One Ornery Critter

18. Arthur: Series 18, One Ornery Critter

When Buster looks after his aunt's dog, Arthur finds his perception of himself changing.

The Pageant Pickle

19. Arthur: Series 18, The Pageant Pickle

School is almost out but DW's spring pageant threatens to ruin Arthur's fun.

Some Assembly Required

20. Arthur: Series 18, Some Assembly Required

DW can't wait to test out her new play set but must wait for it to be built.