Cop School

Cop School

For the first time ever, six hand-picked children from all across the UK are training with the world's oldest force - the Metropolitan Police

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1. Cop School: Induction

The cadets learn how to march, handcuff and arrest suspects, and tackle their first crime.

Dog Handling

2. Cop School: Dog Handling

The cadets and their mentor, Rav Wilding, head to Kent to train with the Met's Dog Unit.

Traffic Cops

3. Cop School: Traffic Cops

The cadets train with the Met traffic unit and face a situation on a local road.


4. Cop School: Forensics

The cadets are being trained in crime scene examination.

Public Order

5. Cop School: Public Order

The cadets face their most physical challenge yet when they train with the riot squad.

River Police

6. Cop School: River Police

The cadets train with the oldest branch of the Met - the River Police.

British Transport Police

7. Cop School: British Transport Police

The unstoppable Cop School cadets train with the British Transport Police.

Passing Out

8. Cop School: Passing Out

Before the cadets can pass out, mentor Rav Wilding has one last surprise for them.