Series 1

Series 1

Children from the UK attend a strict foreign school for a week.

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Phoenix Military Academy

1. Extreme School: Series 1, Phoenix Military Academy

Two London kids who misbehave at school sign up for a week at a tough US military academy.

St Joseph's Convent

2. Extreme School: Series 1, St Joseph's Convent

Two girls from Newcastle sign up for a stint at St Joseph's Convent in St Lucia.

The Bishop's School, India

3. Extreme School: Series 1, The Bishop's School, India

Two Bristol boys enrol at the Bishop's Boys School in Pune, India.

Daewan International Middle School

4. Extreme School: Series 1, Daewan International Middle School

Two Welsh pupils sign up for a week at one of South Korea's most prestigious schools.

Graduation Day

5. Extreme School: Series 1, Graduation Day

All eight Extreme School kids are back in the UK and together for the first time.