Half Moon Investigations

Half Moon Investigations

Comedy drama series featuring schoolboy detective Fletcher 'Half' Moon.

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Episodes List

Red Moon Rising

1. Half Moon Investigations: Red Moon Rising

Keen to crack his first case, Fletcher 'Half' Moon forges an unlikely alliance.

Prefect Imperfect

4. Half Moon Investigations: Prefect Imperfect

A new investigation beckons for Moon when a mysterious note appears on his locker.

Ghost Fever

5. Half Moon Investigations: Ghost Fever

Moon and Red become paranormal investigators when a ghost is spotted in the science lab.

The Beiderbeck Tapes

10. Half Moon Investigations: The Beiderbeck Tapes

Mia lands a prestigious interview, but Moon must investigate when the tape is stolen.


11. Half Moon Investigations: Moonstruck

A netball trophy is stolen, but will Moon let his personal feelings cloud his judgement?