Little Big Cat

Little Big Cat

The intimate and endearing stories of lion, leopard and cheetah cubs living in the Masai Mara in Kenya

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Episodes List

Kito and the Rain

1. Little Big Cat: Kito and the Rain

Lion cub Ndogo loves to splash and play in the puddles with his brothers and sisters.

Hide and Seek

2. Little Big Cat: Hide and Seek

Kito the cheetah cub is playing at hiding from a big baboon.

Family Life

3. Little Big Cat: Family Life

Kumi wants to be like his dad when he grows up and learns how to roar.


4. Little Big Cat: Learning

The leopard cubs have a lot to learn before they can become big cats.

Making Friends

5. Little Big Cat: Making Friends

Neema the lion cub makes friends with the mongooses by playing a game of peekaboo.

Moja and the Wheelyphant

6. Little Big Cat: Moja and the Wheelyphant

The cheetah cubs find the perfect shady spot under a sleeping wheelyphant.

The Leopards Move Home

7. Little Big Cat: The Leopards Move Home

Leopard cubs Jua and Paka try their best to jump over the river.

Kali The Lion Gets Wet

8. Little Big Cat: Kali The Lion Gets Wet

Kali the lion cub learns to jump across the stream.

Best of Friends

9. Little Big Cat: Best of Friends

Kumi and his cousin run into a large herd of scary buffalo.

Mbile Climbs a Tall Tree

10. Little Big Cat: Mbile Climbs a Tall Tree

Mbile the cheekiest cheetah cub finds it really frustrating not being tall enough.