Series 4

Series 4

Stop-frame animation about Tiny and his Little Robot friends, who create their own world from the scrapheap on which they find themselves abandoned

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Teddy's Big Day Out

2. Little Robots: Series 4, Teddy's Big Day Out

Tiny doesn't want to worry Stripy by telling him his bear has gone missing.

Under the Stars

3. Little Robots: Series 4, Under the Stars

Spotty persuades Rusty to head off into the Wasteland with her.

Fly Me to the Moon

4. Little Robots: Series 4, Fly Me to the Moon

Scary decides he wants to be more like Flappy the Bat, so tries to fly to the moon.

Stripy's Dancing Flowers

5. Little Robots: Series 4, Stripy's Dancing Flowers

The Sparky Twins are up to their usual tricks, causing mayhem and chaos.

The Show Must Go On

6. Little Robots: Series 4, The Show Must Go On

Scary wants to put on a show and goes on a search for a glamorous assistant.

On Balance

7. Little Robots: Series 4, On Balance

Tiny's metal measurer is used as a seesaw by the Sparky twins, much to Spotty's distress.

Wheels are Fun

8. Little Robots: Series 4, Wheels are Fun

Tiny's new invention causes much excitement amongst the Little Robots.

Noisy Knows Noise

8. Little Robots: Series 4, Noisy Knows Noise

Messy hits his head and all of a sudden starts to moo, baa and miaow instead of barking.

Small Shiny Metal Things

9. Little Robots: Series 4, Small Shiny Metal Things

Rusty's collection of small shiny metal things is disappearing piece by piece.

Swings and Roundabouts

10. Little Robots: Series 4, Swings and Roundabouts

Scary wants the other little robots to entertain him for a change.

Amazing Scary

11. Little Robots: Series 4, Amazing Scary

Scary builds a maze in the wasteland. Everyone is excited about the new attraction.

Repeat After Me

12. Little Robots: Series 4, Repeat After Me

Stripy speeds up but the others decide he was better being slow.

Sparkle Day

13. Little Robots: Series 4, Sparkle Day

It's Sparkle Day - a very important date in the Little Robots' calendar.