Lulu Zipadoo

Lulu Zipadoo

Lulu is a fun-loving tortoise who goes on adventures and discovers more about nature and the world around her

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Little Shell Farewell

1. Lulu Zipadoo: Little Shell Farewell

Lulu bets her precious shell that the new 'plant' in the garden is a peanut.

Captain Lulu

2. Lulu Zipadoo: Captain Lulu

Lulu wants to be captain of the boat they are all building.

Lulu's Egg

3. Lulu Zipadoo: Lulu's Egg

Lulu and her friends find an abandoned egg and decide to take care of it.

A Sunflower for Lulu

4. Lulu Zipadoo: A Sunflower for Lulu

Hugo wants to give Lulu a flower but Squawk beats him to it.

Run Around Hare

5. Lulu Zipadoo: Run Around Hare

In the sky, two clouds look like Lulu and Hugo racing one another. But who won the race?

Squawk's Song

6. Lulu Zipadoo: Squawk's Song

Lulu and Hattie decide to find out what the strange noise coming from the forest is.

The Treasure Hunt

7. Lulu Zipadoo: The Treasure Hunt

The gang find a treasure map in class and set off to find the clues.

Starry Night

8. Lulu Zipadoo: Starry Night

Lulu and her friends plan a night of stargazing, but just where has Hugo got to?

The Leaves From Outer Space

9. Lulu Zipadoo: The Leaves From Outer Space

Freddy and Freda have some special leaves that they want to show the teacher.

The Teacher's Stones

10. Lulu Zipadoo: The Teacher's Stones

When Barry accidentally kicks a ball into the classroom, Freddy takes the blame.

Everyone's a Star

11. Lulu Zipadoo: Everyone's a Star

Spike is very disappointed not to have a constellation named after him.

Treehouse Treasure

12. Lulu Zipadoo: Treehouse Treasure

The friends hide some treasure in the treehouse and take it in turns to guard it.

Looking for Dragons

13. Lulu Zipadoo: Looking for Dragons

The friends are convinced that a dragon has escaped from the Chinese circus.

Cheer Up Hattie

14. Lulu Zipadoo: Cheer Up Hattie

Hattie is sad and Lulu and her friends have no idea why.

Secret Friends

15. Lulu Zipadoo: Secret Friends

Hugo decides to make Lulu a surprise present and wants to keep it a secret.

Dinosaur Footprints

16. Lulu Zipadoo: Dinosaur Footprints

The friends find giant footprints in the snow and Lulu thinks they could be a dinosaur's.

The Honey Hunters

17. Lulu Zipadoo: The Honey Hunters

Hattie makes some perfume and Lulu organises a flower picking expedition.

Gone With The Wind

18. Lulu Zipadoo: Gone With The Wind

The friends try to have a picnic outside but it's too windy and Hugo makes a kite.

The Moon Magician

19. Lulu Zipadoo: The Moon Magician

Hugo makes his friends believe that he can make the moon disappear.

The Bad Sports

20. Lulu Zipadoo: The Bad Sports

The friends decide to find out who is the worst sport of all.

Vote for Me

21. Lulu Zipadoo: Vote for Me

The teacher announces an election to determine a new class representative.

An Extraordinary Friend

22. Lulu Zipadoo: An Extraordinary Friend

Being the smallest member of the group, Spike feels isolated and invents a new friend.

Who's For Hide and Seek?

23. Lulu Zipadoo: Who's For Hide and Seek?

A big storm shows that things aren't always as simple as they look.

Strawberry Mix Up

24. Lulu Zipadoo: Strawberry Mix Up

Hattie thinks she is in love with Squawk, so Lulu helps her write a love note.

One and One Makes Two

25. Lulu Zipadoo: One and One Makes Two

Freddy and Freda argue and decide to celebrate their birthday at different parties.

Barry's Mystery

26. Lulu Zipadoo: Barry's Mystery

Barry disappears and refuses to say where he's been when he reappears an hour later.

The Four Leafed Clover

27. Lulu Zipadoo: The Four Leafed Clover

The friends work together to try to win a magnificent kite at the village fair.

The Voice Doctors

28. Lulu Zipadoo: The Voice Doctors

Lulu and her friends try to help their teacher get her voice back.

Watch This Space

29. Lulu Zipadoo: Watch This Space

The arrival of an alien spaceship triggers curiosity, panic and suspicion.

It's Better To Give

35. Lulu Zipadoo: It's Better To Give

Hugo gives Lulu a present... but she doesn't like the gift and cannot tell him the truth.

Listen Carefully

36. Lulu Zipadoo: Listen Carefully

Hugo has an idea. What if he listened to Lulu's heart to find out who it was beating for?

The Snowdrop

38. Lulu Zipadoo: The Snowdrop

Animation. Lulu wants to tell all her friends that the first snowdrop flower has arrived.

The Teacher's Portrait

39. Lulu Zipadoo: The Teacher's Portrait

Animation. Spike can't find where he left the teacher's present when it snows overnight.

The Igloo

40. Lulu Zipadoo: The Igloo

Animation. To cheer up Squawk, Lulu decides to invite him to build an igloo.

My Little Corner of Paradise

41. Lulu Zipadoo: My Little Corner of Paradise

Lulu would like to have the treehouse as her very own little corner of paradise.

The Forest Orchestra

44. Lulu Zipadoo: The Forest Orchestra

The friends form an orchestra and try to set Lulu's poem to music.

Under My Tree

48. Lulu Zipadoo: Under My Tree

A branch of the old cherry tree has broken under the weight of too much snow.

The Wishing Well

49. Lulu Zipadoo: The Wishing Well

Brendan tells the friends to throw a coin in the old wash basin and make a wish.

Pumpkin Seeds

50. Lulu Zipadoo: Pumpkin Seeds

The friends try to find out why the pumpkins haven't grown.

Rainbow Treasure

51. Lulu Zipadoo: Rainbow Treasure

Lulu suggests the friends go looking for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Quiet on the Set

52. Lulu Zipadoo: Quiet on the Set

Spike's father lends him his camcorder so the friends can make a pirate film.