Series 1

Series 1

Show in which children get the opportunity to pull pranks on their friends or relatives. Presented by Barney Harwood

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Art Auction

1. Prank Patrol: Series 1, Art Auction

Josh Caulton tricks his brothers that his work of art will sell for thousands at auction.

The Mummy

2. Prank Patrol: Series 1, The Mummy

Freddie Watkins wants to unleash an ancient Egyptian spell on his best friend.

Haunted Hall

3. Prank Patrol: Series 1, Haunted Hall

Helena wants to prank her friends with a guided tour to a supposedly haunted hall.

Computer Game Comes Alive

4. Prank Patrol: Series 1, Computer Game Comes Alive

Barney is turned into a computer game character to prank Joe Barrat's younger brother.

Cheeky Chinese

7. Prank Patrol: Series 1, Cheeky Chinese

Krissy Gill makes a meal that her dad will remember for the rest of his life.

Mere Monster

8. Prank Patrol: Series 1, Mere Monster

Alice Owen is into canoeing and wants to pay back her best mate, who is always screaming.

Aliens Exist

10. Prank Patrol: Series 1, Aliens Exist

Harry wants to convince his friends that aliens have landed in his back garden.

Dinosaur Dig

11. Prank Patrol: Series 1, Dinosaur Dig

The prankster wants to make his friends believe dinosaurs still exist.

Space Station

12. Prank Patrol: Series 1, Space Station

Ella convinces her best friend Louise that she can communicate with aliens.

Bad News Bakery

13. Prank Patrol: Series 1, Bad News Bakery

Oliver creates a recipe for disaster for his best buddy Holly and a bride and groom.

Magic Show

15. Prank Patrol: Series 1, Magic Show

Prankster Jasmine plans a magic moment when she casts a spell over her friend Chloe.

Bonkers Bowling

18. Prank Patrol: Series 1, Bonkers Bowling

A girl called Hannah wants to turn her bowling friend into a bowling wreck.

Calamity Car Wash

19. Prank Patrol: Series 1, Calamity Car Wash

Disaster occurs when Lewis invites his twin brother Robert to help out at a car wash.