Series 1

Series 1

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Uncle Thiru

1. Asian Provocateur: Uncle Thiru

Sent to receive a traditional blessing, Romesh has a chicken rubbed on his head.

Uncle Ragu

2. Asian Provocateur: Uncle Ragu

Romesh visits Batticloa to meet his Uncle Ragu, but is soon leading the poor man astray.

Uncle Rubaharan

3. Asian Provocateur: Uncle Rubaharan

Uncle Rubaharan introduces Romesh to the ancient Sri Lankan martial art known as angapora.

Cousin Krishna

4. Asian Provocateur: Cousin Krishna

Romesh must look after his 12-year-old cousin Krishna, who's the more grown-up of the two.

King Kong

5. Asian Provocateur: King Kong

Romesh tries to fulfil a dream of his mother's by performing in a Sri Lankan Tamil drama.

Shanthi's Return

6. Asian Provocateur: Shanthi's Return

Shanthi heads out to Sri Lanka to join Romesh and find out what he's learnt.