Series 5

Series 5

Fresh British comedy talent from the 2016 Comedy Feeds.

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A Brief History of Tim

1. Comedy Feeds: Series 5, A Brief History of Tim

Tim Renkow has cerebral palsy. Which means that people judge him - wrongly.


2. Comedy Feeds: Series 5, Limbo

A gang of self-centered 20-somethings work as tutors but never learn their lesson.

Man Like Mobeen

3. Comedy Feeds: Series 5, Man Like Mobeen

The story of a Muslim, English, 27 year-old trying to leave behind a life of crime.


4. Comedy Feeds: Series 5, Fail

Paul’s a worrier, the neurotic nice guy who finishes last - but he never stops trying.


5. Comedy Feeds: Series 5, JPD

Music video parodies, reality spoofs and sketches from the Mandem On The Wall boys


6. Comedy Feeds: Series 5, Pumped

Three idiots wrestle with what ifs and unfulfilled potential in an odd little town.