Series 1

Series 1

Comedy following two unlikely young parents-to-be on a nine-month rollercoaster ride.

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Like Narnia But Sexy

1. Pramface: Series 1, Like Narnia But Sexy

After Jamie sleeps with Laura at a party, they find that Laura is pregnant.

Pregnant Rapist

2. Pramface: Series 1, Pregnant Rapist

Jamie decides that the only way to get Laura's attention is to propose to her.

Edinburgh... in Scotland

3. Pramface: Series 1, Edinburgh... in Scotland

Laura still has not decided whether to have the baby, but heads off to university anyway.

Man of the Moment

4. Pramface: Series 1, Man of the Moment

Jamie's and Laura's parents meet for lunch to discuss the future of their families.

Knocked up and Homeless

5. Pramface: Series 1, Knocked up and Homeless

Laura is settling in a bit too well at Jamie's for Keith, Jamie, Mike and Beth's liking.


6. Pramface: Series 1, Aaargh

Jamie takes Laura on a casual shopping trip - casual that is until Laura goes into labour.